Treriksröset och ishotellet på sommaren – Gone Camping i Jukkasjärvi

Treriksröset och ishotellet på sommaren – Gone Camping i Jukkasjärvi

Adventure Excitement Culinary experiences Encounters In today’s episode,
we’re really far up north. We passed the Arctic Circle
many hours ago. Next stop: The Icehotel in its summer
apparel, and we’ll hike to Treriksröset. Welcome to Gone Camping. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is one
of Sweden’s most famous attractions. But not many people know that the hotel
has a younger sister even in summer. In March every year,
ice is harvested from the Torne River- -and is kept in a storage hall
with room for over 10,000 tonnes of ice. The ice blocks are used
to build the hotel the coming winter. But during the summer months,
you can get a taste of what’s to come- -because they’ve built a small hotel
inside a hall called the Art Centre. You can stay in one of their suites,
sip cocktails from glasses made of ice- -or just enjoy the beautiful sculptures. Every year, the Icehotel
invites artists from around the globe- -to create art and design out of ice. In summer,
you can also try ice sculpting- -and let your creativity shape a block
of ice from the crystal-clear Torne River. -I’ve prepared an ice block for you.
-Brilliant. Let your creative juices flow. Your only limit
is your imagination. There’s one thing
to keep in mind. Study the ice block
and look at its inherent qualities. Check for possible cracks.
Here’s a line… If you chisel out a big chunk here,
you might get a bigger crack, Then this bit will fall off.
We use different tools… A Mora knife, a typical chisel
and a special Japanese ice tool. Japan has a long tradition
of ice sculpting. You usually start off with a big tool
to get the basic outline. When you sculpt, just add
some pressure and push it away. Fluid movements. Adjust the angle depending on
how much you want to shave off. Try not to pick with it, to avoid damages. I had a clear vision
of what I wanted to create. Inspired by all the beautiful
sculptures around me- -I grabbed a chisel and set to work. Ice is a very exciting material. If you stick to long, sweeping movements
it’s fairly easy. But the minute angles and details are
involved, things become more difficult. After two hours in -5°C̊,
my toes are numb. It’s time to put down the tools. There you go! I’m really pleased.
Jesper did help me out, but… Together, we’ve created
a motorhome made of ice. The only problem is:
Will it fit in the freezer? I do have a big freezer,
but I had to leave the ice block behind- -as I continue north through Lapland. This province covers
close to 25 % of Sweden’s area. But only 1 %
of the country’s population lives here. Here we find the village of Karesuando- -and the northernmost campsite
in Sweden. This campsite is definitely different- -with both Kven and Sami
housing environments. On the site,
there are remnants of old Sami camps. Like these old peat goahtis, for example. The campsite is open
from June to August. There are 12 electricity points
and 11 cabins. The guests who arrive just before
or around Midsummer- -they’re here for the sun, for the sunset. It’s an adventure for them to experience
how the sun doesn’t really set. All of a sudden, it rises again.
They want to experience that. Plus we have good fishing.
The rivers are full of salmon. The Muonio River and the Torne River,
for example, are filled with salmon. And to enjoy the silence up here… It really is quiet up here. A lot of people who live in cities
find that really…cool. So… I’m stuck here. That’s the way it is. I don’t know if it’s because of the air,
the silence or the barren landscape- -but everything here
just exudes wilderness. It’s like being in remote Alaska! It’s a cool feeling that I didn’t think
I could experience in my home country. I think I have all the ingredients…
We’re going to Treriksröset today. For our packed lunch, I thought I’d
make some classic Norrland wraps- -with cold-smoked salmon
and horseradish cream. We need some horseradish,
chives and dill- -lemon and Philadelphia cream cheese. We’ll start with the salmon. Slice it thinly. Then chop these slices
into smaller bits. Like that. And into the bowl… The filling consists of 200 grams
of Philadelphia cream cheese. And some horseradish. 1-2 tablespoons,
depending on how hot you want it. And some chives…
About the same amount, 2 tablespoons. Last but not least, 50 ml of dill. And some lemon. I’ll season it with 1 teaspoon of sugar
and some turns of the pepper grinder. Time for the fun part. Spread it out
on the soft flatbread – the tunnbröd. Wrap the wraps in kitchen foil. And into the backpack they go. There. Let’s go! Our trip to Treriksröset
starts by entering Finland. Then we drive the 110 kilometres
to the village of Kilpisjärvi. Three times a day,
a boat takes hikers across the lake- -to and old Sami camp called Koltaluokta.
The trip takes 40 minutes. Along the way, we pass the oldest
nature reserve in Finland called Malla- -which also happens to be the name
of the boat that we’re going on. After a mere 3-kilometre hike,
we’ve reached our goal. The landscape is fantastically beautiful. Several times we spot reindeer
grazing among the shrubs. At Treriksröset, the borders of Sweden,
Norway and Finland meet. The tripoint monument itself is made
of concrete. It was cast back in 1926. When I walk on the footbridge
over the lake of Koltajaure- -and see that yellow lump,
it’s a childhood dream come true. And boy, have I dreamt
of coming to this place! Finland’s over there, Sweden’s over
there, and Norway’s behind my back. I’ll sign off
from this international spot. Thank you for joining us on our trip
to the northernmost parts of Sweden. We’ll be back with more adventures. Hope to catch you soon,
either on this show, or out on the road. We tried ice sculpting
at the Icehotel. Log on to
for more info on Treriksröset. We stayed at
Karesuando Camping & Rekreation.

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  1. Norrland är helt fantastiskt, bergen, skogarna och alla fiskrika sjöar. Ett alldeles underbart reportage men "skippa" elektronmusiken……njut av äkta "norrlänsk" tystnad t,ex ett dygn i stekenjokk .

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