TRUE SCARY STORIES COMPILATION | Stalkers, Paranormal, Creepers, Camping (Scary True Storytime)

TRUE SCARY STORIES COMPILATION | Stalkers, Paranormal, Creepers, Camping (Scary True Storytime)

It was near Halloween time when my friends
and I were telling ghost stories. My friend said she was going to tell a story
about her parents’ first date. She said she didn’t like telling the story,
since it was actually true, but we prodded her on. To cut to the chase, the parents had spent
a nice, if awkward first date, and around the time that they would have said “good night,”
the male in the situation–my friend’s dad–suggested that they go for a midnight hike up Provo
Canyon. He apparently knew the place, since he had
done a fair amount of rock climbing in the area. So the two drove up the mouth of the canyon,
got out of their cars and started hiking under just the light of the stars, since it was
a new moon. At some point, the male starts getting a “bad
feeling,” since the pathway ahead, which would pass under some trees, would be dark, and
because it was getting to be quite late. He ignores the feeling and presses on. In later rehearsings of the story, the female
would say that she had felt the same feeling at what was probably the same time, though
she didn’t know the trail like he did. A minute later, the feeling came back to the
male. He ignored it again, and started walking a
bit of the way into the trees when his foot hit something “soft” in the middle of the
path. Under the trees, it was too dark to see just
what this soft thing was, and the feeling came back stronger than ever. Instead of finding out what his foot had bumped
into, he and the female both agreed to hightail it out of there… Years later, after being married for some
time, they were watching an interview with the serial killer, Ted Bundy. In response to a question asking him to describe
the time that he felt the closest to being caught, he explained about the night that
he lured a girl into Provo Canyon, and had just killed her when he heard some people
coming up the trail. He explained how he hid in the trees just
in time, only to watch some guy walk right into the body, and for some reason, just turn
around and walk away. Coincidence or not, the whole thing really
gets you thinking When I was a teenager I was home alone one
weekend and I was sleeping in my parent’s room since there was a TV in there. Sometime around 2am I felt like I was being
stared at, from the direction of the hallway. I looked up and I saw a shadow person looking
at me. It was weird because it was a pure man-shaped
black mass and I could see him in the dark hallway, I’m guessing light from the tv helped. I sat up and stared back but I was terrified. We looked at each other for probably 5 seconds
and then it turned and walked down the hall, a few seconds later I heard a loud crash. I was so scared I turned the tv to the Disney
channel and stayed awake for as long as possible. When I woke up the next morning I walked down
the hall to the bathroom and that’s when I noticed a mirror that was hanging and fallen
off the wall and was shattered. My family still doesn’t believe me, but I
know what happened. When I was three, my parents moved us into
a new neighborhood. The house was nice, but kind of old. The neighborhood was an old 50’s track home
area, so it had a pretty varied group of people living there from older couples that had bought
the houses new to young families looking for a cheap place to live to poor people looking
for cheap houses to rent. As soon as we moved in, my dad started noticed
weird things with me. He would hear me giggling and laughing in
my room and whenever he went in and asked what was so funny, I would tell him that the
kids were being funny. He would also come in to wake me up and find
me curled up in the closest. This happened over and over again, but my
parents didn’t think much of it because I was a pretty imaginative kid. The thing that wigged them out the most was
that I flat out refused to walk out the front door. I would scream and yell and cry until one
of my parents carried me in and out of the house. When you walked in the front door, to the
right there was a closet and to the left there was a low brick wall that separated the front
door from the living room. It was about four feet high and about three
feet long, just a room divider, but i never touched it or wanted to be near it. After we had lived there for a few months,
my dad started making some renovations to the house. Among them was demolishing the wall. My parents dropped my brother and I off with
our grandparents the day they were going to do it so that we wouldn’t be underfoot. We didn’t end up going home for a week. When my dad knocked down the wall, he called
the police. Inside the brick wall were bones that turned
out to be from children. The cops never did figure out who put them
there. The house had been owned by a lot of people,
many of them who had rented it out, so its just one of the many weird things that happened
in my town that was never figured out. This happened two nights ago, so I’m still
replaying it over and over in my head. I’m a pretty predictable person, with a
predictable schedule, so I’m not sure if this was a random occurrence or if someone
knew my nightly routine. I’m a 35 year old woman. My husband Rob gets up for work hours before
me, so he goes to bed before I do. I usually get to bed a few hours after he
does, around the same time every night. I turn off the lights and tv in the living
room and take my dog to the back door to let her out (she’s tiny, old, and poses zero
threat to anyone). The door leads to a large deck outside. Off to the right of the deck is a few steps
down and a small path to the gate, which we always keep chained and locked. Every single night before opening the door,
I peek out of the window right next to it without disturbing the blinds, and flip on
the deck light. I never expect anyone to be there, and we’ve
never had a problem with anyone trespassing or trying to break in. It’s just something I do, every night. Kinda like peeking behind the shower curtain
before I pee – I know no one is back there, but if I don’t check, then that’s going
to be the one time that there actually is someone hiding there, ya know? Hey, I watch a ton of horror movies and it’s
pitch black outside at night where I live. So a few nights ago, I got ready for bed,
went to the back door with my dog slowly following behind me, and peeked out the window. I flipped on the light. My heart jumped into my throat when I saw
a skinny, dirty guy in his 30’s/40’s standing off to the side of the door, facing it. I see him raise his arm up and hold a screwdriver
above his head as soon as the light went on, preparing for someone to open the door. I screamed “ROB GET UP!! GET THE GUN!!” as loud as I could which
startled the guy, and he jumped over the rail of the deck (even though he was right next
to the stairs) and ran. My husband ran out of our bedroom with his
gun. He called the police and they showed up within
5 minutes. They drove around trying to find the guy,
but no luck. The guy broke the lock on our gate to get
in. He also pried open the back screen door, which
we always keep locked as well. If I would have opened the door without looking
out first…I might be dead. I don’t know if I caught the guy trying
to break in, or if he was waiting for me to open the door like I do every night. Either way, it was fucking terrifying. My parents are buying us outdoor security
cameras this week as an early birthday present for Rob. The names in this story have been changed,
for privacy reasons, but I guess it really doesn’t matter. I’m a fairly tiny 18 year old girl. I am only 5″0 and weigh maybe 118lbs. I just started my first year at college and
I decided to live on campus. During the first week here there were a bunch
of activities for us to “get to know our class”. They were mostly stupid ice breaker, and just
telling us about stuff to do on campus. During one of these activities I met a guy
named Alex. He seemed friendly enough, he was eating lunch
alone so my friend and I decided that we would ask him if he wanted to sit with us, you know,
just trying to be nice. He said sure, and we talked a bit, my friend
and I both got his number, and we spent the rest of the time going through the stupid
little games, together as a group. After that day, we really didn’t think about
Alex. He texted me a couple times asking if I could
hang out, but I was pretty busy getting adjusted to college so I never really had the time. Then one day he caught me outside one of the
main buildings on campus. He asked where I was going and I told him
I was on my way to class, he offered to walk me there, and I didn’t really think much of
it. Multiple guys had walked me to class by that
point, it was nice, albeit a little annoying and inconvenient sometimes. He walked me all the way to the room my class
was in before saying goodbye and leaving. Again, I figured he was harmless. He started texting me more, and I tried to
respond the best I could, but that wasn’t enough for him. He would text me repeatedly, asking why I
wasn’t answering him, who was I with, what was I doing. Finally I got fed up and told him that he
needed to stop, that he didn’t have an authority over me, and that I had no obligation to text
him back. He was taken aback slightly, but admitted
that what he did was wrong and said he was sorry. I just dropped the situation all together,
after all I had more important things to worry about. Three weeks later midterms came around, me
and my roommate were pretty stressed, so that night we decided to just sit outside our dorm
building under a tree and talk. My campus is a pretty safe place, so people
tend to be out at any time of night, it’s not really a strange occurrence. I got a text from Alex that just said “where
are you”. I didn’t respond, I didn’t really want to
see him anyways. A couple of minutes later I got another text
that just said “I see you.” I looked around after receiving it and there
he was, standing about 60 feet away, just looking at me, as if I had completely betrayed
him. I showed my roommate the text and she just
laughed, saying he probably had a crush on me. She dismissed me, and waved him over, and
he waited a minute before actually moving. When he got there he just sat down and stared
at me. We tried to make polite conversation but he
didn’t seem to particularly want to talk, he just sat there and fucking stared. Eventually I was more than freaked out and
my roommate had realized her mistake, I suggested to her that we go inside, get ready for bed,
and go to sleep. The doors here are all controlled by key card,
and your card will only let you into your specific building. So I swipe my card and go through the door,
my roommate follows after me, and before it can swing close to lock, Alex places his hand
in the door and comes inside with us. We were stopped dead on the stairs, just looking
at him with the epitome of “what the fuck are you doing” written on our faces. He just shrugged his shoulders and followed
us up the steps. At this point we didn’t know what to do, my
roommate stupidly thought maybe he just wanted to hang out for a bit longer, so she invited
him into our dorm room and suggested we watch Netflix. He stayed in our room for almost two hours,
until around midnight, and the whole time I stayed on the opposite side of the room
from him. He just gave off such a creepy vibe. He didn’t watch the show on Netflix, he just
kept fucking staring at me. Eventually I suggested that we go to the dining
hall next door to our building, that was open 24/7, looking for any way to get him out of
the room. We left, got food, and then I stated again
that me and my roommate should get to bed. I told Alex goodnight and to have a safe walk
home, not even stopping to look at him. I opened the door with my card, went inside,
my roommate followed very close behind (beyond freaked out at this point as well), and again,
before the door could swing closed, Alex put his hand in the door and followed us inside. I turned around and plainly told him, “Go
home, Alex.” He didn’t move one way or the other, he just
kept fucking staring at me. “You need to go home. We need to go to bed.” I told him again. “No.” That was all he fucking said. I was past frustrated at this point, I just
rolled my eyes and looked at him again. I grabbed my roommate’s arm and went to the
door to our floor, again opening it and having her follow behind, but again, when she didn’t
close the door fast enough, Alex followed us inside. I turned around again and told him that he
wasn’t come into our room, and that if he felt like staying then he was sleeping on
the floor out in the hall way for all I cared. I opened our door quickly and dragged my roommate
inside and slammed the door behind me. I just got ready to sleep, if he was still
out there he could fucking stay out there, it wasn’t my problem. But my roommate needed to go to the bathroom,
which was down the hall, she left and I told her to just make sure to close the door quickly. When she came back she was slowly coming into
the room, and I asked her what was wrong before Alex pushed his way past her and inside the
room, closing the door behind him. At this point I was livid. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Go home!” I yelled at him. “No, I’m staying here for the night.” His voice had this tone, one that implied
that I was some how the crazy one for telling him to get out of my room. I looked at my roommate who had backed into
her corner of the room, she looked like she was just in shock. “You are not staying here tonight, you’re
going to get out of here, go back to your own dorm, and leave us alone.” I told him, trying my best not to scream,
since at this point it was around 1 am. “No, I’m staying here. I’m staying with you.” He spoke to me like these were the nicest
words he could say. Like he wasn’t doing one of the creepiest
things possible at the moment. “You’re not fucking staying here!” I finally started screaming at the top of
my lungs, “Get out right now or I will call the police and my RA. Get the fuck out of my room, Alex!” At the threat of the police and the RA his
face lit up with worry, he knew what he was doing was beyond fucked up. For some reason he assumed that I would, some
how, just allow him to do this and not fight back. One more round of me screaming for him to
get out, and waking up my entire floor, and he finally left. I figured that this was a fucking creepy,
but one time thing. That after being screamed at to leave and
get out, he would be able to realize that I wanted nothing to do with him. But that wasn’t the case. I started noticing him following behind me. Not too close to be obvious, but close enough
that it made my skin crawl. I started noticing him waiting outside the
buildings I had class in, even though I had never seen him before, and knew for a fact
that he had no class inside of. He would wait at the entrance to my building,
standing just across from the door, watching me, until I went inside. He kept texting me too. He would send me snapchats, call me, DM me
on Twitter, anything he could use to contact me, and ask why I was avoiding him. Tell me about something he saw me do that
day, when I had no idea he was there, give me compliments about what I was wearing in
that exact moment. It was terrifying. Eventually I got so fed up with him, after
bombarding him with messages to leave me alone and stop following me, that I finally reported
him for stalking to the university and the police. This led to a full scale investigation of
Alex. The school, and local police, admitted his
behavior fit the criteria for stalking, and they brought him in for questioning. Basically to ask why. Why out of the 50,000 people on this campus,
did he choose to do this to me. His answer still sends a shiver down my spine
and makes me want to throw up. When they asked him why he did this, his only
answer was “because she’s mine.” They found that he had followed me and learned
my entire schedule. He had a map of what paths I took to get to
class, where I liked to sit in the dining halls, what room and floor my classes were
in. He even knew where my car was parked on the
opposite end of campus. He kept a record of all the things I wore,
what color they were, if I wore make up that day. My university issued a no contact order, that,
for those who don’t know, is sort of like a watered down restraining order. He’s not allowed to have direct or indirect
contact with me at all. The police are still filing the case, but
have recommended I try and get a restraining order as well. I have friends who walk me to and from class
almost every day. Everyone in my building knows what he looks
like, what is name is, and to not let him inside, or anywhere near me. I hope my experience wasn’t too hard to follow,
obviously there are some parts I still don’t entirely understand myself. Like how he got some of this information,
or really why he thought that I “was his”. Anyways, that’s my story First off, I would like to state that this
is a true story and I have no intentions to share anything made up. Anyways, this happened when I was a freshman
in highschool. It was a usual Friday night for us in a small
town in a very rural part of Arkansas. Me and my friend who we’ll call Seth was
really close at the time spent just about everyday with each other after school. He was 17 and we had plans to hangout with
two other girls who were a couple years older than me. Being in a very small town and going to a
small school, everyone knew everybody and was pretty close. We showed up to one of the girl’s house after
renting a couple scary movies and planned to just chill out there for the night and
have a couple drinks. The girls house we were at we’ll call Sarah
and her friend we’ll call Melissa. After about half an hour of watching the movie
Insidious I think, Sarah, out of nowhere asked if we wanted to play with a Ouija board. I was really into paranormal stuff and have
always wanted to try one. After a couple minutes of debating with Seth
and the other girl we decided to give it a try. We set it up in her living room floor, turned
out all the lights and started asking it questions. Unfortunately for me, it never moved. We kept trying but still no luck. We got to talking about the place we were
trying it at and thought that that might be why we weren’t getting any responses. Sarah and I remembered of an old Indian burial
ground not far from her house that we have been to before with other friends. This place was from the late 1800’s and
it wasn’t like a normal cemetery where people were buried under ground, the bodies were
laid on top of the ground and basically built a coffin out of rocks. We all decided to go so we grabbed a couple
candles and headed out. When we walked outside it was pitch black
and raining. A perfect setting for something scary, just
like in the movies I thought. All four of us piled in the front seat of
Seth’s four door truck because of how scared the girls were. We took off down multiple deserted dirt roads
through the middle of nowhere. But because we knew where we was going we
only had to suffer through the pouring rain for about 30 minutes until we arrived. This place was in the middle of the woods
and no one lived around here. As soon as we parked the truck Seth pulls
out a half empty bottle of UV blue and starts chugging not acting very interested in what
we was doing. Me and the girls eventually faced our fears
and jumped out of the truck while it was still raining and walked over to the piles of rocks. After a few minutes of wondering if this was
a good idea or not we laid the board down on one of the rock coffins and asked if anyone
was there. It immediately moved to yes. The girls started screaming as I saw a tear
run down Melissa’s face. I tried calming them down so we could ask
more questions. (I’m not going to go into a lot of details
on all the questions we asked due to time sake, but every basic question you would ask
an Ouija board it came back with a very intelligent answer.) I specifically remember asking the board how
it died and it responded with the letters F-L-U. I knew that none of them were moving the piece
because as soon as it spelled this everyone started questioning what it meant. “F-L-U??, what the fuck does that mean?” After a few seconds of wondering, Sarah shouted
“Oh my fucking god, the flu! He died from the flu!” Chills covered my body as the girls started
crying their eyes out. We decided that we had have enough of this
spirit we was talking to so we said goodbye and moved on. I tried comforting the girls because I wanted
to keep going. After about 10 minutes of calming them down
I talked them into moving onto another rock and try to make contact with someone else. So we sat the board down on another rock and
tried again. We asked it the same basic questions, but
this one was replying with random letters that didn’t make any sense. Seth’s drunken self was standing over our
shoulders barely able to stand up on his own started making smart ass comments about this
spirit. (Most likely to try to show off and act like
a badass in front of the scared girls.) We looked back at the board and without asking
it any questions it very rapidly spells out STOP. The girls started freaking out again and started
to yell at Seth for making that comment. I ask the board “stop what?” and it instantly
spells out “JOKING.” Now I am becoming freaked out myself as the
girls continued to yell at Seth. I stood there just staring at the board in
pure terror. At this moment a frog jumps on my leg and
scares the shit out of all of us. In a very fragile voice I asked the board
“Um, who’s, uh, who’s foot did that frog just jump on”? The board then spells out my name as the girls
looked away crying. They got to where they were shaking from the
fear, and cold rain pouring down on them. LANDON it spelled out. Without even saying goodbye, we all immediately
started running back to the truck and as soon as I got inside, tears started running down
my face from how scared I was and I’m not the type to get scared easily. I drove us home because Seth wasn’t in the
right state to be driving at the time and the long, dark, rain covered dirt roads seemed
like forever before we escaped the narrow paths and back onto the highway. I cancelled my plans for the rest of the night
and went home to where I felt safe and away from the board. This happened in southern Brooklyn in New
York City, in a part of the city where it’s in between 2 neighborhoods called Bensonhurst
and Gravesend (I sometimes nickname it as “Gravesenhurst”) between the late winter & spring
of 2012. My apartment building had recently been purchased
by a new landlord and was undergoing a much needed renovation, since it was an old building
that was built sometime in the 1920s. This is relevant due to the fact that the
construction workers would sometimes (foolishly) leave the front door of the building wide
open with the lock removed, which allowed trespassers to waltz right in. I was home – now 18 years old in college,
snowed in in the middle of winter. I was watching episodes of The Daily Show
With Jon Stewart on Hulu on my bed in the same living room when I hear the sound of
keys jiggling near the door and the sound of a key going through the lock. Thinking it was my mom who was coming home
from work, I thought nothing of it… until the sound persisted. Confused, I called out, “Mom?” The sound stopped, but then persisted again. I call out then, “Mom? You need help?” The sound still persisted. Again, the door was to my immediate left from
my bed, so I was beginning to get a bit unnerved and suspicious. I very quietly got up from my bed and went
up to the peephole to see some Asian guy trying to pick-lock the door. I could almost feel my adrenal glands swell
with adrenaline and I started thinking fast – while still being admittedly shit-scared
as well. I hastily went to the kitchen and grabbed
a knife, and then stomped towards the door; not hiding my presence anymore. Before I could even do anything, I heard him
bolting down the stairs. Funny thing about the apartment door though,
the door had three locks on it – two of which that were broken and not used to actually
lock the door. I guess the guy didn’t notice the lock towards
the bottom below the other two locks which were bigger, so luck was on my side here. However, the story doesn’t end here. A few months later, there is now scaffolding
around the inner courtyard of the apartment building, where workers were now re-bricking
and repainting the facade of our side of the building. The scaffolding was so thorough that they
were basically near up against the windows of the building. This will be important later. My mom and I had now moved downstairs to a
newly renovated apartment downstairs and it was now spring. One night, my mom looked out the window from
our new kitchen and quickly killed the lights. I joined in quietly to see what was going
on, and I see a cop with a flashlight looking around the courtyard, around the scaffolding,
and I notice him picking up a wallet from the ground. He radios it in, and I swear – I could’ve
sworn I saw the light from his flashlight show a splat of blood on the ground. I didn’t know about this until the end of
the year, but my Italian neighbor who lived in this building since the 80s and now lived
across from the hall from me told me that some junkie used the scaffolding around my
building to get to her window and he was trying to break in. Thankfully, her windows was locked and she
happened to be sleeping near that very window, so she caught him quickly. The guy tried to make a run for it, but ended
up falling a good 20-30 feet onto hard concrete and limped away. From what I heard from her , the guy had literally
broken his spine. He was found by police on the corner of my
block, where he had died of his injuries. How he managed to get that far with a broken
back is beyond me. She and I both think that it was likely the
same guy who tried to picklock my door just months before, because our descriptions of
him matched up to a tee. Now, the detail that scares me most is something
my mom had just told me about a week ago. She told me that there were numerous times
when she had seen flashlights shining into my room, a black figure on the fire escape
by my mom’s window in her room and two sets of shadows that you could see just underneath
the door to our apartment for months leading up to the incident with my neighbor. She thought it was just isolated incidents
of assholes trying to rob the building, since a neighbor upstairs got robbed through the
roof a couple of years ago. However, I personally think it had something
to do with the druggie almost 100%. I’m a hardened and native New Yorker who has
seen his share of horrors, since I grew up in the Lower East Side in the 90s back when
it was a war zone before I moved to Brooklyn. But to feel like prey in your own home, is
something no one should ever experience. So this happened about two summers ago. I (21 at the time) decided to go on Tinder
because my job required anywhere from 70-100 hours a week. So – I barely had time to sleep let alone
meet someone. I see this one guy who is a very attractive
42 year old. Yes, I know. We happen to match and we chat a bit and eventually
exchange numbers. We text back and forth a bit and he ends up
calling me and the phone call was pretty normal. No red flags that I’m aware of. We set up a date for the upcoming week. Week arrives – I’m walking to a small park
in the city to meet him. This may be awful to say but I cannot stand
a man who bathes in cologne. I could smell the guy from ten feet away. He walks up to me and immediately I feel something
is off. I thought hey, maybe I’m just being silly. And this is where the fun begins. We go to this restaurant and we’re eating,
drinking. He starts receiving phone call after mother
fucking phone call. Within the hour we spent at this restaurant
he took about 6-7 phone calls all speaking in Hebrew. So my Spanish ass didn’t understand a single
word he was saying. I’m fuming at this point and when he hangs
up his call – I tell him that he should take his phone calls and I would rather go home. He tells me he is sorry and that it is his
birthday so his family is calling him to wish him a happy birthday. I find it odd that he’d want to go out on
a date with some girl he met online rather than hang out with his friends. Maybe I’m thinking too much. At this point this man is a few shots in. He starts grabbing me aggressively and I tell
him to back up a little, we just met and I don’t want him touching me that way in public. He stops. At this point I should have left – I don’t
know why the hell I didn’t. Check’s taken care of by him. He asks me to go get drinks with him. I assume this meant walking to get drinks
because as I said – home boy is a few shots in and I think he’s a little tipsy at this
point. But he says he wants to drive to a different
bar and I refuse to get in the car if he was planning on driving in his current state. He asks me to walk to his car because he needs
to sit down before we go to whatever the fuck bar we were going to. I’m not too alarmed by this because it was
a very well lit, populated area of the city. We get into his car and he asks me if I wanted
a drink. I have this puzzled look on my face and he
starts laughing, gets out of the car and opens the trunk. This. Guy. Comes. Back. With. Two. Sippy. Cups. And. A. Bottle. Of. Whiskey. I look at him and I ask him first – “Why do
you have those cups?” At the same time I turn around and see a car
seat in the back. This idiot has a son. He’s using his son’s sippy cups to pour whiskey
in them. He offers me a drink and I deny it because,
well, I’m not drinking fucking whiskey A. In your car, B. Out of YOUR SON’S SIPPY CUPS,
and B. A BOTTLE THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN OPENED. He starts getting agitated and he gets back
in the car and closes the door and asks me if I wanted a drink to which again, I replied
no. I told him “Listen, you shouldn’t be drinking
in your car like this you can get arrested there are cops all around here and you’re
42, you are old enough to enter a bar now!” With that he gets visibly angry and his voice
gets louder and he says “shut the fuck up.” At this point he grabs me by my hair and he
tries to jam his fucking tongue in my mouth and I tell him to get the fuck off me. He stops and looks at me and he raises his
fist to try and punch me, my adrenaline kicked in and I started punching as hard as I could
and I ran out of the fucking car with tears in my eyes. As I’m running, these guys (4 guys) come up
to me and they say…I kid you not, “Why the fuck are you hitting my friend?” At that moment I didn’t really process the
question and I kept going. I got into the first cab that pulled up and
went the fuck home. When I got home I started wondering – wait. Why were those four guys there in the first
place? His friends? What were they planning on doing? I was terrified at this point but grateful
to have been able to make it home safely. And it doesn’t end here. Next morning, I get a text from this guy on
Whatsapp. He sends me an audio message of a woman who
he apparently is speaking to telling him all these things she’d be willing to do, and how
much she likes to party. He says, “I wish you were more like her, you’re
so much sexier. Why did you leave last night? We should hang out again.” I’m staring at my fucking phone in disbelief. I know damn well he was not drunk enough to
forget. I should have blocked him, but instead I responded
telling him he was fucking absolutely insane. He responded, “Hahah you’re fucking crazy
girl. You’re such an immature 21 year old. I knew it when we were in my car you didn’t
want to take that drink.” He said if he ever saw me on Tinder again
I’d regret it. I immediately blocked him and deleted my tinder
shortly after that. That honestly was one of the scariest encounters. What scared me the most was that his friends
were right around the corner. In 1994 when I was 23 I decided to go on a
week-long camping trip alone to get my thoughts together. I had just graduated from College here in
California and needed to make some decisions about my future. I decided to go camping in the Los Padres
National Forrest as I had been there before as a kid and it was quite peaceful. I packed my things, drove to the park and
bought the week primitive camping pass I needed. I told my parents where I going and they weren’t
too excited about me going alone but as I am a male and well-built they only asked that
I pack a knife for protection. I obliged. I parked my car and set forth down the trail
that I had chosen. My plan was to hike to a small pond that was
about 12 miles down the trail and spend my week there fishing, relaxing and thinking
about what I should do with the rest of my life. I hiked from morning to about 6 pm and took
my time taking pictures, eating my lunch, and even writing in my journal. At about 6 pm I finally reached the pond and
I unpacked my tent and equipment and got ready to sleep. I was so tired that I passed out and did not
wake up until the morning. In the morning I made some coffee, made a
PB and J sandwich and threw my fishing line into the pond. Over a couple of hours I caught a couple of
bluegill and was getting some much needed solitude. I gutted my fish and put them back in the
water so that they would stay cool for a couple of hours so that I could make them for lunch. After this I went back in my tent and decided
to take a nap. I fell asleep fast. About 30 minutes into my nap I was awoken
by a woman crying hysterically from what seemed to be a few hundred meters away. I instinctively got up quick opened my tent
and turned towards where I had heard the crying. What I saw scared me instantly. I saw a naked woman about 70 meters away in
what I would guess was her forties walking in my direction. She had long brown hair that was tangled and
her face was contorted in a way that made her cries that much more frightening. This woman was filthy all over and she was
bleeding from what I could only describe as her groin/genital region. My first reaction was shock but after a few
seconds I cleared my head and ran into my tent to grab my knife. I then walked over to the lady who was still
crying hysterically and asked her what happened. As I got close to her she reached out to me
as if to give me an embrace. I hesitantly came her one of my hands to hold
on to and then walked her over to my tent. She didn’t say a word, she just kept crying
and leaning herself on me. When we got to my tent I handed her some paper
towels and some extra cloths I had and asked her again what happened and if I could help
her clean up or help her in any way that I could. She ignored the towels and clothes and just
let them fall on the floor. She then asked in a smoky/exhausted voice
low voice if she could lay down in my bed. I thought she was a rape victim for sure and
told her yes definitely. She laid down on top of my sleeping bag and
just kept crying and shaking. I decided to just let her be for a while and
started packing up my stuff as I figured I would have to run back to get help for this
woman as there was no cell phone reception there. After about 25 minutes I collected all of
my belonging and walked back over to the tent to see if the woman had calmed down. I unzipped the tent and looked inside. The woman was just lying there no longer crying
but just staring at nothing. I again asked her what had happened but she
didn’t answer. I then began to tell her that I was going
to go run and get help and that she could come with me or just stay her until help arrived. Again she said nothing. I then told her that I was going to run to
the rangers station and that I would be back as soon as possible. I left her some water and some food and started
walking back towards the trail. As I got to the trail I heard a man’s voice
yelling from across the pond from our point. I turned to where I heard the yelling and
I saw a man about 200 meters away, also naked with a long beard and lots of body hair. I could not understand what he was saying
at first but as he got closer I could understand the words “I am no good, I am no good” in
a low almost unintelligible groan. I was so freaked out at this point that I
was frozen in fear. I was thinking about my options when I noticed
the woman getting out my tent and start walking towards the man with arms wide open. He then began running towards her and she
towards him. When they reached each other they then embraced. At this point I was in total confusion and
shock about what was happening. I just stood there and watched whatever it
was I was watching happen. After what seemed like 30 minutes they let
go of each other and I could see them talking. The woman pointed towards me and then pointed
towards her stomach. The then talked for a little while longer
and then both of them started walking over towards me. I again just stood there trying to figure
out what was going on. As they got within 50 meters of me the woman
and man both yelled at me almost simultaneously “you can help us”. I, still confused yelled back at them “help
you with what” and “what happened”. The man and woman did not reply but only put
their arms in a baby swaddling position in the universal signal for baby. I yelled back at them “what baby” in a concerned
voice. The man then said “I am no good, we need
you for baby”. I then said “I don’t understand”, and started
to take a few steps back. At this point the woman grabbed two large
rocks from the ground and handed one to the man. They then began running towards me. I was terrified and dropped by backpack on
the ground and started sprinting as fast as I could down the trail. I could hear them screaming at me “we need
your help with baby” over and over again at me and could hear them scrambling down the
trail behind me. They had no shoes and the trail was very rock
so I knew if I just kept running they could not keep up for very long. After about 15 minutes I slowly heard their
cries die down to the point where I could no longer hear them. It took me 6 hours to get back to the ranger
station with me running and then taking a break when I needed to. When I got to the ranger station I threw open
the door and began explaining what just happened to the ranger. He knew I was serious from the emotion that
I conveyed and told me that he was going to get some backup to go out there and check
out the situation and to retrieve by belongings for me. The advised me to just sit tight in the ranger
station and that they would be riding their ATV’s out there within the hour. I told him that I would rather just go home
and he could just call me after they investigated, as I lived two hours away. He said ok. I drove home told my family what had happened
and waited. I ended up falling asleep on my parent’s
bed like a child and slept through the night. The next morning my father woke me up and
told me that he had just gotten off the phone with the rangers and that they had taken a
naked man and woman into custody. They told my father that the two people would
not identify themselves and that they found them on the trail walking back to the direction
of the pond. The man and woman were taken to a psychiatric
hospital and were both identified as schizophrenic individuals. Nothing else was known about them. They couldn’t figure out who they were or
how they had gotten to that location. That is all they could tell us. As far as my equipment I told them that I
didn’t want it anymore as much of it I’m sure was caked in blood and who knows what else. We found out a few months later that the couple
had set up a campsite hidden near the edge of the pond area and that the rangers had
found one grave there of a very small fetus. The man and woman were identified as a married
couple who had gone off their medication and decided to move out to the woods to live away
from society. They from what everyone guessed had tried
to start a family our there but due to malnutrition the woman had a miscarriage. I guess the man had blamed himself for “being
no good” and wanted me to take his place in impregnating his wife. This by far is the creepiest thing to ever
happen to me and I have never been camping again since that day. This has forever changed me as a person and
has made me very wary of strangers. I hope no one ever has to experience what
I did on that day

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