So we just arrived in Ubud, in Alaya Resort
and Spa. It’s so beautiful already. This is gifts for
the Gods. As you can see, when entering a Temple you’ll
gonna have to wear long shirt, long pants or some kind of this fancy pants. So now we are going right there Let me show you where we are.

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  3. Good day. What is the name of the resort showing the swimming pool in the first few minutes of the video? Great video!

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  16. How did you plan your trip to Bali, what time of year did you visit and where did you stay(Hotel). I'd like to visit Ubud and Canggu and maybe Seminyak? Please help. I'm from the States.

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  22. Now a day, Bali (Ubud) still the same , I was there 13 /04/2019 for 1 week, I followed things to do as same as this video. ☺️☺️

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  25. Indonesia has unique destination
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