Travelling to Northern Ireland is LONG!!

Travelling to Northern Ireland is LONG!!

100 thoughts on “Travelling to Northern Ireland is LONG!!

  1. M8 Northern Ireland isn’t a place to leave ur child in a car asleep by itself for a couple of hours m8 go into to town hall like you’ll get ur head knocked in like so be carful next Time

  2. lol that kiddo flew more than 3 times first class and meanwhile i am 14 years old and only flew Cathay Pacific Business 2 and its a 4h flight from HKG-SIN, those seats were great!

  3. I hope this kid really understands just how good he has it. im 36 and have never been on a "Vacation" in my life and this kid travels the world because his dad cuts stuff open lol… this is a very strange world

  4. Hmmmmm me 7 hr 50 flight me god you call that long I travel to the USA and it takes 21 hours on 3 flights get on my level level XD

  5. OMG OMG OMG you know the footage after he say "poor little guys he's so tired its 3am back home and then the street it shows THATS LISBURN I LIVE THERE!!!

  6. I was surprised when they said Northern Ireland like hardly anyone famous comes here btw I live in Lisburn where u were

  7. I love how I knew where he was ? also yh that's the only good thing about Northern Ireland, we got nice air ??

  8. I live in Belfast and its even HARDER traveling from Belfast I live there and just went on holidays!!!

  9. Please come back to Belfast sometime I didn't know about your channel the times you were here cause I wanna see you I live southeast of Belfast in a town called Lisburn

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