trtl Travel Pillow Review – Does this thing really work?

trtl Travel Pillow Review – Does this thing really work?

Katie: Hey, guys. It’s Katie from Mattress Clarity. I have in my hands the trtl Travel Pillow. You may be thinking, “How is this a pillow?” There’s lots going on here. It has something very special on the inside. What is that? That’s a secret I’ll never tell. Of course, I’m going to tell it to you. It’s a review. Let’s get started. [music] Katie: Two things real quick. If you’ve got any questions during this review,
don’t hesitate to comment below. I’m always checking. I’ll be happy to do my best to answer your
questions. The other thing I want to mention is that
the trtl Pillow is just one of many travel pillows I’ve had the chance to review for
Mattress Clarity. I’ve picked my favorite ones. They’re on a list. All you’ve got to do is Google Mattress Clarity
Best Travel Pillows. It’ll be the first link that pops up. Make sure to check that out if you’re interested. Let’s talk about the trtl Pillow. This is indeed a travel pillow. Pillow is probably a generous term in the
sense that it doesn’t look like your traditional pillow, doesn’t even look like your traditional
U-shaped neck pillow. It’s got its own design going on. I’m going to talk about the materials and
show you how this all comes together. This outer-cover right here is a polyester
fleece. You pull it off, I guess, from the Velcro. You’ll see this long length. This is going to wrap around your neck. Right here, there’s an internal plastic support
structure. This is what’s going to lay along your jaw,
your neck, and the back of your neck, basically. You’re going to use the fleece polyester part
to wrap it around and secure it so it looks just like a scarf, essentially. You can put your head to the side. You’re going to have that support. It’s great if you’re in a middle seat, or
if you don’t have something to rest your head against when you’re traveling. It’s going to give you all that support right
there on your head and neck. The folks at trtl do say that this is scientifically
proven to give you more head support than a traditional U-shaped neck pillow. Just envision that being the same idea in
terms of what support you’re going to get here. The whole thing is machine washable and dry-able. Just make sure you take out the internal plastic
structure first. It’s hypoallergenic. I love that it comes in four different colors
and different color combinations. It’s pretty reasonably priced at just around
$30 at full price. Hey, pop into this video real quick to let
you know something awesome we’ve got going on. We’re giving away a $500 Amazon gift card
to one lucky subscriber every single month. All you have to do to get in on this is comment
below my video and subscribe to our channel. You’re going to be entered to win. Again, two things. Comment below. Subscribe to Mattress Clarity on YouTube. Be entered to win a $500 Amazon gift card. Now let’s get back to the video. I want to tell you all the things I like about
the trtl Pillow. First of all, it’s so innovative in its design. It’s lightweight and easy to use. There’s great instructions both on the pillow
itself for you to keep on here. There’s a little sticker if you want it to
stay on the outside packaging. Mostly, they do a good job of anticipating
everything you’re going to need to help you stay comfortable no matter where you’re traveling,
how you’re traveling or what position you’re in. I like that this fleece fabric, not only is
it soft, but it’s wide enough on the neck part so that you can pull it up over your
mouth and nose. If there’s a bad smell or there’s someone
coughing next to you, all those things have happened while you’re traveling, you can block
out that issue. Tell people that you don’t want to be bothered
just by covering up your face. I also love that you can throw the whole thing
in the washing machine. Again, take that internal plastic support
system out first. If you do travel frequently and you want to
keep your pillow clean, very easy to do it. You can just add it to your regular load of
laundry. I like this gray color personally. It comes in four different colors and color
combinations. Whatever your style, there’s something there
for you as well. I also like the fact that it’s easy to put
in a carry-on, to add to your luggage. It’s very easy to travel with. It’s not taking up a lot of room. Finally, the affordability is a key asset
here. It’s only about $30 full price, which in the
range of how expensive travel pillows can be, this is pretty good. It wouldn’t be a complete Mattress Clarity
Travel Pillow review if I didn’t tell you a few things you need to consider about this
pillow. I want to talk about the internal plastic
support structure a little bit. First of all, it’s one size. It’s non-adjustable. Depending on your body type, it may feel a
little bit different to you. I also want to mention that you need to pay
attention to how you take it out when you’re cleaning it. It does need to go back in a specific way
in order for the whole pillow to come together with the placement of the Velcro and everything. Just keep that in mind. I also want to talk about how there isn’t
a cozy factor to this pillow. It’s more of a neck brace support system,
which is great for when you’re traveling. There is a little piece of memory foam over
here. It’s not straight plastic to your neck, but
it’s not, again, have that cozy feel. The last thing I want to bring up is earbuds. If you have earbuds, just be prepared for
them to get a little smooshed against your ear when you’re laying your head to the side
with this travel pillow. It will come up just to the bottom of your
ears. I can see why people like the trtl Travel
Pillow so much. It is a nice take on the support that you
would get from a traditional U-shaped neck pillow, except that you’re able to pull it
as close to your head and neck as you want with this design. It is affordably priced and it’s easy to clean,
which are two big things, especially if you travel frequently. For me personally, I was able to snooze with
this just in a nap-like setting. On a shorter flight, I think it’s doable. Overnights or long hauls, I think it may just
become a little bit too much on your head and neck. Although, you could move it forward and sleep
with your head forward as well. It’s yours to decide. Definitely check out my full written review
for more details up on Again, let me know if you had any questions. Thanks.

51 thoughts on “trtl Travel Pillow Review – Does this thing really work?

  1. Very nice review. This seems like it's just what a need while traveling: support for the neck. Very difficult and uncomfortable to sleep in a seat that usually pushes your head forward. I would put the earbuds in my ears first and then put the pillow over it.

  2. Thanks for the review. I just got mine. Do you know if we can place the central support at back of neck? Is it supposed to use that way?

  3. I was wondering if this would be good for someone who has had cervical surgery or is there another you would recommend for travel?

  4. It's truly a nice pillow for a traveler, but I wonder if it is not soft or comfy enough compared to a U shaped pillow.

  5. Hello, doest it provide chin support to prevent the head from falling forward?
    Thanks for the great review!

  6. My head drops in front of me on a plane most of the time. I guess chin support is what I need. Would this be appropriate?

  7. Thank you. Decided not to buy this pillow after your review as my noise cancelling head phone are on for most of the flight.

  8. thanks but in my mind the most important thing is comfort and i waiting until the very end to here a vague mention of that…….

  9. Thanks for the great review. I've had my eye on these and wanted to hear from real people how well they actually work. My old standby favorite, the Total Pillow, is getting a bit worn and I'm on the lookout for possible alternatives. This is definitely a contender, as well as the new "plus" version. Thanks again!

  10. My best friend just introduced me to this!!! I'm in love!!! The Trtl is hands above any other travel pillow!!!! I can't wait to take my trip next month and use it. I also got the bundle with the compression socks…. OMG. Those are amazing! I didn't want to take them off! They're cute too!!!

  11. I think I'll buy one of these for my upcoming trip! (Also, would love to be entered in gift card contest!)

  12. Great video on how to use this pillow. I couldn't figure it out and it did not come with good instructions. This is a great pillow if you can lean back enough that your head doesn't fall forward, and you just want to lean a little to the left. If sitting bolt upright, your head will fall forward and it cannot be moved around to prevent that.

  13. This doesn’t support my neck properly at all:(( maybe cuz my neck is longer??ive got like a bunch of travel pillows but still haven’t found the right one…

  14. My question is if this thing can be doubled as a regular pillow when you lie down completely, just like a u-shaped air pillow does.

  15. Very informative! I'm seeking support over the cozy factor, so I think I'm going to get one of these. Also–off topic, but you are super eloquent and beautiful!

  16. Got it and tried it out today. Personally couldn't use it for more than a few minutes. Comfortable for the first few minutes or even seconds but massive neck straining, mostly from the pressure on the other side of the neck support wrapping around neck. Should've gone for the conventional neck pillow.

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