Trip to #LISBON ?? |【ENG SUBS】Portugal TRAVEL VLOG #2 | Showing LISBON sights day/night

Good morning, guys! We are ready to start our second day in Lisbon! We start our tour with the National Pantheon. And the path to this Pantheon spreads through such a colourful district. We are currently on the observation point of the Pantheon, the height of its dome is 80 meters, This Pantheon used to be a church, and then it turned into a tomb. Famous politicians, writers and artists are are buried here. Vasco da Gama is buried in Jeronimos Monastery, which we’ve visited yesterday. And the view here is spectacular! Finally we climbed to the highest point. It’s very high and therefore scary, but look at this marvelous marble walls! Everything seems so royal! Actually the dome of this pantheon was finished just in 1966, so it’s basically new 🙂 Because even though the construction of this Pantheon has started in 16-17 centuries, it had never been finished, it was always destroyed. These ceramic tiles are called “Azulejo”, it’s a Portuguese ceramic art. And now we are heading to Azulejo Museum where we will check its history. We finally reached the Museum, just look at this internal yard!

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