Travel World War 2 Tour (Band of Brothers)

Travel World War 2 Tour (Band of Brothers)

hey there this is the Travel Guide or
your world war 2 tour across parts of Europe I’m going to give you our 7-day
itinerary for our travel to the World War 2 areas including Normandy Berlin
Munich and Brussels I will tell you our hotels and give you some restaurants
that you can eat at after a day of touring this is a very thorough guide
for places to see for the World War 2 tour across Europe so I will link all of
these in the description box below for you grab a cup of coffee or a German
beer and let’s take notes since 2019 is the 75th anniversary of
d-day and our son loves World War 2 history we decided to make this trip we
started our World War two tour in Munich since that’s where Hitler’s reign began
and we stayed in the Sheraton Munich and it was a little far out like near office
buildings and I don’t recommend it to stay if you need to pop into a
restaurant or you like to walk around at night after you’ve gotten back to your
hotel so I’m going to link one to living hotel it’s near the virtual and marked
and it’s a lot more walking friendly for you when you travel to Munich we suggest
starting out at the Marion Platz and going to see the new Town Hall there’s
usually a demonstration there or some group singing there are lots of touristy
things you can do there and there’s also a church if you go under this little
entrance new in the Marion Platz that you can ride up the elevator and then
you look out over this very narrow balcony and just see gorgeous views from
Munich at the new town halls clock tower you can see at 11:00 a.m. and noon this
little cuckoo clock kind of thing with little bit Varian themed movement of
things inside the clock it’s just cute to see after you have done the touristy
thing and walked around you can go to the Hofbrau Haus to have a famous beer
there it’s not my favorite personally but it’s a touristy place to go and you
kind of have to check it off your box for having seen the inside of it
Hitler did parade through the Marion Platz years ago and there
is all over the internet that you can have for that we highly recommend a
sweet treat or a warm coffee on a cold day at the cafe Frisehhut Schmalnoodle
the snack is a schmallnoodle and it’s got lots of sugar on top with just a
hint of cinnamon it’s just perfect the line was out the
door when we went to get this sweet treat and it is a local favorite so
that’s why it was so crowded on the inside as well the next day we decided
to go to Dachau outside of Munich and you have to take the s2 train to get
there it’s probably about a thirty minute train ride and then you get on a
little bus once you get once you get out of that little train station when you do
get off at the train stop and you’re waiting for the bus there is a little
bitty really cheap five-and-dime store across the street I don’t think there is
like a 7-eleven like my husband needed a little sock hat because it was so windy
and cold that day and we were able to get it really cheap in that little store
it’s just a little bus be prepared for lives of tourists to get on the little
buses that take you about a 10 minute drive to Dachau when you get off the bus
into cow you will see the little park entrance and it has like two stalls of
very clean bathrooms and then they have a tiny cafe if you have to eat something
there I would give it about two and a half hours at least because it is the
most well preserved prison camp but you get to guide yourself around so many
cool areas and it’s a vast park and then there’s also a little indoor l-shaped
building Museum that will take you quite a while to go through it if you like to
read most of the things you may want to look into a dark history tour and I will
link that below also in the description box it will talk more about the Third
Reicht and World War 2 with Hitler and those kind of things that afternoon we
hopped on a train and road to Berlin and it’s about a four hour train ride and it
is beautiful scenery this was the most beautiful scenery out of all the train
rides we took and this train had the best amenities we had our own little
waitress who came and this is the type of regional train that I am going to be
talking about for the rest of the time it is the deutsche bahn the regional
train system you will pass by the Volkswagen factory my husband loves
those kind of cars and it is the largest factory in the world for Volkswagen we
highly recommend the tour company with locals you get to choose your own guide
based on their bio that you look out look at online we chose Dave he was a
cool looking guy and we had two teenagers traveling with us so we
thought that would be perfect and he was an excellent tour guide he was friendly
he was informational he gave us enough pauses so we could process everything we
did about five miles of walking just in the morning history tour we had a
history tour like four four hours and we did stop for coffee and sit for about
thirty minutes on that tour we went to the Check Point Charlie we did the
Brandenburg Gate the Berlin Wall and there’s a monument area that you walk
through it’s amazing he tells you all these behind the scenes stories and lets
you touch where bullet holes are still in some of the buildings they’re great
monuments around Berlin it’s a more modern city than Munich but just as
beautiful and just as perfect he also took us to Hitler’s old headquarters and
then we took a three-hour break went back to our hotel and then met back up
with him for a food tour at night here’s a travel tip for food tours you
get so much local fare local food local history as well as years and generations
ago of history if you take a lude tour know that in some food tours you are
going to have to pay at each little restaurant where you go like in Italy we
paid in advance for the food tour and never pay for it along the way but in at
this boot or you have to pay along the way for each sampler that you get and
then also we had to pay our tour guide in cash well we didn’t realize that we
were gonna have to pay for the food so we ran out of our cash really fast and
it was a Sunday night when we were looking for an ATM they were everywhere
but they were also all empty and it was freezing cold and it even started
snowing on us while we were looking for an ATM after it poured down rain on us
as well so be prepared have a jacket with a hoodie the next morning at 6 a.m.
we took a seven-hour train ride to Brussels and know that you might need to
look at the train station or the metro stations map the night beforehand so you
know which train to take to get you to the major train station you always want
to take the deutsche bahn for the regional trains ok that took me forever
to get it through my head that’s why I’m trying to help you out before you go a
travel tip for travelling on a train in Europe know that if you are making a
connection like you have to go to a certain city and then hop on another
train to get to Brussels or any other city for that matter know that there are
delays along the way just like airlines have you might miss your connection so
give yourself time or know that if it’s the last connection at night you might
be in that city and need to find a hotel last minute but the train systems do
have free Wi-Fi on most of them and I’ll talk about that later as well
we were very delayed trying to make our connection to get us to Brussels and so
like we had already missed the time but when we got to the station they were
holding the train for us as well as for everybody else in the station and
everyone was so crowded trying to run just be prepared if you have kids hold
on in that suitcase hold onto your hand and push it’s ok I have a video about
picking out the best carry-on suitcase those are the kind of suitcases we
always travel with the reason why is because we travel to Europe a lot and to
get from a train station to your hotel you have to walk several blocks when we
get to Brussels we had to walk several blocks to get to the Grand Place and we
were very thankful for the wheels on our suitcases the Grand Place is iconic
Brussels it’s beautiful and there is one hotel on the four sides of that Grand
Place and we got to stay in it it’s a very minimalist boutique hotel I will
link it below and it was very affordable we heard from a local about a French
front place for Brussels french fries called freaked land and i will link it
below very walkable from the grand place there’s a Starbucks right there on the
grand place we also had a beer at the Guinness Book of World Record most beers
on tap restaurant down below these little steps I will try to find that to
link it for you as well we also did a chocolate making class we wanted so
badly to go to best stone where the Battle of the Bulge took place but we
just did not have time so we just did the touristy things there’s the ad
ammonium add ammonium I believe it’s called I will link all those below to
for you so the next day we took the train to Paris and then switch trains
which took like almost an hour for us to go down the level to actually read the
sign and figure out which train to actually take but we took the train from
Paris to buy you there are people who will get on a bus first thing in the
morning in Paris and drive on that bus to Normandy and then spend just a few
hours in Normandy and come back to Paris do not do it staying by you stay in
Normandy the Normandy beaches remind me of like Cape Cod or Kennebunkport just
beautiful you can ride bikes all along there it’s very open and spacious and
tourist friendly our tour guide loved history he started talking at 8 in the
morning and did not stop until 5 o’clock at night but I would let you know the
company that we used for our tour guide in Normandy ok so we stopped from Paris
to buy you and then our tour guide took us picked us up in by you so we got to
buy you late afternoon and at night and our we stayed at an Airbnb that had a
washer and dryer if I was going again I would have taken
like a laundry detergent packet that I now know about and wash some clothes to
get us through the rest of the trip but anyway our Airbnb guy told us about a
pizza place but it was closed so we went to this one restaurant called the
butchery or love it was a meat place it was decked out in cow
heíd cow stuff everywhere it they serve steak there were tons of people there
like the restaurant was full at nine o’clock at night a lot of the pizza
places closed at 9:00 p.m. at night so the next day we went to the pizza place
it’s called pizzeria Fredo Bayou is a very very walkable town like not even a
mile I don’t think within the square area from our steak restaurant to where
our Airbnb was to where the pizzeria freddo place was highly recommend this
city there was a little cafe it was like boulangerie st. something it was right
by our Airbnb my fingers were greasy after eating the croissant that’s when
you know you will have a real fresh croissant in France and then at la
Boucherie or the steak restaurant that I’ll list below for you the steaks were
great I would go up two levels of doneness when you order beef in Europe
I have butternut squash soup it was fantastic and then of course red wine in
France I had to have some of that it was delicious prior to visiting
Normandy I had no idea of the catastrophes that happen on d-day in
1944 it makes me so proud of all the people from different countries who
fought for this – freeing the people over there and for our freedom I just I
feel like this generation and younger do not have a clue about what y’all went
through or what anyone has gone through of loss I definitely want to go back
there I want people to stay on the beach in Normandy there is the d-day
restaurant it’s a yellow building awesome food when you visit Normandy
you’ll probably go to Utah Beach and Omaha Beach but don’t stop there go to
the Memorial Cemetery and make sure you’re there near 4 o’clock when they
play taps and they lower the flags it is such a beautiful Cemetery this is where
the beginning of Saving Private Ryan took place and it’s on a cliff
almost overlooking the ocean gorgeous views and amazing we highly
recommend the tour company that I will list below I’ve mentioned before y’all
there are museums on every corner almost there are sites there are bunkers that
you can walk into when you visit normally do not miss the Pont du Hoc
Ranger Museum or monument this is a vast monument of the battlefield all these
bunkers that are very well preserved you can walk inside the bunkers amazing
amazing history there great place for kids to just run our teenagers just left
us and we never saw them it was so large of a place until it was time to go it
almost looks like the surface of the Moon from where the bombs and the
craters of the bombs were and there’s one bunker on the cliff that looks like
a scene from Star Wars and it has like a dagger the monument has like a dagger
through a book I’m not quite sure about the history of that I could not find any
pictures of that if you have a picture our tour guide had a picture I can’t
find any picture of it on Google so if you have a picture please let me know so
that I can put it in here sometime I will definitely go back to Normandy
please don’t ride the bus get a private tour guide while you were there it is
worth it oh my goodness because of all the museums you do need that whole day
and the next day to really see all of Normandy and go into an antique store
here or there we just did not have time because we were only there during our
child’s spring break so we had to hit the road but let me tell you about the
trains we bought you’re a rail passes and they were three hundred thirty
dollars each now we did buy the first-class ticket and that’s just
twenty one dollars extra per person but we on some of the trains we did not
reserved seats but on the first train route or the second train ride we got
our own little room with a door and a table it was very quiet but the trains
are very quiet when you buy a Eurail pass the Eurorail pass is good for five
legs and you have to use it within 31 days or something like that and then
also you will go to Eurorail no Eurorail calm
or rail Europe calm and either one one you go and do the research for the legs
you need and then it will spit you out to buy tickets on the other website its
kind of confusing but they’re the same thing it’s just different links they’re
like sister companies ok and if you buy the first-class ones in some of the
train stations the regional deutsche bahn train stations you will get to go
to the first-class lounge if you get there early and it’s just like free
drinks and a little snack that you can eat on but it’s quiet it’s not in the
train station per se clean bathrooms we have had success with all bathrooms in
the train stations in Europe they’re all clean
just know that you might need some coins because on some of them you have to pay
to use the restroom because there’s a person could be a man who is gonna clean
your area when you leave the stall ok I hope this was a good starting point for
you to know where to hit along the way as you travel across Europe visiting
World War 2 sites or museums and different cities let me know if there’s
something you thought of that I did not list below and I will list that link if
I can find it thanks for visiting

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  5. I had a friend who was in the Navy stationed in West Germany. She had decided to see for herself how bad really things were at the wall while she was on leave. Little did she know she would be taking a sledge hammer to the wall and taking a fist sized chunk of it home with her. She even had someone photograph her doing that. She has since had it validated, sealed, certified and insured. Now that was a history vacation she will never forget.

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