Travelling Indonesia The Non-Tourist Way ♥ Boho Diaries | Ep.8 Flores Island

Travelling Indonesia The Non-Tourist Way ♥ Boho Diaries | Ep.8 Flores Island

it’s the experience that we get to Have a memory this creates with our loved ones That’s what really life is all about because you see these people in these villages who are happy and they’re just there with their families their children and there’s just the simplicity and happiness to it, so Cherish your loved ones cherish the time you have a planet and experience so the time has come [and] We’re leaving indonesia Unfortunately our Visa has run up, and we gotta go so we’re here in Maumere, Flores Its our last day in indonesia and we’re off to Malaysia and Hoping to probably go to an Island called Borneo, which we heard is a little bit more raw beautiful and less Traveled than other islands in Malaysia that which is something that we’re constantly constantly seeking I Think it’s been pretty much one of the best months of my life a lot of ways really hard and really wonderful And I feel that kind of has been our kind of theme in During the time spent in indonesia. Is that coming to Ubud first and realizing how crazy and insane that City was Getting away from the crazy traffic of motorbikes. You know we started traveling to gili Air and then in their place to other islands and now we’re in Flores [Island] right now which honestly has been such an Incredible place And we started moving went to lombok and then we went to Kuta. We got on our boat It about all over the place And I felt like we were running from something and this is sinking feeling like is this whole thing [just] about getting away People are just so incredibly nice here This Island has so much untouched beauty to it And I think that is something that we’ve been searching for is that kind of untouched feeling? Islands here in the beaches here have way less plastic than anywhere else that we’ve been which a very sad thing [to] say that a [beach] has the less plastics and other beaches can’t believe I’m even talking about that But that’s the reality of things these [days] is that every single Beach out there is polluted with trash and plastics from human being so We’re destroying our planet people gotta do something about it You’re going be trekking today but it is hard, but hiking up Climbed to the top of the Mountain and it was worth it You know when we got here to Flores Energy for me from the Earth and from the people [and] from the water everything it was so special And finally look at each other We’re like three four weeks into our trip and we finally feel [like] we made it to where we wanted And that that maybe we start asking questions about. What is it were actually looking for and that’s when it hit me We’re not running from anything were Running to something I saw these Children playing the other day, and they’re playing with no shoes on and they’re so happy like they’re just jumping around this weird rock they Don’t have any toys. You know [they’re] They had some weird sticks they were playing with or something and it really Brought a lot of memories to me because I know we haven’t really shared our past on Youtube yet And I’m sure mark, and I will do something a little bit more detailed to kind of you know tell you guys where we come [from] for those of you that are interested in learning about our history [and] [our] past but for me personally I was born in Siberia in Russia a very small Village in Siberia and my parents actually ended up moving to ukraine and that’s where I ended up growing up and at the age of 10 my Family my mom my dad my brother we ended up immigrating to Vancouver Canada So I spent you know the first [10] years of my childhood living in this Village in ukraine a very small small Village and In the life that we had in ukraine it was very Special and when I see these children Playing I can’t help but have like Nostalgia and memories come back to me when I was little Living and growing up in the ukraine it just kind of made me realize [that] We and you know in North America We sometimes think that you know as we get money and for us to be happy we have to buy the newest iphone and we need to Give our children all the newest toys and gadgets and all this stuff [now] we don’t need people don’t need stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff things to make yourself happy and I think about home In that sense of home and yeah, [Toronto’s] not home anymore And I think it was only home because I needed a place to call home. I felt like I needed something Something that would make me [feel] Like I have a place And then I think I’m coming is starting to come to grips with the [idea] that you don’t need to have a place just need be comfortable with yourself in this existence and this life sometimes maybe we should just step take a step back and think about what you really need and How [can] you bring happiness into your lives without having to go and spend money on it? [you] know sometimes the real happiness is taking your family to a park and having a picnic and Just spending time together and creating memories together doesn’t have to be Anything to do with money or spending money? Mark, and I’ve always had [a] weird thing about Valentine’s day It’s a holiday that people create it So you could buy more things you don’t need a day to tell someone you love them by buying them The latest necklace like just tell them [that] you love them Spend time with them spend quality time with them. That’s real love that. That’s the true connection of human being and not Thing that in a year will be worthless to you, or you’ll one upgrade it or make it better Now people keep saying online Oh, you guys are on a spiritual journey, and I kind of I don’t really understand what that means a spiritual journey but It’s starting to become clear that We are seeking we’re not leaving We are learning and growing as these things fall away from So we saw some dragons they’re crazy Guide is a incredibly casual You’re like trying to get a saw some Deer, Pigs saw three Komodo dragons with their tongues Now is something you can poke a hole in in this life or in Someone else and or in yourself, and that served me down some dark loads throughout my time poking holes in my own hypocrisy But you know i gotta focus And we all have to focus on the things we’re doing right and the things that we’re doing that are good and each day Saying what can I do today that will make me a little bit better than I i was yesterday Physically mentally our impact Our footprints that we’re leaving behind the energy or we’re putting our energy into What job we work? And what we’re doing after the job To balance ourselves out because lord knows sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen if we’re doing any of us any good If we do it for 12 hours a day, I guess I’m really passionate Maybe that’s what’s happened. Something’s woken inside of me. I got some shit to do And this is all Coming to an end when we’re finding our place And find our place to call home again There’s a lot. I [need] you that I haven’t done But I love it I love the people place [with] everything in this country if you get a chance to come to Indonesia you do Don’t just go to bali experience more Experience in all that you do and I’m starting to understand how [that] experience Can give you a little bit of space and a little bit of perspective? to reflect And then it will change What you put out to the world? its a beautiful feeling This country is beautiful this country is unbelievable it has taught us a lot and has tested us a lot but it’s been a beautiful experience so now we’re [offering] to Malaysia and stay tuned Sometimes we’ve just got to stop all the noise And just let [herself] feel it’s really really important Something I’m really really learning

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    Remember to follow us on Facebook & Instagram and if you feel you want to give back you can support us through our store or get exclusive goodies through Patreon!

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