Traveling During Coronavirus Outbreak? WATCH THIS FIRST!

Traveling During Coronavirus Outbreak? WATCH THIS FIRST!

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel, I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant for today’s video I’m gonna be talking about the corona virus. So this is going to be a two-part video series in this first video I will be talking not only about the corona virus honestly things that we should be doing all the time to keep ourselves healthy Especially while traveling and really it shouldn’t take a global epidemic And health crisis for us to do these things and then in part 2 of this video I will be talking more personally about how as a flight attendant The corona virus has had a direct impact on my job I do also want to throw out the disclaimer that I am NOT a doctor, okay I am a flight attendant and all of the information that I have I have literally gone through my own research and directly through the CDC website So let’s just jump right into it. Should I cancel my trip because of the corona virus honestly to answer this question It depends on where you’re traveling to according to the CDC if the place you are traveling to is a watch level one They do not recommend Canceling or postponing travel to destinations with a level one travel notice because the risk is thought to be low You should take the following precautions avoid contact with sick people avoid touching your eyes nose or mouth with unwashed hands Everyone wash your freaking hands Why does it take a whole global? epidemic for everyone suddenly to want to wash their hands like it’s gross clean your hands often with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains 60 to 95 percent alcohol I cannot tell you how many times I am working on the plane and first off planes are like flying Petri dishes they are so gross where I’m sitting on the jump seat, which is right next to the bathroom I hear the toilet flush and then immediately people come out of the bathroom. They don’t wash their hands I would hear the sink if you washed your hands there are so many times as a flight attendant where I want to say something and be like you really should wash your hands but I don’t because I don’t want to come off as aggressive or as like Confrontational and obviously, I don’t want to start drama on an airplane But I am definitely thinking that y’all should wash your hands after you use the bathroom Okay, and alert level 2 the corona virus can be more serious in adults and those with chronic medical conditions so people in those groups should talk to their health care provider and consider postponing travel to destinations with a level 2 threat and also Just so everyone knows you can go on to the CDC website and you can look at all of the different Destinations and their threat levels. All right and warning level 3 the CDC recommends travelers avoid all non-essential travel to destinations with level 3 travel notices You can also find a list as I just said with travel notices on the CDC website For example, China Italy Japan and Iran are level 2 and South Korea however I have read in some articles that South Korea has increased from a level 3 to a level 4 whether you think people are overreacting To the corona virus or not is your own opinion However, there was a tweet. I saw this morning that completely summed up the way that I’m feeling about the corona virus and the tweet was by a lady named Allie Carter and it says I see a lot of people being like I would survive the corona virus. I’m taking my chances the way I see it Yeah I’d survive it but I might carry it to someone who wouldn’t and that folks is the problem and I just think in terms of A world epidemic that is the attitude that you should have. The mindset should be I personally do not want to contract the corona virus for my own health and also So I don’t spread it to someone who does not have a strong enough Immune system to survive the virus how dangerous is it to fly? And this also came directly from the CDC website says air is circulated and filtered on airplanes So with that said most viruses and other germs won’t spread easily on airplanes However, passengers should still wash their hands frequently like I mentioned earlier both in the airport and on the plane There are many airlines who are making great efforts to disinfect their aircraft as much as possible I went to the store the other day and I just bought these little Clorox to go packs that I will definitely be bringing on my work trips However, I did not see hand sanitizer at any of the grocery stores I went to and I went to three also at one of the grocery stores I went to they did have a sign that said you could only check out five Cleaning products at a time and I have actually this little bath and Bodyworks Hand sanitizer that I actually purchased awhile ago This little guy is 68 percent alcohol and according to the CDC website or hand sanitizer to be effective It would need to be 60 to 95 percent alcohol The next topic I’m going to cover is how the virus spread according to the CDC close contact with another person Within six feet through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes So how do we prevent the virus from spreading there is no vaccine so the best way to prevent getting sick from the virus is to avoid being exposed to it the things we should always do or To avoid close contact with those who are sick Stay home from work. If you’re sick cover your cough or sneeze with the tissue and then throw that tissue away Oh and it also says to frequently clean and disinfect areas that are commonly touched Should I wear a mask the CDC recommends that you do not wear a mask? Unless you are sick if you are well, you should not wear a mask It should only be worn by those who are actually sick and show symptoms of the virus to help prevent the spread of the disease to others I think to another important thing is if you are sick to wear the mask that Actually seals around your face so with all of that said these are things that we should be doing all the time in order to stay as healthy as we Can while traveling if any of you have any tips for remaining healthy while you travel? Please leave those in the comments below and don’t forget. This is a two-part video in part two I will be talking about my personal experience as a flight attendant and how the corona virus has had a direct Impact on my job. Thank you everyone for watching If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

100 thoughts on “Traveling During Coronavirus Outbreak? WATCH THIS FIRST!

  1. "Wash your freaking hands!" haha this is the first time I've seen you somewhat angry in a video lol! Absolutely agree…sadly many have to even die in order for the world to barely listen… thank you for caring about this, Julia! 🙂

  2. Julia, I hope you’ll have no problem and you’ll stay safe!
    Btw I appreciate so much all the love and work you put into your videos and channel! I’m always going to support you! A big hug to you, Eric and Luna!❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hey Julia be interested to hear what American Airlines is doing as an airline. As I work for one in Australia and would like to compare it

  4. Agreed! People who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom are disgusting!!! That type of behavior is unacceptable!!!🤮

  5. GREAT post, Julia! Well researched, and thought out too. As I’ve mentioned in previous comments, I travel frequently for business. It blows my mind when I hear the toilet flush, and then the person immediately walks out. This has been a major pet peeve of mine FOREVER! Common sense people. That said, I have not altered any of my travel plans and beg anyone roaming the earth to not panic, and just be smart by doing your part to mitigate the spread of this thing. We got this!

  6. Need a video of you at 2:02 repeating "You all should wash your Hands!" in all airplane bathrooms mounted above the sink…great emphatic expression on your face….would be very effective

  7. hello Julia, thank you for making this video. I am from Taiwan (one of the country with most efficient control of the situation) and the last recommendation is you should use the mask even you are not sick, because there can be people with virus and they don´t have any symptoms at all, so, the health authority recommends to all wearing the mask when you are exposed in a closed public environment. Thank you !

  8. Hey Julia, I’ve had a compromised immune system for 10 years. It’s from taking prednisone for the past 10 years. That being said I’ve never had a flu shot and never had the flu or a cold. I wash my hands often when I’m out but my big secret is to open doors with my sleeve, LOL

  9. Julia, having just retired after 45 years in Radio and TV engineering, you should consider yourself thankful to have encountered people who at least had the courtesy to have flushed, but who didn't wash their hands afterwards! In my work and travels, I've been in situations where even executives exit the washroom without flushing or washing their hands! Not to excuse them, is it possible that the passengers you're referring to would've had room in the lav to reach the reach the sink? After a six-year hiatus from the skies. I flew on WN late Oct/early No 2019, IAD-DEN-LAS-SJC-DEN-IAD. I did have to use the lav once. And, it was smaller than an old-fashioned telephone booth! (Boeing 737-800) Yes, I was able to wash my hands. But, it took effort to move around to do so! As for the coronavirus, all I can say is: In the U.S., between 20.000 and 60,000 die each year from "seasonal influenza". Yet, you don't see the world coming to a panicked crashing halt every year! The publicity on this has been not unlike someone shouting "fire" in a crowded theater. In the U.S., you'd go to jail for that. But, the selfishly overblown and injurious (not to mention often inaccurate) hype will probably go unpunished. Millions have lost their retirement savings in this. Others have lost their jobs and career investments due to the related demise of businesses. As for people and hygiene, as the old saying goes, "You can't fix s—-d." Problem is, they're probably the ones spreading it and never get sick from it!

    Looking forward to your follow-up.

  10. Wonderful video. I am as shocked as you that people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. But unfortunately people are apathetic and just don’t care. It’s all about me. But for gosh sakes what is 30 seconds in your life that is so important! That tweet you referenced was spot on. No one should be compromised or God forbid die because of the carelessness of others. Look forward to Part 2. Stay safe, stay healthy.

  11. I hear you. I work in health care, so it’s my second nature to wash, wash, wash my hands. I notice so often that people don’t wash their hands or that they don’t use soap 🤢

  12. A loud horn should go off on a plane when someone uses the bathroom without washing their hands. Shame these people.

  13. Well you won't be going to Europe (except the UK). The other two FA's I watch are also Dallas based, Wonderful Ale and Kat Neisbet

  14. I love the people with the sheer lack of embarrassment that walk passed you in the restroom after they just went potty and don’t wash their hands.

    If others have seen you use the bathroom without washing your hands then you have zero capacity for embarrassment or shame

  15. An addendum: one thing I have started doing is washing my hands after handling the mail. Think about all the hands that a piece of mail goes through and where it is coming from. Who knows what germs are on it. Although people will think I’m obsessed, I just think it’s a good practice. What’s 30 seconds in the course of a day (30 seconds includes drying your hands).

  16. Go off sis!!!!

    It's astonishing how little regard people have for themselves and others. As always scrub hands. Another good one is wipe down phones with disinfectant. They harbor so many germs.

    Most people have that "I'm untouchable" vibe. Thinking that they can't get sick or there too tough. Yet are dumb enough to realize germs can be hitching a ride with them and attacking others.

    I like how you stood your ground and spoke your mind. And I don't think you should be afraid to speak up on the plane. Call people out. There's no way you lose your job trying to protect everyone else on the plane. Perhaps everyone should be treated like they are in kindergarten. And forced to use hand sanitizer when they exit the airplane bathroom.

    Hope you continue to stay safe. I know it's your jobs and you have to work. Keep remaining vigilante and prepared. And as always thank you for your service and for sharing your life with us.

  17. Its sad that when people use the restroom they DO NOT WASH THEIR hands!!!! I watch people in public all the time and I really want to tell people who don't do this to wash their hands!!!! You don't know what someone has or what you will catch by touching something in the restroom! Just have common sense and wash your hands when you are done using the restroom! People its nothing new!

  18. I agree that it is gross of people who don’t wash their hands after using the 🚽 bathroom it’s common sense for hygiene

  19. Nicely Done Julia thank You for that Honey .Im Going to wash my hands often as usual noticed on the shelf at local store a bottle of Lysol cleaner ,and on the description was the Corona-virus guess its effective on that since I had the bottle on hand since last August .Take Care girl best of luck .


  20. Thanks for being reasonable while being fully informative.
    I know that many airlines are cutting back their schedules right now and I hope that you and your colleagues don't feel the pinch too badly.

  21. Thanks for a very informative video. I have a lot of flights booked over the next few weeks; perhaps it would also be good for airlines to sell hand sanitizer on board?

  22. Thanks again Julia for the information concerning COVID-19. Bottom line is do the things that your supposed to do anyway and stay informed with the CDC.GOV. I Cannot believe that so many people don't wash their hands. I like you see it all the time and it disgusts me to no end.

  23. A disposable N95 mask (respirator) is a safety device that covers the nose and mouth and helps protect the wearer from breathing in some hazardous substances. An N95 mask protects you from breathing in small particles in the air such as dust and mold.
    I am an ER RN. The N95 mask is important equipment in my life and most people don't understand, these masks are specially fitted by Respiratory Therapy professionals. Having one of these masks not fit properly does the wearer no good. I'm not trying to be disagreeable with you Julia, just want to make absolute certain facts are correct. I do appreciate your videos very much and wish you all the best and health.

  24. Oh you nailed it people don’t wash their hands and it’s disgusting and possibly that is why some get infected. Should be a sensor that doesn’t allow restroom door not open till people do so. Good info !

  25. My husband and I have wiped down grocery baskets, hotel rooms, planes etc for years and wash our hands the moment we get home before putting up groceries. We had 3 seniors in a assisted living facility and we always sanitized our hands in between their rooms and before going visiting them.

  26. I was going on a cruise on Princess later this month, got an email this morning stating that Princess have cancelled all their cruises till May 11. I've been working on plan B, cause I knew it was just a matter of time my cruise was going to get cancel. I have a few places that I'll be traveling too.
    Safe travels, Julia!

  27. All common sense things to do, but I believe that common sense among many people has gone out the window quite a while ago.

  28. I will be flying tomorrow. I bring the Clorox wipes with me and wipe seat, tray, armrests and overhead vent control. I will wash hands after bathroom, then use hand sanitizer after I leave bathroom as you still have to touch the door release.

  29. I work in a Federal Government building and we know the disgusting people that don't wash their hands. Sending good MOJO to you Julia. Stay healthy!!!😄

  30. We’re off to the UK next month, from Australia, and really thinking positively that this will go ahead. Have you found a big reduction in the number of passengers on your flights? Thx so much for your relevant and clear thoughts.

  31. Good to see you getting this common sense message out on YouTube. If everyone just took basic sanitary precautions they would be much better off. It has always amazed me seeing "well dressed professional men" in the men's room acting in such a gross manner when it comes to basic hygiene. I always cringe thinking of them shaking hands when I just observed them not washing their hands. Oh well, some people just never learn! LOL! Take care and stay safe.

  32. I have 2 tips to share; 1: DO NOT TRAVEL just dont unless you absolutely need.
    2: Stock up on soap, wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues and toilet paper now and do not wait!! Here in Australia we cannot buy soap, hand sanitizer, wipes, tissues or toilet paper and l sincerely regret not stock piling like everyone else did. Its financially costing me dearly with what was $4:00 for a small pack of toilet paper now $12+ (if l que for it and this is a daily task as l miss out most days) and hand sanitizer what was about $4 now $29 (once again if you are lucky enough to be able to, l still have none 8 days later).
    Please also note online shopping will not be able to provide you with your order either.
    Heres hoping this time will pass sooner rather than later.
    "Wash your freakin hands" we need Julia on a TV commercial!! Even if its without soap wash em. 💕

  33. Thanks Julia for the video canceled my trip to Hawaii Saturday not cause I’m afraid of catching it but getting stranded there and not getting home to far to swim. Lol love your videos.

  34. Good tips Julia ! Hope you and your colleagues stay fit and doesn't affect your job/career.

    I am cancelling my US trip because of this, not worth risking it.

    Those people who are laid back and keep saying it won't affect much, not gona die etc…they don't understand its all about dying…causing great inconvenience and normal life is affected because of this. Plus passing it to people and community is always the chance which is not grt at all.

    Fly Be is gone bust here in the UK, hear Korean air is in trouble…Cathey has asked many staff to take leave….shame…hope all goes back to normal soon.

  35. You should not wear a mask – unless you want to waste some money. You should NOT use an N95 mask – these are to be reserved for medical/healthcare personal AND these personal have been mask fit tested to know which model of N95 will work for each individual person and how long they will work for (number of hours). If you are a member of the public you have NOT been mask fit tested so stop buying up the N95 masks.

  36. Hey JJ, I saw a glimmer of a potential comedy routine from you in the ‘wash your hands’ rant. Lol! It was well delivered!

    Thanks for putting this info out there and especially thankful from your perspective. Flight travel seems to be the one of the most susceptible mode of travel to this type of stuff. Good to hear from an insider. Thank you.

  37. Ever wonder what's lurking in the seats on the plane? Go to the inside addition page on YouTube. Maybe your airline should consider cleaning the seats too.

  38. It's amazing that if we would just do the things we learned in kindergarten (wash your hands, cover your cough, be nice to others, ect.) the world would be a better place. Perhaps we need to remember these things and not be so self absorbed…

  39. It’s miserable here in Seattle. I agree with what you said about washing hands. People are so lazy! People like that are the reason why diseases get spread. Also thank you for mentioning the bigger picture regarding sick people infecting others who have a weaker immune system.

  40. Well done…very logical…hopefully people will have some common sense. I hope that airlines will be accommodating to folks who will need to change their travel plans. We travel internationally…please have some accommodating plans in place…Thanks Julia…

  41. Good info. Hope CV decreases by fall when I plan to go to Europe. People so lazy about washing their hands, pray it changes.

  42. Great video, Julia! Love the content! 🙌
    Love the part when you keep repeating " Wash your hands"😅
    Yes!! Thats the most important things to do!

    In my country, Malaysia the Covid-19 cases are increase day by day😔.
    I don't dare to go any of public places. I only go to work and straight come back home.

    In order to take the precaution, I have a small bottle of disinfectant spray, 2 mini sized of hand sanitizers (in case 1 is finish) and baby wipes on the go in my hand bag😅😅

    Please take care and be safe wherever you are💕

  43. Some people don't wash their hands even when they go to the bathroom. I have seeing that many times in my job. Also nobody cover their mouth when they sneeze.

  44. We keep healthy by using proper handwashing techniques . Just stay clean & avoid dangerous destinations. I am passenger agent & am still confident in the safety of the aviation world

  45. Well said Julia…..great vid,you did your homework and did explain it in a clear and concise manner. Wash your hands and self distancing are paramount in avoiding the virus 🦠

  46. 0:34 you are not a doctor??????????????? Bummer. Stunning news considering your other videos did not mention that at all.

  47. You were on a rampage in part of this video lol especially about the hand washing..I do not blame you! What is it with some people? I myself probably wash my hands TOO much! lol Then there's the sneezing/coughing. Good grief. What part of covering the mouth do they not understand? Lack of common sense might be another pandemic !!! That tweet I totally agree with. Now I get some confusion regarding wearing a mask, initially at least, but that record should be straight by now. Shame that it's so easily transmissible . Vaccine might be a year away. Thanks for doing this 🙂

  48. I'm just living my life as I normally would. I have always practiced proper hygiene. When this all blows over in a month or two, and the media has stopped propagandizing and fear-mongering on it (notice I didn't say "reporting"), and people have long forgotten about it, people will finally understand what a Trojan Horse/smokescreen planned psychological operation this is.

    Ebola, Sars, Swine Flu, Bird Blue, Avian Flu, Zika, regular flu…there's too many to keep up with, and always during election years. They want people in a constant state of fear, under their thumbs, and conditioned to immediately hand over our rights to "daddy" government. They have been conditioning people for this for decades with all of the media companies they own.

    Think about how many movies they have made with this theme, and think about how many things (including this, with Tom Hanks) that the Simpsons have accurately "predicted." They didn't predict it, they had knowledge it was going to happen, and they subtly told you. It's called "predictive programing."

    The elite love to play these games for money, power, control, and using it as an excuse to steal more of our rights. It's a tale as old as time….divide and conquer. Just look at the anger in your voice towards other people. It divides people, subtly. Love your channel, but I just encourage you and everyone else to look into this further.

    When they're making trillions of dollars on the eventual "magic position" (yet another vaccine, with God knows what that's in it), they'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

  49. Common sense with hand washing. You bring up a big consideration and that is not contracting and exposing others. This virus is can be gotten over by younger people in good health. For children and the over 60 crowd, it won't be as easy to tough it out. Bottom line, it's not just about you!

  50. I bless you with joy, peace, love and abundance in your life. I bless your YT Channel and all that follow you. No COVID-19 4U2C.

  51. 1:15 yaaaaaaas it's nuts I remember seeing ppl walk out of a bathroom without even washing with just regular water, really? It's kinda sad we need thing like this to do basic things like washing with soap or covering cough or sneeze.

  52. It is sad that people need to be reminded to wash their hands. I appreciate you posting this video. Please be careful. Going to fly in a few weeks, hopefully.

  53. great job julia. hopefully you have opened more eyes about how easy it is to help with this craziness. we learned from our moms a long time ago to wash hands. maybe this is a way God is making us realize how basic and important is is to wash hands and love thy neighbor. elbo bump to ya . lol

  54. like this video, you know i live in China and i want to say that these simple ways to protect yourself such as washing hands, wearing mask (if there are confirmed with coronavirus people near by) these ways are pretty useful! and i know that in some countries government tries to convince people to not wear mask….wt…it is your health and your life – mask will not guaranty you 100% safety but wearing mask doesn't hurt as well … try to avoid publick places too – it is all things i do in China every day) it is my routine ) stay healthy and safe people!!!

  55. Hi Julia, hoping you and your loved ones stay well. I just wish more people thought like you and I about protecting the vulnerable, too many at the moment seem to have adopted a selfish attitude😔

  56. Hey . Love your videos. MY wife is a flight attendant and I am concerned as she is 60+. I bought her a UV light sanitizer. She works domestic but in and out of Las Vegas. This is a very serious situation and I am with you…Wash your hands Wash your hands Wash your hands. I wish you all the best and safety throughout your trips.

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