Traveling with your Vape | How To

Traveling with your Vape | How To

– Hey everyone, it’s summer time! You know what that means, vacations! Flying is already a
stressful ordeal, but when you compound being a vaper on top of that, packing all your vaping essentials, it just gets out of hand. So we are here to take the guess work
out of it, and show you step by step what to do to ensure that your travel is as smooth as possible. (Child crying) Now we can’t help you
with screaming babies, Earplugs?! Or a snoring seatmate, also Earplugs! But we can help you
navigate through the TSA, and make sure you and
your gear arrive safely. First, you need to understand the rules for E-Cigarettes and
flying. At no time should you have your batteries in your device, or in your checkbag.
What you want to do is, keep them in a battery case,
in your carry-on luggage. You can however, put any
of your extra liquids into your checked luggage. Just make sure that you seal it in a
bag, or box, or something like that to avoid any spillage when they toss your bags around. C’mon, you know they’re
gonna toss your bags around before you claim them again, right? Next, make sure your
tank is completely empty. Cabin pressure causes
leaks from your tank, so it’s best to start
out with nothing in it. Also, try using a Vape
Band to keep your tank safe while you are traveling,
you never know what could happen in those overhead bins. Finally, because we know
your gonna want to Vape as soon as you land,
you’ll wanna have a couple of extra bottles of juice
with you in your carry-on. Just remember, any liquids
that you carry on the plane with you, they need to be less than three and a half
ounces, and stored in a quart size, zip-lock bag. See? Pretty simple right? One last piece of advice, don’t try to be the person on the plane
that stealth vapes. You can occur some pretty
serious fines for that. And your gonna piss off a
airplane full of people, when they divert to kick
you off of the plane. If you are still having doubts, head over to TSA dot GOV, for any
additional information or guidelines. Have a safe and wild trip. (Simple chime music) – Hey guys, it’s Emily at VapeWild. Be sure to click our button
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18 thoughts on “Traveling with your Vape | How To

  1. 1st
    Edit: I stealth vape
    all the time.
    With pods or cigalikes
    And hold the vapor till it's gone, or let a lil out over time.
    Been fine over a 100 long flights.

  2. Thanks for the info! I'm actually going on a cruise in November and wasn't sure about the rules. (Last time I went on a trip I was a smoker ?)

  3. Good info. Thanks. Not worth it to stealth vape on a plane. Get caught. Waste more time while the plane turns around and goes back. Plus all the fines…just be an adult and hold your fucking horses!

  4. Okay, your tank is empty and everything is packed away.
    What the heck do you chain vape just before you go through security?

  5. I'm ready! They stopped me one time because they thought my homemade mod was a bomb… This was like 5 years ago.. When we didn't have much product. Lol

  6. Thanks Dave! Much helpful info- I'm flying into SeaTac in a couple of weeks. I honestly didn't know how to fly with my vape. Now I know πŸ™‚

  7. cool video.I really loved seeing it.
    Keep going .Got a sub from me.
    I will be glad about it if you support me as well ? ??? ❀&✌

  8. thank you this is very helpful. ive got to go to Cali tomorrow night and now I can put my juices in my bag, which is great. I don't want to see how long I could last without my vape lol. but this is great I can just keep my vape stuff in my bag and not my carry on lol

  9. What about for hot pod systems like the uwell caliburn? The batteries are built in and cannot be removed.

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