Traveling to ROME Italy!

Traveling to ROME Italy!

So we just got to our Airbnb and it’s
completely creepy. They left a key for us outside that doesn’t actually go to the
outside door it’s just completely unlocked so we walked in and the
hallways are all dark. It looks like an abandoned building and then we came upstairs and went that way and it looks like it’s some kind of preschool
or something but it’s completely dark and sketchy. So we’re trying to figure out
where the apartment is. Where could it be? I’m not sure, is it in here? I doubt it.
I was told she left the keys for us and she sent me this photo saying this is
where the second key is. That’s what we’re looking for. We’re on a scavenger
hunt for this little like Saw looking photo. I want to play a game. No, Jackson… Well, that was fun! Hey, there it is… With our time in the European Union
dwindling we had one day in Rome so we left on foot for the Pope’s Walled City,
Country, Museum, Holy Church…The Vatican. We’re in the Vatican. We’re going to the Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica no, yeah Vatican Museum, what’s the other one? Sistine Chapel. Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, but now we’re part of a guided tour. After our pilgrimage to the Cathedral we
set across Rome to see arguably the most iconic feature of Rome. The Flavian
Amphitheater, the Colosseum. This great amphitheatre was built in the 70’s made
from travertine a limestone that we would consider today locally sourced
some 20 kilometers away. Inside this great ring countless men, animals, and
vessels died for the entertainment of the mass. A short 20 minute walk took us
to the world-renowned Trevi Fountain carved from the same stone as the
Colosseum designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by
Giuseppe Pannini it stands today as one of the great artistic endeavors of man.
Another great endeavor of man is that of mail and shipping. We were able to ship
ourselves a package to Rome in an Amazon locker. We live in a very strange world…

53 thoughts on “Traveling to ROME Italy!

  1. Visiting the Vatican is the quickest way to get disillusioned with tourism. Rome in general is swarming to max capacity in summer.

  2. Hey Dylan, I discovered you about 2 yrs ago when one of my sons quit his great job at Boeing and spent a couple of months living out of his old Subaru Forester skiing the Pacific Northwest and Canada. I thought he was crazy at first but he is living his dreams while he is young and that’s a great thing. I loved the bee video and the long touring of the Vatican, excellent editing! My daughter went to Italy, Rome and Florence for her honeymoon in October and I still have not seen the photos! Small world, I went to 8th grade with your dad at Mountz, you look so much like him.

  3. Another great story from the three amigos. I love the content, great editing, but best of all, for me, is your opening music and 'cast' list. It makes me smile every time. You are beautiful souls and I wish you continued safe travels.

  4. you're like my uncle's doppelganger, not by looks but by your sense of adventure. I could see my uncle doing exactly what you do!!

  5. All these people present in front of all this breathtaking art and they look at it through their smartphones. All is lost I'm ready to exit earth please.

  6. I have to say that was some of the best footage of the museum ever, you should put it to 3D it felt like I was there, great job. : ) peace

  7. I cannot state how much I've enjoyed your sailing vids. Cannot wait for more experiences with this if you have any. Keep up the good work and hopefully I'll see on the the seas one day.

  8. Wow. I was literally breathless – found myself holding my own breath – watching. Thank you for sharing your view.

  9. Hey Dylan what kind of edditing program you guys use? Thnx.
    Beatiful videos excellent edditing .Fair winds ❣

  10. Stunning video. liked watching it.
    Stick with it please.subscribed to your channel.
    I would definitely be glad about it when you sub back 🙏 🙂🙏😃 ❤&✌

  11. Interesting…who would have thought that good adventure sailing videos would be about adventure, sailing and good editing. Add to that the ability to communicate the adventure clearly instead of 'insights' that are about as deep as a puddle that are only buttressed by the the T&A show that the equally shallow girlfriends get up to. Honestly, I was pulling my hair out watching some videos just because of how fantastically dull some people can make the most interesting things become. You're like the Food Ranger of the sea, albeit more chill. Open, honest and trying to do something different. Go forward you magnificent, weird bastard.

  12. This was a nice change of pace! I love the sailing, of course, but it was also fun to see some sights on land with you.

  13. Have they changed the rules about photographing in the costume chapel? When I was there like 20 years ago (slightly less I’m not THAT old yet thank gods) plainclothes security would be on you in a heartbeat. We would just keep our cameras in front of us pointing up, hoping to get something, and still get tagged by security.

  14. The museum footage was amazing and the music choice was spot on!

    I just found this series and I'm binging. So far, so good.

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