Trump calls birthright citizenship ‘crazy policy’ that has created ‘birth tourism’ industry

Trump calls birthright citizenship ‘crazy policy’ that has created ‘birth tourism’ industry

-And the Democrats want
to continue giving automatic birth-right
citizenship to every child born to an illegal alien. Even if they’ve been on our soil
for only a matter of seconds. Hundreds of thousands of
illegal immigrant children are made automatic citizens
every year because of this
crazy policy, and they are all made
instantly eligible for every privilege and benefit
of American citizenship at a cost of billions
of dollars a year. That’s what it costs —
billions. Back before the Democrat party
went crazy, they also opposed
this practice. Harry Reid said
no sane country — quote — “No sane country would
grant automatic citizenship to the children
of illegal immigrants. That’s what he said. That’s before he went crazy. Under this policy, anyone
who breaks into our country and has a child,
the very next moment, that child would be made
a citizen for life. Great. This policy has even created
an entire industry of birth tourism —
big business — where pregnant
mothers travel to America to make their children
instant American citizens.

26 thoughts on “Trump calls birthright citizenship ‘crazy policy’ that has created ‘birth tourism’ industry

  1. Amendment 14 was created because of the slaves that were kidnapped and bought to America, it made them citizens. Now if all the illegals want to become slaves, maybe we can work that out

  2. Of course birthright citizenship is correct. The innocent babies were born here; the United States Of America! There are some right wing gun toting bible thumpers who lack sufficient education who oppose this standard right. Most of us, however, welcome these newborns to this country with open arms. We will care, share, love and protect you from the selfish and ignorant few. Too much hate.

  3. So dumb . what do innocent kids have to do with the actions of their parents . I’ve been here for 18 years and my parents are both citizens and they’re both from another country. What’s the problem ? We pay are bills . Pay our taxes . Work hard . I didn’t choose to be born here but I’m pretty happy I was and wasn’t killed somewhere in my dads hometown . The Ignorance with you is honestly outstanding . There are so many bigger problems than kids being born here in America , I promise you.

  4. when youre too stupid to understand that our Bill of Rights and/or our Constitution cannot be changed with an executive order, youre too stupid to be President.

  5. Now this is something I don't agree with Trump on. The 14th amendment was created and has been in place for 150 years. I believe if you're born on American soil, you're an American. A baby doesn't have a choice whether or not to come here or be born here. The parents do, but not a baby.

  6. Thank God this bs is being brought to light.
    Today's invasion is all about what freebies they can get.
    Hispanic households are nearly 80% on government assistance.
    That's not a benefit to taxpayers but to corporate interests who want lower wages.

  7. The reason drug dealers get their assets forfeited and seized by the government is because they were acquired during the commission of a crime. Anchor babies are born to people who have committed a crime.

  8. Hello, I have a question. I was born in the United States of America in 2001. Both of my parents are illegals, they do not have U.S. citizenship at all. If Mr. President Trump achieves his goal, will I no longer be a U.S. citizen?

    Personally I love this country, it is the only place I know, I would not like to be deported to another country, I don't know anything about them except that there is a bunch of uneducated people, murderers, rapists, dangerous gangs and a failed government.

  9. Is there any legal justification that anyone knows of, a statue, a law, some legal means passed by Congress and signed by the President, that defines birthright citizenship as legal? I often hear people say that the 14th Amendment is the justification. It cannot be. It does NOT make provision for birthright citizenship–it actually does the opposite. People are not reading it properly. So there has got to be something else. What is the something else? If there is not something else, then Birthright Citizenship is Unconstitutional, and should be stopped immediately.

  10. I don't think that "subject to the jurisdiction there of" really means anything in the case of a newborn.

    A simple thought experiment.  A baby is born within the United States then abandon at a Church, Hospital, Fire House, Police Station etc.  Sadly this happens all the time.  Often the baby is left outside without an adult in the cold and we know nothing about it except that the crime of child endangerment has been committed. 

    Case 1. If we have no idea if a citizen or alien abandoned this baby then is the baby a citizen?  If DNA shows it has "Peruvian Indian ancestors" like Elizabeth Warren, then is the baby an American citizen which could have been possibly born to irresponsible hispanic Americans or do we just assume it was born to illegals and send it back (and where to send we don't know)?

    Case 2. On the other hand, suppose the baby dies from exposure and within days the police find out that it is the child of reckless illegal aliens who meant well but killed the baby.  Do we prosecute the aliens for child endangerment and manslaughter, or just deport them since they're not under jurisdiction?

    To me it sounds like anyone born here is a citizen, however if either of their parents are illegal aliens then that parent/s should not receive any aid and must be deported.  If they love their kid they'll take their kid with them, if not then they can put the kid up for adoption.

  11. There is no United States law granting citizenship to children born in the United States to foreign nationals. That is a misconception or misinterpretation of the laws. Foreign nationals were specifically excluded.

  12. The issue is not with the wording or intent of the 14th Amendment, but the poor liberal execution of the law. As stated in congressional records of the time; it does NOT INCLUDE FOREIGNERS OR ALIENS. Simple fact, like it or not; that's how it is.


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