Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber’s Dream

Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber’s Dream

100 thoughts on “Traveling 10,000 Miles to Fulfill Subscriber’s Dream

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  2. I sent you an email about “Project Flying Peace” that I am planning for currently, one of the main things that will happen there, I will bungee junp out of a helicopter to go to my discomfort zone and achieve a dream that I had for so long, and as a 16 year I need

  3. Your help, please respond to the email if you’re interested and I’ll be more than happy to explain everything in more detail. Thanks #seekdiscomfort #yestheory #yes_theory #projectflyingpeace

  4. I stumbled on this channel a couple of days ago…I've been feeling really shit and depressed lately. No matter what I did nothing would make me feel better. But the boys in this channel and what they do and the message they are trying to send across to the world actually has brightened up my day…keep doing the amazing work you guys are doing…I hope one day I will be able to conquer my fears and say yes just like you guys do!

  5. I seriously get the most euphoric feeling as I am right there with you when I watch all of your videos. I can’t help myself but smile during every video. You are all so amazing!

  6. My husband and I’s best friends, whom we call family, are Syrian. Such amazing, loving people. It makes me so sad when I watched the TSA “handle” the passport bc my dear friends must drive all over America and not fly bc of that- and they are the furthest thing from a threat you can get.
    Thanks YES THEORY for consistently showing the real person behind the stereotype! You all are the best!!!!

  7. Please do this with Asian Country people too! I really love all of your videos! I am from Cambodia! Please come to Cambodia!

  8. So sad to see how the war affects millions of innocent people. The way he got instantly stereotyped as a threat breaks my heart. So much love for our Syrian brothers and sisters.

  9. I hope you and ur team go to philippines and ask strangers to go any country, and i hopefully the one off them is me ?? god bless po

  10. a war going on two blocks from your house. that's insane. poor guy. also the person in the airport didn't have to treat him like trash

  11. When you're watching a Yes Theory video in Norway with a Syrian guy living in Germany ..and Italian tourists still get in the way.

  12. You guys should come to germany more often! It is such a historic place! I live in Düsseldorf myself and it is such a incredible city.

  13. Do almost every video you make need to contribute fucking the planet up even more by just consuming more and more energy and maintaining the utopia that's it's all good and we got unlimited resources to tap into?
    In order to "seek discomfort" and grow a sense of community, just take your eyes out your smartphone and talk to people around you, show them they exist and you will find meaning in your interactions…
    Why don"t you show the right example at Yes Theory? I mean guys come on, offseting your footprint by paying someone to plant tree….. is that really the message you want to share?

  14. I think the real victim from terrorist acts is muslim, they are always under suspicion ?
    Thank you for share this video guys, i also thank you for peak the right guy to make his dream came true ?
    I hope you guys always succes and prosperous ??

  15. Amazing dudes. Want to start living like they ASAP. I wish I had the opportunity they had years ago when you could capitalize on YouTube. Now everyone tries. Keep going guys!

  16. Honestly wish there was seperate comments about this challenge because so many more things to say about this video it was great so much respect for this dude and hope he achieves his project.

  17. such a beautiful video, you guys are amazing. this is what more creators should do with their platforms, inspire, give people confidence they never knew they had. Keep up the amazing work and just know how proud the yes theory family is of you!

  18. 10:55 is that simply made by an effect or does one need certain equipment and film it specifically for this result?

  19. I live in Norway! So glad to see you had a good time here? I live even more north tho? Northern lights are a part of my everyday life almost. This made me apricciate it more.

  20. This is a long shot but here goes…it’s my boyfriend (of 7+ years) 27th birthday on New Years Eve and I always struggle with what to get him as it’s so close to Christmas and everyone has plans/everything is booked a year in advance and I’m not a big planner!
    Any ideas how to surprise him? ?

  21. I love how they created eachother in arabic just have so much respect on how loving the middle eastern culture can be

  22. Aachen! That is where I studied abroad this year! So many memories in that little city! Thank you @YesTheory for the throwback!

  23. You guys inspire me every single day. Life is all about giving back to society and if nothing, just make a single person feel good about him/herself might change your perspective towards the true meaning of life.

    I'm not a writer kinda person but this just came straight out of my heart. Great job guys !! Keep motivating and keep going.


  24. You know you guys now have to create Places where people can meet without having to cut one harm in order to host venues… cities should pay for them… I know in Canada, the Mayor of Montreal would say Yes. So would the Mayor of Saint-Hilaire and Beloeil (another city I spent some time in)… the goal of this would be to allow ACTUAL communities to be built for our world is filled with people that would rather stay at home because they despise Bars to meet people. I agree with them… Bars are money sinks for desperate men… the moment you're not appealing to look at, its harder for you. Much harder to make friends and begin relationships. Hopefully you get it. Take care Yes Theory. Well deserved like(s)!

  25. okay that was really epic, that actually brought tears to my eyes lol, Love seeing/watching channels like this with positive vibes, Liked & subscribed!!

  26. I love this Siri guy he is so amazing!
    اتمنى السلام يعم على كل الشعوب العربية، الله يحفظ دولنا وشعوبنا❤️

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