Travel vlog @Kerala tourist place kadambrayar |Rjsree

Travel vlog @Kerala tourist place kadambrayar |Rjsree

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morning lookin for my Chile’s are on the keeper in the car I’m cryin over fossil
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I’m gonna be needing la Valliere dramatically greater understanding in a
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you can we learn and get all night moving into our union huh
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on the giggle are you three will be somebody throw in from Kavala she’s my
little pony okay you Donna pokemon the opinion on a lump
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very long we’ll try the rig another deeper in the digital world of what
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how do some a take you to get to know ya pond or in our own house i given X gone
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control no Jerry get a company girl alikum who you wanna come bearing on top
assailants welcome in our little town below who literally is it why give their
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marking and really keep it funny to some degree they need to own the teacher guru
you I didn’t like it I’m gonna marinara and or dangle that our own kind of
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want it enough time deliver care waters on whatever I do any come on the other
level area okay another example I realize it
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and tidy gel effect and other current chance and like the moon if I ordered
his opposite leg America I linger deeper back occur OD chewy get better than June
they don’t regain the dead mmm mean everybody know I’m working on are you
thinking in the mean but again I’m gonna want yeah come on our little this didn’t get up
collaborative ah da de la Bostick my living well it’s serene everybody very
own the Attic a and I’m gonna turn on the mighty recommittal buckaroo car like
a tank rainbow Wi-Fi my dear to come back to the idea of me but in the past
ticket well it’s a little bit someone of it but what about Canada for Ally gonna
kill him alerted well past evil itself not to worry
mythical Embraer more tequila Bindu roses torn down or looking at it was
torn de la really putting a negative okay are you okay or not
Harris coupon cavities are you bought another about to come on early appalling
Deacon drinking it you calling it boiling and boiling and boiling it huh – I do get a little genial its stinging
it’ll put a little aside looking a thing in the real good – about orange a tiger sitting on a
guitar no probiem not combat love us teaching drama our night turn well probably stole my
radiator on it but it carried it ago did you change no components you have it to
give others we can lead it what city cannot even use any kind of Araucaria
difficulties you know deep inhale it carried us dr. bond as a team and tiring Lopez’s in surah students students which
in your personal computer activity cut out their linear they pray all I was sobbing with water that I couldn t
begin er they are like a liking you know one known angle trigonal Pauling Europe
raining or even the bottling area protego or walking heating in our

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