6:00 a.m. I have been up since 4:45
today on my rooftop here in New York a cup of coffee in hand sunrise in the
background you know what that means normally when I start a video on my
rooftop it’s the start of a travel series my name is Eric Conover and I am
a world traveler who lives here in New York City in this video I am traveling
from New York to Sweden my first time ever in Sweden with that this is the
start of the Sweden travel series a quick twelve hours later and I have
arrived in the centre of Gothenburg a city in West Sweden over the next week I
will be exploring the historic and beautiful coastline of West Sweden and
celebrating at my first ever midsummer this travel series is in partnership
with the Tourism Board of West Sweden the city of Gothenburg and Volvo Cars
USA for this road trip around West Sweden we needed a solid car now I
wasn’t aware of this before this trip but if you live in the United States and
you purchase a new Volvo they have an overseas delivery program that will
actually fly you and a friend round trip to Sweden to pick up your brand new
Volvo including a place to stay in Gothenburg by the factory
so of course the first thing we did yesterday when we arrived was go to the
Volvo headquarters where we got an exclusive tour of the Volvo factory we
got to experience every single aspect of the car building and assembly line
process it’s one of those things you know seeing the inside of a modern car
Factory it’s a very unique experience that not
many people get to see the level of pure detail that goes into something like a
car which we use so heavily in our daily life without even realizing it a big
part of the reason I came on this trip was to experience this overseas delivery
program firsthand after the factory tour we picked up our Volvo xc60 which is our
vehicle of choice that we will be using on our road trip through West Sweden the
mission on our trip is simple to fully experience and immerse ourselves in the
culture of a country that we all know very very little about on this trip I’m
not solo I am joined by the one and the only mr. Mike Shaffer and manager Jerry
I’m the first man but first things first we are starting this video series here
in Gothenburg with the top things to experience in the city you’re probably
thinking to yourself where is Gothenburg so the city is
located on the west coast of Sweden it’s relatively small and it’s best
experienced by foot my initial thoughts were that it’s a very relaxing city
especially compared to Stockholm or a few other cities that I’ve been to in
Europe start the day off with a fika which is basically a Swedish term for
having coffee and some sort of snack a sandwich or some sweets one of the most
popular coffee shops in Gothenburg is de Matteo we’re here right now and they’re
known for their coffee and for these guys right here
it’s a traditional cinnamon bun but it’s made with sourdough so it kind of gives
it the extra oomph they have the Roasters right in here they have all the
burlap sacks with all the beans and they’re super nice they know their
coffee here so and you know Mike chef who knows coffee when you come to West
sweet innit you’re gonna have a lot of fish for lunch I highly recommend
restaurant Gabriel at the fish church yes the fish church which is a Market
Hall that only sells fish and seafood it’s called the church because well it
resembles a church as we found out later on this trip respect of the sea and
fishing our traditions that run deeply in West Swedish culture we are about to
go meet the owner of the restaurant Gabriel and I heard he’s a pretty cool
guy hi guys my name is Johan mom born and raised in Gothenburg two-time world
champion and shucking oysters that’s right the two-time world champion in
shucking oysters and in the land where fishing rules all one would say he’s a
pretty famous guy since it’s almost midsummer celebration we had a shot of
schnapps and harun fish on a flatbread with some garnish which actually tasted
amazing it was my first time ever trying heron about along with a traditional
fish soup by far the most famous attraction in all Gothenburg is the
amusement park the park opened in 1923 and is one of the most visited amusement
parks in Scandinavia Mike decide to try to win a prize and play some games
the bus failed pretty miserably I don’t have many vices in this life besides
sweets con candy is my kryptonite and I’ve stuffed my face with cotton candy
and right across from the amusement park is one of the most unique places and
I’ve seen in all my travels we just got to our hotel we had no idea this was
even here there is a pool on the 20th floor of the Upper House Hotel where
we’re staying it looks straight down that is the highway below me we are in a
glass box swimming pool on the top of this hotel you don’t realize that you
are in a see-through pool until you look down and you see the traffic on the
streets below you and very very cool amazing views of the parking
for dinner the dining in Gothenburg is incredible indulgent treat yourself to
some fine dining it we’re going to a Michelin star rated restaurant what are
your thoughts about my outfit do the talking
would you look at this studs outfit you do look very nice Jared your thoughts
first time never been to a Michelin star restaurant before very excited big
foodie you could talk about my waistline we are in the restaurant but I’m not
trying to vlog in here just because it’s very fancy but look at our food so far
Gothenburg is the Gateway to the islands of Western Sweden there are over 8,000
islands off the coast of West Sweden and they are the place to be norm in summer
celebration it is just about eight o’clock in the morning we are going to
catch a ferry to the islands and it’s pretty amazing all the major cities in
Sweden are ghost towns during midsummer this is the night before we left the
street was empty now if you don’t know midsummer is arguably the largest
holiday in Sweden I mean everyone celebrates midsummer to experience a
traditional midsummer that’s that’s the main reason why we came out to Sweden we
are actually celebrating a very traditional midsummer with a family who
is kind enough to let us join in on their celebrations which you will see in
episode 2 of the Swedish travel series and with that I will see you in the next
video where we celebrate midsummer

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