Traveling Inside Saudi Arabia – Saudia B787 and LCC Flyadeal

Traveling Inside Saudi Arabia – Saudia B787 and LCC Flyadeal

(upbeat music) – So today we are back at
Riyadh Airport terminal five. Taking my first Saudi
domestic flight to Jeddah on a Saudi Airline Dreamliner. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Wow, this is very new, this terminal. (upbeat music) This is actually what I want,
I can choose my own seat. I’m sitting right now at 6A. (upbeat music) We just got a really good
opportunity from Riyadh Airport they’re taking us on the
ramp and onto the runway. I’m going inside this mobile command post. – This is the runway. – Oh, which runway? This is the one five
left three three right. – This is one one five three three left. We are facing now one five. It’s 4,305 metres. – It’s very cool experience. They got a clearance from tower runway closed for two, three minutes. So we can drive past the
runway down to the end. The thing is we’re
running down the runway, the only thing is we’re in a car. We couldn’t take off. (beeping sound) Yeah, so here, you can see a massive line
of Saudi triple seven 200, parking here, under the maintenance and storage programme here. Have any of you flown on
Saudi triple seven 200? They’ve been a hard work horse for Saudia for last 20 years. (upbeat music) Behind me is the private
aviation terminal. Saudi Arabia is very famous,
well-known to be rich and lots and lots of private
jets here on the ramp. (upbeat music) (plane engines roaring) Totally lucked out today. The very special livery
Saudia with the formula E, and as the E go in front the
triple seven 300 special colour is going taxiing to take
off to London Heathrow. (plane engine roaring) That is a jackpot of plane
spotting, special colour, one of a kind. (plane engine roaring) (plane engine roaring) (plane engine roaring) (upbeat music) They started lunch here in
the lounge at 12:00 p.m. So they brought all the food fresh and I’m so glad I’m the
first one to dig in the food. (upbeat music) I was actually quite surprised you can do really good plane
spotting through the window. Very clear window in
terminal 5 at Riyadh here. See all the heavy aeroplanes
parked on the apron here? (upbeat music) – As you know Saudi Arabia’s getting more, having more touristic people. They are coming to check and see. It’s amazing Saudi Arabia Airline. – Exactly, like me. I’m one of them. Take care. It’s incredible I got all the attention. Every eye is looking at me. And they see what I’m
doing plane spotting, taking pictures. I think they are not used to it. And then like, they are
not used to see tourist. Things are really changing. I have to be honest, I was a bit scared. And then I see lots of
people with long beard, black covered and everything. But then, when you meet them, they’re actually just
like another human being, very very nice people actually. They all welcome you and then the hospitality is excellent so far. (upbeat music) So looks like our flight
is not from airbridge. Looks like we’re gonna
board from remote stand. Which, you can see the Dreamliner. But it also looks like lots
of people going to Umrah right behind me. So we’re using remote stand. I can understand it’s really
hard under the intense heat. You know think about the summer, this is not ideal to board a
way on the stair in the summer. It’s beautiful to see
the aeroplane though. Hi, there. Thank you. – I’m the supervisor. (upbeat music) – Welcome onboard the
Saudi 787-9 Dreamliner. On flight today to Jeddah our flight time is going
to be 1 hour and 20 minutes at an altitude of 40,000 feet. My first officer today is Naeev Filinbar. – Filinbar It’s FM00 – Thank you very much. If you come to Saudi
Arabia, be prepared to drink the arabic coffee and dates. Cheers. (upbeat music) – Clear start right left engines Start right engine. – Starting right engine. (air traffic controller
talking over radio) – Okay, brakes set, we
have two good starts. Connect and give me hand signal
right-hand side, buh bye. (air traffic control chatter) (upbeat music) Massive airport here while
we are taxiing out to Riyadh. The separation between two
runways is kilometres of miles. (upbeat music) – Prepare for take off. Ready? – Yes, sir. – Take off Check thrust. – [Co-Pilot] Thrust is set. – Check Gear up, please. Autopilot (upbeat music) – I want to share with you guys
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three additional months if you subscribe by 31st December. That is less than 2 dollars a month. This video is sponsored by Surfshark. Thanks for watching. Massive sand! There’s no country with more
sand than Saudi Arabia, really. (upbeat music) Orange juice, thank you. – And beverages, and
we have tea and coffee and sandwich and muffin. – Can I have a look at
sandwich you are giving? Is this the sandwich? – Yeah, that’s sandwich. – Yeah, it looks nice, I’m
feeling hungry. Yeah, good. But domestic flight, no lunch,
no dinner? Just sandwich. – Sandwich, yes. – Baked salmon with vegetable. (upbeat music) – An hour and 20 minutes flight,
a full tray and a hot meal in business class, also sandwich,
muffin, drinks in economy. It’s still pretty impressive. In this part of the world, the service hospitality is wonderful. The customers are demanding as well. If you look at Europe US, you will see much less on
an hour flight like this. (upbeat music) Wow! This is very big. – Yeah, this is the prayer area. This is the pray area. – The passenger can use the pray area. Huge galley here in the back of a 787. You’re going to Umrah? – Yeah – Yeah? You’re from India? – Yeah, I’m from India. – I was your subscriber since then. – Now you’re in my video. You can watch yourself in the video. – Thank you. (gentle piano music) (plane engines) (plane squeaking) (upbeat music) – Looks like we’re going to
use the bridge to disembark and you see the new terminal
while we’re taxiing, but however the Jeddah Riyadh shuttle, they’re still using the old terminal. I just arrived at the old
domestic terminal at Jeddah. In a month this is gonna be goodbye, they’re gonna move to the new terminal. (upbeat music) For after the airport tour, we
just come back to the hotel, we want to see the Corniche
before the sun sets. This is really interesting, the middle is actually
a pedestrian walkway and there’s two sides of road and you see the skyscraper behind. (upbeat music) (ethereal music) So, good morning. Today, I’m with Ms. Abeer, she’s a Jeddah tour guide with me. And this is The Sea Mosque. – Yes, and welcome. Beautiful floating mosque, where everyone, Muslim, nonmuslim can
enter and enjoy the view. – Men has to be at the
front, ladies at the back. It could be in the same. It depends how– – But separate sections. – Separate section that’s it. (jazzy synth music) So here we can see beautiful
decoration of the mosque. As you can see on the pillars. These, we call it (foreign language), it usually originated from Syria. It’s handmade and here
up you have the ladies, where they can pray at
the same time with men. (jazzy synth music) The mosque in Saudi Arabia
welcome all the people from all religion, except
in Mecca and Medina and there is always this beautiful feeling of relaxation, of peace. Exactly the same when entering
a church or a synagogue. (jazzy synth music) – It’s beautiful here, beautiful to see. There’s a Muslim from China
that I met at the Mosque here. They road all the way from
Riyadh to Makkah to Medina. They’re on about a 12 days
bike journey here so far. (jazzy synth music) – So, I stand here, we’re in
the historic area of Jeddah. A beautiful UNESCO heritage
registered in 2014. – Right, let’s go have a look. (Arabian music) First American Embassy, Saudi Arabian. – Yes, 1947. The embassies moved later on to Riyadh. And it has a unique colour
with a beautiful door. There are no two doors identical
in the historical area. Each door is different. (Arabian music) And here you have our Bentley. – This is the Bentley of Jeddah. There are still people living inside. – Yes – So, this feels like a living museum. – True – You know, different doors
like you said earlier, and then I can see air conditioner inside. Wow, People living in
legacy houses like this. This is all antique. – This is one of the reason that the UNESCO accepted the registration, that there are people
still live in the houses. – You gotta preserve these
houses because pieces of history. – The blue one, we believe
that people were fisherman, connected to the sea. The green one for the Arabs, is the symbol of peace and prosperity. All the cities on the Red Sea
are built with coral stones. And this one we call it (foreign language) it comes from the word (foreign language) because it looks like a comb. – In the west you would think
this is a very touristy area, just to catch the tourists, but here I’ve seen a few tourists, but then lots of residents
still living here. And then what I really enjoy about here is all these little alleyways and you can look through
the beautiful windows and lots and lots of legacy buildings. (loud laugh) Men sitting room, okay. I remember when I was very young my mother has a box like this and lollies inside, wow. – [Abeer] Once the chocolate finish, it becomes a sewing box. – That’s right, exactly. I’m Shikh Sammy – [Man] Filinban – Filinban (Arabian music) (laughing) – Look at his comb over here. – This is the oldest
minaret in all Jeddah, it’s 803 years old. – So, now let’s have a
quick tour of old Jeddah. (uptempo music) (foreign language) (mosque prayers in background) Well, as you can hear in the background, you can hear all the 34 mosques doing their evening prayer here. Listen to this. (uptempo music) The sun just faded and
the colour is amazing. Look at the whole city. Boy! I really enjoyed my stay in Jeddah and tomorrow, we’re looking
forward to go to Abha. (uptempo music) (airport chatter) (electronic music) Good morning, from Jeddah,
just got out of south terminal boarding the bus to fly today to Abha. On Flyadeal, a low-cost
airline in Saudi Arabia. – [Man] It’s not going to
be first class, I tell you. (man laughing) – Oh, no, you pay for
what you get, you know? (plane engine roaring loudly) (uplifting music) That’s why I’m hoping the
new terminal opens soon, so everybody can board on the jet bridge. – Morning, nice to see you. – [Sam] Morning. – Welcome – Hi, welcome aboard, my
name is Captain Badizadeh, I’m flying today with
my first officer, Rakha. And we’re flying to Abha for today, we will be flying at flight level 2-5-0, speed of 320 knots, weather is nice, and expecting lovely weather to Abha. Flying to Abha, alternate 0-4-1-0-3, call extend 2-5-0 livery. Abha expecting runway 1-3 We will be pushing back to face south, uniform 3-4 left departure, regular report, no special logged or dangers, good for tonight. All comm I repeat checked, weather checked for departure destination alternate. – Fuel quantity? – 8,114 (drowned out by engines) (pilots running checks) (announcement in foreign language) – Six On the right (upbeat music) (flight attendant in foreign language) – Today, I’m flying to Abha. Which is the south of Jeddah. An hour flight on Flayadeal,
a low-cost airline. I’ve heard the locals airline might not be very well
accepted in Saudi Arabia, cause everyone wants
premium or extra legroom. But, however, Flyadeal
seems doing really well, their flights are very very full, 80, 90% full on this flight, and then now they have 11,
A320 flying in the kingdom. (upbeat music) It was a nice day, Flyadeal. Very uneventful flight,
just landed at Abha. (upbeat music) Very strange, everywhere I go,
I found something aviation. Looks like a Saudia 747-300
landed on top of a hill there. – (foreign language), we go
there, (foreign language) (upbeat music) (wind blowing) – I just reached the mountaintop. Who would have thought Saudi
Arabia has something like tall mountains, green
mountains instead of just sand? (upbeat music) – No one can open the
bag, just the leader. – Only the leader open the
bag and the ring leader. (upbeat music) – (foreign language) – Whoa, this man has a
gun, or not a gun sorry. You have a mobile phone, not a gun, but he has a knife. – (foreign language) – The rice is very tasty because the fats has
emersed into the rice. So, this is real Saudi food, I guess. This is what really people in Saudi eat. (chanting in foreign language) (laughing) (flute playing) You know times are really changing here, two female, especially
one Saudi female vlogger I just met together here. What’s your name? – My name is Nara. – What’s your channel name? – It’s A-M-O-N, ugh (laughs) – And then there’s Eve from Poland. – We’ve been driving from
Riyadh all the way here. – And the last two nights
we camped in the desert. – You guys did the hard
way, we flew the Dreamliner. – Oh! (laughs) – All right guys, check out their vlogs. It will be a different experience. Nara, you’re doing a couch serving. – We’ve been doing it around
the world, my husband and I, since 2015 and we literally couldn’t wait for tourism to kick here, in Saudi Arabia so we can host people. And show people how we live actually. We’re not super rich, we don’t have an oil tank
underneath our house. (laughs) – That’s what people think, every Saudi has two wells underneath. – There’s a lot of people
coming, you remember Genny, he came in with a lot of
misconceptions about Saudis. Like, you shouldn’t look
straight to a woman. You shouldn’t shake her hand. – He couldn’t use his left hand. – Yeah, he was like, I’m not
supposed to use my left hand, because I read that it’s dirty. I was like, it depends
if you wash it or not. (all laugh loudly) So that’s the thing, there is a lot of misconceptions
about us, as Saudi. Like, leaving the politics aside, and that’s what our mission is just like to break every stereotype about
Saudi couple, Saudi women. I’m a fully independent married woman, I lead my own business and my own team. And we live a normal life like any other couples
that live around the world. – It’s amazing, as I would
only tell my viewers, seeing is believing. That is why people love to explore, to see the experience first-hand themself instead of listen to the
stereotype story from the media. My advice to travellers who
want to visit Saudi Arabia is the same as any other country, keep an open mind and
you will go a long way. I must say I’m very privileged to be among the first wave of
tourists to see the country just opened not long ago. This has been a great discovery trip that went much better than I expected. I saw a diverse society that
is embracing rapid changes. I think there are great potentials beyond the oil wells in Saudi Arabia. Thanks for watching my vlog and following my personal
experience there. (calm music) (bell chime) (bubble pop)

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