Truck Camping in Sub-Freezing Weather

Some of you guys were wondering in my other videos How I strap up my snowboard to the top of my cabinet and so here it is pretty simple I’m taking out this 150 watt inverter that I had in here before it just suddenly stopped working And I’m putting in this 300 watt inverter now, which is double the size obviously And I’m installing this right before I leave it’s gonna come in handy This is my setup all packed up and ready to go I’ve got two boards in here right now I got one strapped up on top and then one laying down in the aisleway below. I got two sleeping bags I’ll kind of run over all this stuff that I’ve got with me later Before I take off but back there I’ve got my guitar. And yeah, I’ll just cover all the rest of the stuff when I bring it up later in the video So it’s just a few hour drive up to the mountains from where I live I wanted to give this a shot sleeping in my truck set up in the snow just to see if it’s doable I have friends that live up in mountains that I usually stay and I think that’s something I’ll continue to do regardless of how this ends up going but you know if it does work out it might work well for quick weekend ski trips and just having the flexibility and convenience of having Everything that I need including a shelter in one mobile area But I don’t know I’m probably to freeze my ass off and never gonna wanna do this again, so we’ll see So I’m headed to my buddy’s cabin gonna park in his driveway for the night Looks like it’s been snowing up here for the entire morning So that’s a good layer snow forecast says it’s supposed to snow six inches of snow tonight So that should be good for riding on the mountain tomorrow morning Roads are really, icy right now probably passed like six or seven accidents on the way here So just gonna get to my place cabin and set up shop and hunker down for the night Looks like this is where we’re gonna be for the night Forgot my snow boots so I gotta be wearing my snowboarding boots right now if you’ve ever tried to drive a stick with Snowboard boots it’s not that easy So I want to show you guys some stuff I brought with me for this cold weather truck camping extravaganza Now I don’t know how confident I am and it’s actually working out, but I brought along a little desk heater that I’m gonna try running off my inverter Don’t know how much this is actually gonna help if I do get to work But I also can’t run it that long since I don’t want to drain the battery on my truck The box says it should only pull about 200 watts Somewhere on the box that says that there it is And since my new inverter is rated for 300 watts I’m thinking I should work fine, but I don’t really know. okay, so I got my inverter hooked up I got my little heater plugged into the inverter Give this a shot Okay, so it’s on we got some heat and we got beeping Okay, this is interesting It seems to be shutting on and off it seems that we have a problem here Alright, so took it straight to the source hooked up my inverter and heater to straight to the battery If this doesn’t work, then you know, maybe we’re out of luck You’re on Okay Looks like we’re in business I don’t know. I think what might be Problem is that The wires that I have going to the back of my track from the battery aren’t thick enough gauge to carry the currency needed for For the heater that’s the only guess I have doesn’t really help me any at all that works out here So I have to come up with the alternative solution Okay, so here is my alternative solution. I got this jumper pack It’s called a Beatit pack. It’s for jump-starting your truck And it’s basically just a big battery. I’m gonna try to plug my inverter into this I doubt it’ll work, but I it’s worth the shot Okay so flip on the heater here It’s going All right, so this just got even a little bit more ridiculous I got 2 jumper packs now hooked up To my inverter, and we’re gonna see if this runs if it’ll run the he do now Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous, but you know it’s 20-something degrees outside And I’m in the back of my truck until the snow so got nothing better to try And we’re running Yeah Well looks like it’s gonna be a cold one tonight Alright, so just to see how cold it’s gonna be tonight. I’ve got these little temperature gauges Just there’s some batteries in them right now and then it’s got an external one and a Indoor one so I’ll keep the indoor one here obviously you know the external one under my truck So you can see right now, I just put the berries in but it says you know 27 degrees in here so I’ll go ahead and stick the external one under my truck and then Just leave it there overnight All right, I’ve got the external sensor right here And I’m just gonna stick on top of this box and stick that under my truck so that it stays out of snow and that The snowfall doesn’t come down on it and gets blocked by the truck Alright, so I mentioned this earlier in the video But I’m using two sleeping bags once the red ones a 30-degree sitting bag and then I got my puffy jacket on I know how this is gonna work, but hopefully it’ll keep me warm Think it’s around nine right now that the time on this Temperature gauge is off. But you can see it’s 23 degrees outside and says 35 degrees inside already got some dew building up on the Inside of my windows I’ll probably turn to ice in the morning It’s like 10:30 right now, I think but it says 9 degrees outside Twenty-three point five degrees in here so we’re holding a little bit heat I can see time it’s a probably around 4:00 in the morning and The snow sweepers woke me up Okay So just woke up. It’s probably like it’s like 6:30 in the morning right now. You can see I got Ice up on the light right above me and Then on my window. I got all that ice built up where it was dewy So it looks like the coldest it got outside was five degrees the LL.L I think that means like battery’s low or something like that So I don’t know what the coldest it got in here is but imagine it a little bit warmer than outside Because you can see right now, it’s about 20 degrees in here and It’s only about 10 degrees outside check out this ice that builds up on them on my back window Okay well first things first I want to get my truck going so I can get the heating Ellen And I want to do that oh Think the cold weather really killed my battery fast very fast and it normally would so I had a tough time rotating there But I got started didnt have to use the jumper pack so Good start to the morning So I’m heading over the mountain right now, and my plan is just to go snowboarding for most of the day And then I’ll catch up with you guys back when I’m home Spent the day snowboarding, but back home now, and I got a dirty Tacoma on my hands I think it looks good that way, but I’m gonna give it a wash here to get that salt off Anyways as far as last night went. I thought it was pretty successful Never really felt cold at any point, but it’s not something I’d recommend or would look forward to doing again a Few problems one is the snow sweepers in the morning and of course depending on where you park you can avoid this Second: Waking up and having to take a piss was a definite mental battle But it’s something you got to do because holding it in it’s never a good idea Especially in cold conditions because it takes away from your body heat and will actually make you colder So that sucked in fact overall it pretty much sucked But it’s doable and in a pinch I could see myself doing it again, though I wouldn’t look forward to it, and there’s always strategies you can use for truck camping or van camping in the cold weather Obviously my electric heater plan failed pretty hard, but a lot of people use these little propane heaters with a carbon monoxide detector But I’m not really into using that it seems a little risky to me Anyways, that’s all I got for you guys in this video, so thanks for watching

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