Trtl Pillow Review (New version) – Best travel pillow?

Trtl Pillow Review (New version) – Best travel pillow?

Hello Travelers, today we’re taking a
look at the new Trtl Pillow Plus which is the latest version of the pillow I
reviewed a few years ago. you can click up in the top right hand corner to see
review of that one. there’s quite a lot that’s changed from the first pillow so
let’s take a look at the new design compared with the old one. Trtl also
sent me the Trtl flight socks which I’ll be including a short review of a
bit later on in this video. first thing I noticed was that the new pillow is a
little bit larger and slightly heavier but it does include a nice
water-resistant carry bag with a built-in carabiner. which makes it easy
to clip onto and carry on your main backpack while traveling. the old Trtl
pillow was not height adjustable in any way but the new one has a built in
height adjustment on both sides. the new pillow also has more padding and a
breathable mesh that allow more breathability and comfort while
wearing for longer periods of time. the new pillow plus also has a softer
more plush feeling fabric on the inside that feels more premium than the
original pillow. the process for wearing the pillow is the same as the original.
you hold the main padded part of the pillow against the back or side of your
neck and then loop the velcro end around your neck and secure it until it
fits snugly enough to support your head. the new pillow plus has two velcro
contact points one at the top and one at the bottom. whereas the old version only
had a single point of velcro contact. this gives a new Plus version a more
secure fit and a bit more support. in terms of comfort for sleeping on the
plane I can definitely feel that the new pillow plus is more comfortable over the
old one. the ability to adjust the height makes it perfect for finding the right
head position to get comfortable. I did find that the adjustment knob was a bit
firm and difficult to turn in some situations. if for example you tried to
adjust it while leaning on it the pressure from your head makes it
difficult to turn. so it’s best to turn the adjustment knobs whilst you’re not
leaning on them they also do make a fairly audible clicking sound for some
of the notches. which can be a little bit annoying but overall the adjustment is a
nice feature to have. the Trtl pillow can be worn comfortably with headphones.
but I did encounter the same slide at annoyance that I did with the original
pillow. that is, at some angles the inner support structure of the pillow
can press against the bottom of your ear and kind of pop out the ear buds or
in some cases break the airtight seal of the ear buds in your ear allowing sound
to leak in. but this is just a slight niggle and can be easily fixed by
adjusting the angle of the pillow so it doesn’t press against your ear. the
Trtl flight stocks are a pair of compression knee-high socks that Trtl
offer in a variety of colors and sizes. I have the large size in the ‘Seattle
color’. I don’t often wear compression socks when I fly so this was a new
experience for me. but I did find these very comfortable and provided a little
bit of extra warmth on the cooler air conditioned flights. the socks themselves
are firm but not too tight and they don’t feel super restrictive. it takes a
little bit of rolling to get them on firmly and all the way up your legs. but
once you do they provide a good level compression if you’re in the market for
some compression socks or if you’re buying the Trtl pillow and want some
compression socks these would be a great companion for the pillow. overall I really
like the new Trtl pillow plus and I was able to get a good
restful sleep whilst using the Trtl pillow plus and the Trtl compression
socks and I can highly recommend them over the original Trtl pillow as a
definite improvement in comfort and style. even if just for the included carry bag
alone I think it’s worth the upgrade. So thats it, thanks very much for watching. be sure to let
me know down in the comments what you use for sleeping on the plane. and be
sure to stay subscribed to keep up to date with future videos.

9 thoughts on “Trtl Pillow Review (New version) – Best travel pillow?

  1. I hope that pillow is comfortable but it is not getting fashion style points. Maybe they can offer a scarf so you can add some Parisien flair.

  2. I don't really get the thing about travel pillows. For travelling light imo a pillow like this would never qualify!

  3. would you also recommend this for sleeping on the couch or would you rather use the soft filled fleece neck pillow as cheap as possible?

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