Trump Admin. Still Hiding The President’s Travel Costs | All In | MSNBC

Trump Admin. Still Hiding The President’s Travel Costs | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Admin. Still Hiding The President’s Travel Costs | All In | MSNBC

  1. Corruption all day every day… Eyes Open America the skimming from the Tax payers to finance the political perks has always happened, but this level of Corruption reaches Mafia
    terms for the GOP.

  2. send planes, trains, semi trucks, and boats,  full of toilets to San Francisco. for the love of god help them poop in peace!!!

  3. Steve Mnuchin is absolute scum of the earth, he's a filthy former
    goldman sachs banker who took advantage of poor and elderly people and
    screwed them over during the financial crisis/housing market
    crash/recession for his own financial gain. I hope that gold digging
    wh*re of a wife he has takes him for everything he's worth. He founded RatPac-Dune
    Entertainment, which bought the failed housing lender IndyMac in 2009, renaming it
    OneWest-Bank with Mnuchin himself as Chair. Afterwards OneWest "was involved in
    a string of lawsuits over questionable foreclosures, and settled
    several cases for millions of dollars." "OneWest stood out even among
    the bad actors in the national foreclosure crisis… routinely jumped
    to foreclosure rather than pursue options to keep borrowers in their
    homes; used fabricated and 'robo-signed' documents to secure the
    evictions; and had a particular talent for dispossessing the homes of
    senior citizens and people of color." (I'm Quoting articles from trusted sources)

  4. maybe the democrats should have got on this when the Obama bunch al went on vacation and even took the mother in-law along, MSNBC still on the old fake news train

  5. what about pelosi's military escort to and fro California, let's have a report on all of Obummer's vacations and travel expenses, like the time he and his whole family and staff and friends attended nelson mandela's funeral oh that costed tax payers thousands upon thousands, all presidents has and will travel it's what they do.

  6. I can't believe anyone would fall for this crap this is the most opinionated "I'm going to help you think " reporting. funny how the facts are cherry picked and the story mixed up with lies to get peoples minds, this truly is attempted mind control and if you believe in this guy or this organization you are weak minded and can be led to anything ,for gods sake people stop listening to the MSM they all are part of the pedophile ship that's going down and they are covering for each other and trump wants to expose them and they know this that's why they wanted impeachment even before he was sworn into office , he is a threat of exposure from their money theft to their pedophilia they all know. how does a politician that makes 180,000 a year have several multi million dollar houses and a bank account in the 10s to hundreds of millions if they are not corrupt? wake up and see what the democrat party really is under its sheep clothing.

  7. Surely we can be pitifully pathtetic…i mean PATIENT waiting on dude's travel cost info like we've waited and waited an-.. what was it? oh yeah waited to see dude's personal past income tax info. Duh

  8. There are still real journalists, and investigative journalists, God Love them, out there. I have been sickened by the naivete of trump's base , sanctimoniously arguing that he "doesn't even take his paycheck", he just loves us! But some reporters have been digging, and they say that he doesn't need that pay check, because the salary of the president could, at this point, be paid out for approximately 300 years just by the total tab for his golf trips. I remember him dissing President Obama for golfing TOO much, he said he wouldn't have time, he would be "working such long, hard hours." Many of our President Obama's presidential golf games were played on military courses, as our bases are not uncivilized outposts. For all his bragging about how he loves the military, and does "so much for our men in uniform, more than any other President in history!" I don't recall even ONCE, that he did even 9 holes on a military course. Pretty is as pretty does, as my old country grandmother used to say. But I think, for trump, my grandmother's segue into the second half of her saying was way more apt…"pretty is as pretty does, but UGLY goes all the way to the bone. I believe trump is an ugly man, and is even more complicated by the fact that he is unendingly mean spirited and petty, to boot. There seems to be nothing of beauty in his soul…even in the darkest, deepest corner. #Bernie2020. A man of and for the people.

  9. I poke on the Mainstream videos and I noticed about 3 weeks to a month ago Msn's videos suddenly jumped up in like hits versus almost every other msm. But they talk about the Russian bots? If you sort comments by time versus popularity, you will get a real sense of the feeling of the people. Fake news outlets.. your day has come.

  10. I am positive based on something stated in Trump's jr. own book that was mentioned on video the Trump family is embezzling from the government as well frankly.

  11. I thought trump was gonna drain the swamp lol god he is so corrupt and all the idiots around him are just as bad this whole Whitehouse is a sham

  12. very well said, ty mr hayes. and yet another reminder of why mnuchin needs to go. he should have been locked up for obstruction and refusing to testify long ago.

  13. Trump is the most transparent President in US history. Don't believe me, ask #QuidProJoe aka Joe Biden why he sealed his Senate record? What is he hiding?

  14. MSNBC what happened you didn't get the war with Iran you wanted, now you have to talk about the cost of Trump's traveling? So pathetic!

  15. Why does trump get away with everything? Why can’t we go into the White House and get the documents that we have a right to see??

  16. What about Michelle Obama spent 114 million tax payer dollars traveling around the world with her daughters and nieces and mother in tow

  17. You know what it will look like on the last day of trump in the White House come January 2021: There will be barrel fires everywhere and his people frantically dropping documents into the fires – a scene you know from movies when the "enemy" is about to enter the building.

  18. Nothing yells "we are trustworthy and do everything by the book" like a group of people who hide and cover up everything.
    Also: "Yes, Mr. Policeman, Sir, you can have my baggy, lemme just smoke that thing that looks like crack first."

  19. If you plan on voting for Trump again, save yourself some time at the polls and just mail in your wallet to the GOP.

  20. mnuchin would wait until next year; his successor would wait until 2025… the people would happily continue to fund his king's pleasures 🙂

  21. Yea, I am sure the billionaire president is hiding travel cost right and totally not SJW's trying to program their sheep with fuzzy numbers while in reality air force one costs a lot to operate no matter who is riding. The cost of air force one is not a public number for many reasons… One being the costs alone can reveal the type of technology aboard and two the media can misconstrue it as a few americans with inferiority complexes and no goals (liberals) can resent that dollar amount.

  22. We can't say we were not warned. We all knew that he would work out as many scams as he could whist promising the Earth he's not corrupt.

  23. Trump has been using the government money for family travel to his florida property and to other visits where the visits were supposed to be official matters. Trump has used the givernment money to pay his staff visiting and staying foreign coutries. He has been abusing the military funds that were not for his use but for the military programs ans projects. Look. Trump clearly using our money and profiting the givernment money to his pockets. That is why the government deficits was skyrocketed to the record level during his presidency. And that is because Trump is full of debts. His campaign still owes more than 20 million dollars to more than 20 states where he rallied. He is really Mooney abuser, power abuser, liar and corrupt. He even cheats the golf scoring. He has been doing everything to profit money and benefit himself and his family at the cost of Americans tax money.

  24. While we're at it can we get a full accounting on just how much it's cost the tax payers for Melania to NOT live at the White House?? I seem to remember a report of sorts a long time ago and it was A LOT, but we haven't heard ANYTHING about that more recently. Do we have access to that??

  25. I’m above the laws of you mere peasants! I’ll eat your lunch whenever and however I choose! I’ll take your delicate things and toss it to the dogs if I so desire and you had better shut up about it says the supreme DJT!

  26. I've been waiting for MSNBC to report on CNN's settlement with the Covington, Kentucky, kid for defamation.
    You remember, the 16yo who was waiting for a bus when the native American got in his face, the same you all
    and so many other tolerant liberals wanted to wipe the smirk off of. Omission of the news qualifies as FAKE NEWS.

  27. Cool, I'm sure it's just an oversight and he'll provide them along with his tax docs in no time. I mean, he said he would "love" for us to see them. I hear they're the best tax filings!

  28. What a BOMBSHELL story. Holy fu#&. I don't think I could sleep at night if you morons didn't break this scoop WIDE OPEN….

  29. The excellent website Trump Golf Count has tracked $121 million in total pubic costs to date. That may not include the unpaid bills to local authorities for closing roads and extra police protection, and the cost to local businesses forbidden to trade while His Majesty is busy cheating his way around the local course.

  30. Two weeks in Mar-a-Largo over Christmas and New year. How much will the tax payers have to fork out for that? The Trumps are milking American's money to shore up their depleted coffers. Utterly disgraceful. I hope somebody leaks the invoices.

  31. I'm a little bit puzzled here and it doesn't make sense how they cannot track the money that the White House is using since it is Congress that is supposed to be approving how the money gets used. It is almost as if the treasury department is just moving money out of their office to the White House without ever informing Congress or the any other departments involved into how much money is being spent. If this is the case then our system of government is really screwed up.

  32. After television, golf, Twitter and rallies about all the presidential time Trump has left available allows him only to scrawl his signature here and there and occasionally meet heads of state. Even then he takes personal credit for Democrat legislation he contributed nothing to, from the present to far back into Obama's presidency. And spends time before journalists blaming or demonizing others while evading his own accountability. He's very rarely on the job. Fire him!

  33. And MSNBC repeating Iran state run propaganda is quite disgusting, how can a movement unified by ideological hatred succeed?

  34. Trumps travel cost is more than Obama’s because Trump is actually working. This actually doesn’t matter because the President’s travel costs are all covered regardless of where he is going because of the safety of the president. The other reason is that the President has to have the communications and security that Air Force one provides at all times. If a President had to pay for the cost of running Air force One it would cost more than what a President would make for his whole term of office. This is just MSNBC fake news trying to make Trump look bad when it basically is the government trying to figure out a better way to run things. The reason they probably don’t want to start screwing around with things now and want to wait until Trumps first term is up is if they decide to shift everything back to treasury department is so that things don’t get screwed up in the transfer. When the election is over and before the Swearing in there is a mouth there when the President ( either in coming or out going ) dose not travel and is will be a lot more simpler to transfer departments when you are not trying to keep track of expenses at the time , this way nothing gets lost or miss calculated because they were moving things.

  35. Yeah, lets concentrate on his travel plans since you've embarrassed yourselves yet again with the world war 3 like Iran exaggerations. What a joke MSNBC has become.

  36. For the record Trump's golf tab is approaching 120 million dollars. This includes operating costs for air force 1 as well as incidental costs and accoodation for his sizable entourage and secret service detail. As noted in this broadcast, tbe figure eclipses Obama's golf tab by a significant margin. Obama spent far less time on the golf course and the courses he visited were public in tbe D.C. area. Of course it is certain that If he had taken even one trip to a luxury private resort in Florida or California it would have been covered extensively by GOP and FOX pundits as a scandal.

  37. Another cover up in progress. Trump and the Trump regime doesn't want you to know how much of your taxes dollars he is using for his self-gratification. If he is able to cover up and withhold the truth from the public until after he has secured the presidency in 2020 (he said he would never leave office) he won't care what comes out because if he is reelected he will have proved that he is above the law and his lifetime regime will be cemented. The end of a democratic union will have been accomplished. Wake up Americans or reap the consequences of your non-action.

  38. Wow Trump administration are really screwing with America's tax payers
    Trump claims he makes nothing , lmao Trump lied again …American people
    pay double,so his family can fly around the world and Trump to play golf lmao

  39. There is bound to be some MAGA moron here saying “but he doesn’t take a salary”.
    The con man in chief just has the government spend tens of millions at his properties.

  40. This guy is a Grifter on steroids. He is Grifter/Crook/Corrupt In Chief. There's No part of his life that isn't Corrupt Dshonest

  41. Mnuchin works for a Crook. No surprise he does the same things as DT. All his ppl are cut from the same cloth of Lying, Dshonsty Corruptn Greed.They're devoid of honor Integrity

  42. So much for his promise to Drain the Swamp. Under Trump the scum is flooding over the bank & straight into the Oval Office!


  44. Admirable! Free publicity as a candidate , tax money flowing towards his business and a simple reelection coming.
    May Bernie-Bloomberg change that.

  45. A finger to Congress and the American taxpayer. It would be nice to have specifics but anybody campaigning could hazard a guess. Ninety percent of his outings are at his resorts, so in true RepubliKKKlan style, just throw a number out. Say 150 – 200 MILLION in HIS pocket, they can't deny where he stays, let them prove otherwise.

  46. So basically Trump is getting paid to vacation at his own resorts? i have never seen anything like this in my whole 48 years.

  47. Could we have the cost of Michael Robinson, you know Obama's husband's vacation trip with his momma and the girls. Where is the righthieous indignation over that. Oh that's right you can't question anything about the Oreo traitor and his husband Michael!!!!

  48. Take it out of his pay that he willingly gave up 🤣. Or take some from the millions that Quid Pro Quo Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden got from the corrupt Ukraine government. Trump’s travel costs will be more because he’s traveling more getting good things done for our country and not taking trips like Obama did with his whole entourage following him in other planes 🤪

  49. Yeah wheir are The people who harrassed Obama for datenight 😠 it was so horrible of him to spend so much money bla bla bla.. Idiots

  50. What is really illustrates is there's really no oversight and never has been, that's the way Washington wants it. There's so much wasteful spending that the only time it's every mentioned is for partisan political points. The most disgusting and despicable has to be nearly 17 million dollars of taxpayer money ear marked to litigate any settlements involving abusive behavior towards stewarts and interns by congressional electives…these people are the worst human beings.

  51. uncover his trip to see this:

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