TRAVEL VLOG GEAR – What’s in our camera bag

TRAVEL VLOG GEAR – What’s in our camera bag

If you’re going on a year-long trip, inevitably
that means you’re going to bring some tech along with you. And this is what we brought! Let’s get really boring for a second and talk
about socket adapters. Nothing too sexy here but if you want cheap
and light, pick up these kikkerland universal travel adapters. They work everywhere from Vietnam to Cyprus
and only cost about $10 USD. This Samsung NX2000 camera is more compact
than your standard DSLR; it’s friends to complete photography noobs like us, and shot decent
video. That being said, we couldn’t find a compatible external
mic so audio sounded like it was captured during a tornado. This camera is on our do-not-recommend list. This is the Samsung Telephoto Lens. What were we thinking? Between a drone, a GoPro, a digital camera,
a battery pack, and water and snacks, we didn’t have any room left in our day bag for a telephoto
lens. Unless photography is really your thing, leave
this at home. Tripod. It’s a tripod! I’m not sure what the real name for this is
but I’m going to call it the timelapse Panoramic Camera Mount. Basically, it’s a glorified egg-timer. It can mount your camera, GoPro, or iPhone
on. You can then shoot a timelapse while you get
a silky smooth rotation of the camera. Headphone splitter: a must if you’re traveling
with some body else. Also a great way to make friends on planes
and trains. Bring a cheap day bag or buy one abroad. It should make it look like you’re homeless. Don’t get something that let’s everyone know
you have a DSLR in your backpack. Also- two straps. More comfortable and less likely to get snatched. We bought ourselves a new GoPro Hero4 Black
on the road because our Hero 3 started acting wonky. We chose the Hero4 Black because the recording
specks, mainly the resolution and frame rate, are higher than that of the silver. GoPro Chesty: I fought bringing this on the
trip. It’s bulky, you look stupid wearing it, it’s
hot. However, if you can suck it up it makes for
great POV shots on motorcycles and scooters as well as when you’re hiking. The only downside of this is, you gotta be
the guy wearing the chesty. This is one piece of tech we wish we had from
the beginning of the trip. If you haven’t seen or used a gimbal before
it’s simply a device that stabelizes your camera to keep your footage smooth. No more shaky footage. An external mic for your GoPro: exactly what
it sounds like. It’s a small microphone that attaches to GoPro
via mini USB. The sound is eons better than the standard
internal mic on the GoPro. We also picked up some fuzzy wind screens
to help eliminate wind noise. The GoPro 3-way mount. Bit of a dilemma here. The GoPro branded 3-way mount is way too expensive
at $60 or $70 USD. On the plus side the mount is built tough
and stood up to plenty of abuse. On the plus plus side, there’s a great knock-off
version for less than $20 on Amazon. GoPro Orange Floaty. If you’re using a GoPro in its waterproof
case you might as well have the orange floaty attached so when you inevitably drop it it’s
not gone forever. Hey! You already know what these are. Bring a cheap pair. They’re gonna get destroyed or lost anyways. This is a small USB battery pack because you
know you’re gonna run out of power. This is a big USB battery pack because you
know you’re going to run out of power. You’re probably catching on that we really
like external mics. It’s just that great video with shit audio
makes me wanna cry. Since we used Finney’s iPhone6 as her other
video camera we ended up splurging on this $8 USD mic that goes right in your headphone
jack. If you want to be even thriftier, just rig
a dead cat over the mic on your standard iPhone ear buds to cut down on wind noise. This trusty antiquity is out of contract which
means I could get it unlocked. What does unlocked mean? That means I could pick up dirt cheap SIM
cards all over the world so we had phone and internet during our trip. You don’t get magic travel points for making
things hard on yourself. Bring an old unlocked smartphone with you. Otterbox: I love trying to break my phone. Though an Otterbox can be clunky it does offer
great fall protection and makes it at least a little bit water resistant for those unplanned
rainstorms you will get caught in. These were caught on eBay used. Easily one of the best choices in tech we
made for the trip. Really light weight and powerful enough to
edit video. Yes, we edit video on laptops. Yes, even the 4k stuff. And yes, it can take a while to render. These things were built to travel. They go all nimbly-bimbly and can be bent
around for a more comfortable movie-watching experience on airplanes, buses, trains and
in the back of campervans. You can also use it in tablet mode with touch
screen. Not sold on touch screen laptops? Neither was I until I used one. The BestTek Power Inverter. Yes, I lugged this thing around for almost
a year on my back just so I could use it for a two week road trip in Europe and then six
weeks in New Zealand. I stand by my decision. We were able to charge a laptop, a drone battery,
and two USB devices at the same time. The thing was built to withstand abuse and
we’re still using it in our car back home to run crock pots at football tailgates. When you get more remote it becomes impossible
to backup data to the cloud. We chose to pick up a couple 2TB Harddrives. These things were built tough enough to last
a year getting bounced around, including two tough months on the back of motorbikes in
Vietnam. Data storage is one place to not cheap-out. Back in my day, when you wanted to travel
the world with a drone, you took this huge-ass one with you because you really didn’t have
a choice. These days, there’s more choices than ever! I still love our Phantom 3 Pro, and it can
be picked up for less than half of what I originally paid. Drone carrying bag: it’s ugly as hell; I hate
looking at it; but it also did a tremendously great job of protecting our drone during its
10 months on the road. It wasn’t amazingly comfortable to hike in,
but then again what drone bag is. You’re a better man than I if you’re throwing
360’s with a drone on your back. We picked this iPad Mini up mid-trip when
I realized that flying the drone using the iPhone6 was a no-win situation. Having a bigger screen to pilot from made
a huge difference and certainly helped me avoid some mid-air crashes with wires and
seagulls. I still managed to screw up some take-offs
though, but that’s on me. Everyone wants to fly a drone but don’t nobody
want to learn about filters. Don’t blame you. Talking camera filters is even worse than
talking about electric socket adapters. here’s the deal though, no matter what drone
you fly you’re going to end up with over exposed footage in bright conditions and instead of
seeing someone floating on a raft in a tranquil sea, you’re going to see a ghost coming out
of the water. If you’re getting a drone you need to pick
up some filters. So that’s everything we brought with. As you can see some stuff was pointless and
we sent it home and you shouldn’t buy it; some stuff was invaluable; and some stuff
we brought with because we’re crazy. And that’s not even a very good outro, so,
what else could we say? Why am I sitting here? I feel like I am not in this video!

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  1. I really enjoyed this video!
    It was really upbeat and inspiring to watch ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am about to start the adventure of full-time travel in April! I recently uploaded a new travel vlog that is really close to my heart – if you have time could you check it out and leave me feedback?
    Thanks so much for sharing your life and inspiring others ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wish you the best of luck for YouTube and your travels. I just subbed to you!
    All the best, Marie <3 xx

  2. Of course we're using the Gopro 4 and Feiyu G4S gimbal as well. The drone was a little bit too big and unhandy to take with us. But the shots are still great ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love love love this video ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ‘ she cracked me up at the end because I was like, why isn't she talking LOL!

  4. "Why am I sitting here? I feel like I'm not in this video." hahahahahahha Sometimes, just one person spearheads the video, I suppose…but I got a good laugh out of that lol.

  5. Love your videos! Great job! But something not very clear with your sound on most videos? What microphone are you using? You might want to look into that, maybe a good Shotgun mic like I see with other travel vloggers? Rode? Although it could be something with the camera? Sony and canon seem to have great sound

  6. Hey guys, great video! Quick question, were the two 2TB external HD's sufficient for your trip? Would you suggest we take more storage for a year-long trip with 4 cameras shooting in 1080p (4K some of the time)?

  7. any small travel vloggers want to support each other? ill sub back & watch a few videos as well! just comment โค๏ธ

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