Traveling Balochistan Pakistan N50 2019

Traveling Balochistan Pakistan N50 2019

I’m traveling in the northeast part of the Pakistani Province Balochistan A road trip between Dhana Sar and Zhob I’m on D I Khan – Quetta Highway N50 I’m going to Iran by Road. The Road was closed for six hours Due to Due to an Accident. Now, Early Morning Light is not Good but feeling Hungry. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by area but is the least populated. It is constituting 44% of Pakistan’s area. Its population is about 13 Million. 5% of Pakistan’s total population. 20 persons per sq km. Mostly Baloch belongs to Sunni Islam. Balochi, Urdu, Pashto & Brauhawi are main languages Balochistan is famous for the extremely dry desert climate. In Balochistan, It still has Tribal Leadership Which is slowly and gradually being changed. This restaurant is good, Eggs are out of stock. Just try Paratha and Tea.

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  1. Free Kashmir, Khalistan, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Chatisgarh, Aranchal Pradesh..rundians should worry about there own coutry as Indian economy is fucked now and soon India is gonna be fucked more…..Modi has fucked India badly… Balochistan k chakar Mai pura India Gawa dia haramio ne

  2. ماشاء اللہ پاکستان میں ڈیرہ غازی خان اور بلوچستان ایک جیسے ہیں پاکستان زندہ باد

  3. Very nice video .please should be talks some local peoples about culture and way of income like this and which area you are passing show name also


    Aab ki baar Pakistan Tere chaar Tukedee Tukedee HO GA INSHALLHA INSHALLHA.

    Iss baar BOLOCHISTAN banega GA Aazaad Inshallha Inshallha.

  5. The roads should be wider and two way. Developement of roads under CPEC by china can bring prosperity in baluchistan. Balochs are brave and loving people.

  6. Great scene and great traveling vlog
    I wish to see once in my life for traveling gorgeous hills mountains deserts and all types of beautiful scenery of Balochistan
    Thanks tarar sir

  7. اگر اردو میں ہوتی تو ساری دیکھتا لیکن انگریزی میں ہے اس لیے ایک منٹ ہی دیکھی ہے

  8. I'm reading comments
    Most indians mindset was garbage they are still hoping for free Balochistan but they don't know How Balochis hate India should come visit & Go without head to India back !!!

  9. Hum baluchiyo par pak foj ne jo julm kiye h ek din un sabhi ka insaf hoga. Ek din mera Baluchistan Azad hoga ?? inshallahh !!!!

  10. ?? Baloochistan Zindabad. BLA Zindabad. Baloochistan ki Ajadi hi hamara sab kuchh .RAW Zindabad. Baloochistan Zindabad ??????

  11. बलूचिस्तान इज द इंडियन स्टेट गो बैक इन पाकिस्तान बलूचिस्तान इज फुल आजाद कंट्री गो बैक पाकिस्तान एंड इमरान खान

  12. Bada dukh hota hai. Dekhkar. Kbhi ye india la part tha aaz pakistan mey hai. Kbhi Afghanistan bhii indai tha aaz hum simat kr kha th rh gay hai… ???
    Kbhi mahabhart ka shkuni Afghanistan ke kandhr ka rajkumar tha. Gandhari bha ki rajkumari thi. Kbhi buth महात्मा बुद्ध के shiso ne bha bamiyan ki murtiya banai thi jinhe in harami mullo ne. Tod diyaa.
    याद आ आ रही है दो पंक्तियां हम कहा थे कहा आ गये.

  13. گلگت بلتستان سے سلام اور بہت سا پیارے میرے تمام پاکستانی بھاٸیوں کے لیے۔پاکستان زندہ باد۔

  14. Baloochistan free nation , pakistan forecely occupied using millenary by jina , n undeveloped no rights for people n any only earnings money n now this part of chinees company


  16. اللہ میرے بلوچستان کو ایسی ترقی عطا فرما کہ وہاں کے لوگوں کو ایسی خوشحالی عطا فرما کہ وہاں زوال نہ ہو اللہ پاکستان کے حفاظت فرمائے امین
    اسد فرام لاہور پاکستان

  17. Baloch ?must have their own rule beautiful land of their innocent and honest people ?punjabi fraud will cheat and loot them

  18. مہمانوں کی سرزمین غیرتی لوگوں کی سرزمین اللہ پاک بلوچستان کو ہمیشہ کے لیے اسطرح قائم ودائم رکھے

  19. I know Belluchistan of Pakistan is a very beautiful to see & to move. There is a different of happiness will araise but there is a very great sorrow that one can not go there to visit and see beautiful of that place because of its faltu Govt rules. Pakistan

  20. Belucestan is buteyful roads camels goats and road side eating dhabas very buteyful belucestan looks like a red gold earth is good and very buteyful I don't know that's people happy are unhappy any how that's people very happy and long live

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