Travelling Egypt in 27,000 Rupees | How to get Egypt’s Visa and cheap flights?

Travelling Egypt in 27,000 Rupees | How to get Egypt’s Visa and cheap flights?

It’s 7 PM and welcome to India! It’s 1 AM in the night. I’m at the Delhi Airport and have my flight back to Kolkata in some time. Finally done with the Egypt trip. This 7 day long trip was good! But a bit different as well. Egypt is very different when compared to South-East Asian countries and Russia. This time, I saw the country as a ‘tourist’. When an Indian tourist travels solo in Egypt, there is a very basic amount of money that is spent for a 7 day trip. This is exactly what I tried to figure out. So now, I’ll tell you, how cheap or expensive the trip really was! And this includes flight tickets as well! My flight tickets costed 17,000 Indian Rupees. And the remaining 10,000 includes food, accommodation and transportation. I’ll also tell you how I managed to get such cheap flight tickets. Out of the 10,000 I stayed in hotels for 4 nights. 2 nights were spent travelling in a bus and train. This saved money for a hotel stay. Food is very cheap in Egypt. I’m a vegetarian and faced no difficulty. You can go in the restaurants and have a complete meal for merely 30 INR. And you needn’t compromise on the quality of food as well! My travel cost inside Egypt was also not very high. This includes travelling in trains, bus and using UBER. This was the first time that I had to purchase bottled water. Although I never recommend that but had no other option. Tap water in Egypt is not fit for drinking. Even though I tried a couple of times. But it is highly chlorinated and drinking it would mean putting health at risk. You can get a 1.5 L bottle for 5 Egyptian Pounds. Most of the days, I managed with the bottles. Otherwise, I was able to get water from the hotels I was staying in. Always buy bigger bottles. And whenever you go out, fill your small bottles and use them when outside the hotel. This will help you save some money! Egypt is famous for it’s historical places. The Pyramids and other such monuments hold great historical and archaeological importance. That’s why the entry tickets to these monuments is really expensive. I had bought a mobile sim on the second day. It had a validity for a month. There is no Visa on Arrival for Indians in Egypt. You will have to get it prior to your travel (similar to Russia). You’ll have to apply through their Embassy which is only in Delhi. I had to pay 1,900 INR for the Visa (Single entry & tourist visa). So this was my detailed expenditure on flight tickets, hotels, food, transportation, 1 mobile SIM, entry tickets for monuments and visa. I tried a few experiments on this trip. Like, I had used some new applications. Apart from google trips and other useful mobile applications, I used ‘wego’. In fact, wego helped me get the 17,000 flight ticket to Egypt! The specialty about is that it not only compares fares from different airline companies but also from different Online Travel Agencies (OTA). In this way, you needn’t search all over the internet. This will really help you get the cheapest flight! I hope this will give you a basic idea as to how you should plan a trip to Egypt. We’ll meet again soon! On another trip and a new place. Follow me on Instagram if you haven’t done it yet. So until we meet again, ‘Shukran’. Thank you everyone!

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  1. You have not travel to tourist places like Hurghada and Sharm-el-Shreikh.Those places are very exotic with beautiful beaches and resorts

  2. Hi! How to apply visa for Egypt . can I do it online ?? And is it necessary to have minimum balance in account?

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  4. I am from J&K kabhi jammu Bhi aao….bhai… Dogra region is waiting for you. Explore our great duggar culture.

  5. Kitne din mein aapko visa mila tha? Please reply kare… It is important as I am planning travel in a short notice of 10 days for an internship and I am not sure if I will recieve the visa within atleast 7 days?

  6. Thanks brother..u made videos that actually want to know about places..very very useful for a common man.who want to travels

  7. Brother U are a genius! I have been traveling to egypt every year and some times multiple times in a year, but the cheapest i have got is 23000. never have i got just 17000, you are the boss! i used skyscanner

  8. Finally apki Egypt series bhi dekhli….Bahot badhya hai…..US wali trip ki videos jaldi se jaldi available karwaiye Varun Sir

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  10. All fine , but har country ka visa kaise mill ta hai , maine dekha kafi country ka apko visa milta hai ghumne k liye , es topic pr v video bnaoo

  11. Brother, I am checking flights from Mumbai to Cairo & Alexandria and Delhi to Cairo & Alexandria from different website from past few weeks and No flight is available in less than Rs.30,000. Than how did you book your flight tickets in Rs.17000 Return Ticket.

  12. Thanx Varun. This is what I have been looking for a long time – the places in the world from an Indian traveller's point of view. Your videos have made it happen. Thanx for posting.

  13. I was really happy to meet you near the boarding gates. I'm the airline staff you met on 26th aug'18.. I spoke to you regarding your egypt view. Keep going buddie.

  14. Hello sir, iam 17+ and i want to travel Egypt this year as a solo tourist. So is that possible? If it is what i have to do, please answer me

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  18. Hello sir,
    Iam from India and i love an Egyptian girl from 2 years. And now after 2 months i really want to visit her.
    Can u please describe full details personally, what to do and what to not.
    Help to make two love birds together.
    Will be waiting for ur reply ?

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