True Creepy Camping Stories Animated

I was on summer break and went camping with my friend and his parents we went to the lake during the day and did the s’mores thing at night his parents shared a tent while my friend and I had our own I can’t remember where the campsite was and I’m not really in contact with my friend anymore but 15 years later I’m assuming it wasn’t the safest place to camp here’s why I woke up sometime in the early morning like 3 or 4 a.m. and immediately saw a man’s face looking in the tent at us he had unzipped the door just enough to stick his head inside he looked absolutely insane he had big eyes and wild hair I was so stiff from fear I literally couldn’t do anything the man kept moving his head from left to right very very slowly as if it was uncontrollable I guess my friend could hear me breathing loudly or something because he woke up too he had the same reaction as me and just laid there and terror looking at this mysterious man I’m not certain how long he was sitting there looking at us but it felt like hours shaking his head back and forth at some point we heard a noise close by and so did the man he disappeared quick and a couple minutes later we got out of our tent and woke up his parents the guy was long gone I’m still afraid of camping to this day

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