20 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG | Jordan – Tips & Places

  1. Jordan looks amazing! Love the editing of this video too. We live and teach in Kuwait also 🙂 just subbed x

  2. Very informative, amazing – and I mean it – amazing editing+narrative 🙂 Big thumbs up and thank you for this video. Subscribed 🙂

  3. Welcome to the most suitable tourist destination in the Middle East (Jordan) Your second country welcome you at all times with the best services at reasonable prices
    Nader Eid

  4. Nice video but everybody, please NEVER EVER buy anything from children. This encourages their parents to keep them out of school. You are not helping them. With an education they can support their families later, but exploiting children like this is wrong is so many ways.

  5. This was a great video! A liked the real talk and the rawness of the commentary! Need more vloggers like this! I’m headed to Jordan in August. This was perfect. How far or how long would it take to get to the Dead Sea from Wadi Rum?

  6. I really liked your tour, specially the picture quality, I was watching on my 65 inch TV still looks crystal clear, could you please let me know the what types camera you have used. Thanks

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