Trump Plans To Add More Countries To His Travel Ban

Trump Plans To Add More Countries To His Travel Ban

Earlier this week, Donald Trump told the wall
street journal that he is planning on adding several countries to his travel ban. Now, right now there are five Muslim majority
countries that are a part of this travel ban that is Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. It also has been expanded to include Venezuela
and North Korea who are obviously not Muslim majority countries, but considering the fact
that most of these countries are Muslim majority, that is why this travel ban had been dubbed
the Muslim ban because that was the whole point of it. In the beginning, Donald Trump didn’t want
more Muslims coming into the United States. And now that he’s got a reelection coming
up, a very tough reelection with him losing to all four of the top four Democrats running
for president, he needs to throw his base, a little bit of red meat. You know, he’s already working down there. He’s stolen, uh, I think, uh, over $10 million
from the military budget or billion, excuse me, to start building his wall. So he’s got that to throw them, but he needs
a little more, the walls, not enough. And the construction may not be completed
before the election and that’s going to look bad on him, but one thing he can do now is
try to get rid of all those Muslim immigrants coming into the United States. That’ll appease the base for a couple months
while he, you know, works on getting permits and whatnot for the wall while he works on
getting that money transferred over and hiring out contractors and all of that, he’s got
to give them something and that’s what this is about. The white house did not say which countries
they were adding to the travel ban, but they did assure us that more countries will in
fact be added and I’m willing to bet we can probably go ahead and guess that it’s not
going to be any of those, you know, Lily white countries over in Europe, probably not going
to be the Canadians. It’ll probably be countries where the people
don’t look like me sitting right here. Perhaps their skin is a few shades darker. Perhaps their religious ideology is a little
bit different than what we’re used to here in the United States. One of those two or if he can, both of those
two will be traits we will see in whatever countries it is he decides to add to this
travel ban and we can rest assured. On one other point, this isn’t going to be
about national security. It’s not going to be because there are credible
threats that he has discovered. It’s gonna be because he wants to show his
base how bigoted he can be because if he gets those people back, if he can appease Ann Coulter
who’s always going after him for not doing enough to keep black and Brown people out
of the United States, then maybe he can eke out a small victory in November of this year. That’s what this is about. The cruelty that this Muslim ban causes is
just an added bonus for him. His base loves that too. We saw countless people when this first band
was put in place be separated from their families because they were either traveling abroad
and couldn’t get back here in the United States. We also saw people who were on their way to
the United States for much needed medical care and they were turned around so they never
got that care. We’re not even sure what happened to him at
this point, but we can pretty much figure if you need medical care and you don’t get
it, we all know what happens at that point. But again, that’s the point of the band play
to the base, get a little cruelty on the side, and hopefully for Trump win reelection, or
at least that’s how he thinks this is going to play out for him.

100 thoughts on “Trump Plans To Add More Countries To His Travel Ban

  1. Just another Racist Bigoted attempt and also make no mistake it's to prevent other countries build hotels that aren't Trumps

  2. All I know is that the man upstairs the higher power got more power than Trump and what the higher power is going to do is going to send the Punisher at Trump's door him and his whole family is home Administration and everybody else are going to go down he is going to reap what he sow I do not feel sorry for him I'm just going to sit back and watch.

  3. the socialist left is too busy "dunking on the libs" to care about fighting white nationalism. to them liberals are worse than ethnic cleansing white nationalist nazi monsters.

  4. You literally talk out your ass like a dumb fuck highschooler. Stop being a shit channel, or just disappear all together ignorant fuck. Your speculation is disgusting and you're pathetic

  5. The Wall Street reported the countries for which this ban would apply. I remember Sudan, Eritrea, Tanzania, and I think, Nigeria. There are other countries are well, mostly in Africa.

  6. he forgets the only reason he is an American is his grandfather was kicked out of his home country for avoiding military service….

  7. Orange wannabe dictator/king says that he has a problem with Islam. But he sure do love himself some Saudi Arabia.

  8. What about the Americans working in those counties? People with businesses, embassies, troop bases, people employed in local businesses? American tourists travelling through those countries?

  9. Worst part, its more than likely that that moron gets reelected…. he certainly isnt going to be removed from office any time soon.
    Unless all independent and Democratic voters decide to vote for whoever runs against Donald, we will see him get reelected.
    You cannot do what you did when Hillary ran against Donald, "i dont like her, i'm not going to vote" because that is what got him elected in the first place.
    So whoever gets the nomination, gets your vote! or else you will get stuck with 4 more years of Trump. (and all consequences that come with that)

  10. Y'know this travel ban is really indicative of the kind of 'victories' Trump gets. Because it's so shallow and simple. Like is this seriously going to change all that much? Not really, no I imagine, especially since the moment a Democrat is in office they'll probably overturn it, except for perhaps Biden, he might actually keep it.

    But really, all this is, is a superficial 'win' to make Trump look successful without actually being successful. In other words, the playbook that he's been using for decades. He is legitimately good at one thing though: Scamming people. He's damn good at parting people who are dumber than he is from their money. Shame the people being taken for a ride will never actually know it or admit to it most of the time.

  11. The money he took from the military came from dfmwr, family programs and schools, DODDS. His base does not care for the military but want us to protect their poor white victimized persons.

  12. Hey donald I hear that Slovenia has few Muslims that want to come visit their First Lady in her US Ivory Tower…I mean Whitehouse! Will you let them come and pay their respects on the south lawn?

  13. This Travel Banned for 5 Muslum Countries it's Outer Failure He's most Ignorante Bigot this world ever Consived After all Mad S**t Trump is doing I know it will blow in his Face just Pleased his Racist Base only Work Against him it'll give Democrats Juice they need to take him out of Office Only way to World Peace is Diplomacy y Security in world,War Never Solve Anything it cause Micery y Bloodshed

  14. Trump doesn't have "a tough reelection coming up" – the GOP knows exactly how to steal elections, and will do so for their idol.

  15. It's so bad in the United States under Trump rule that fewer people want to visit so Trumps zenophobic obsession is not relevant. Just like him. Now the world is really laughing at USA.

  16. I'm actually a little shocked that grumpy trumpy didn't travel ban those countries whose leaders were talking about him. That's about his speed.

  17. ati christ he is cant y'all 👀 hes a evil 🚹 👦 listen to him wow peo
    ple wasteland forsure its begining
    to show esau is a darn wreck 👋 👋 ✌ out

  18. Mister trump please bans all politicians from Dominican Republic they are all corrupt ohhh sorry never mind you are corrupt too sorry mister president 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. I have a question for the Republikkklan white supremacist party, How long till the Caravans return at the southern border ? Maybe sometime around September ?

  20. I just can't take any more of this crap right now. I need to get away from this right now. Bye catch you on the flip side 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Plus not to mention about to cut social security.I wonder if all the trump lover's are still going to feel the same way,when all said and done.Probably not they will blame the dems for it.People are effing idiots.

  22. Take trump and his hate and lock him up !!!!!!
    He is no president no leader no nothing just skimming money from wherever.
    We need a hero right now
    The one that comes to mind is president Obama he did for the people and everybody loves him
    We need some love there's enough hatred with all the gun violence and trump causing problems .

  23. He doesn't understand that to build that useless wall would take about 15 years and 25 billion dollars, and he somehow thinks that he can force it to be done in months, he doesn't have a basic understanding of engineering and logistics or basic math.

  24. So people from those banned countries, that happen to be another religion or religious-less, like Christians or Atheists, can't come here for asylum if they feel threatened. How Christian of Trump. Oh that's right Trump is only Christian in name sake only, he surely doesn't practice it, if not he wouldn't have done half the crap he's done, like sleeping and paying off a porn star while he was married.

  25. I'm all for a travel ban. The more countries and continents he adds, the fewer places he'll get to spend taxpayer money on flying to. Stay in the White House. You've spent 500 years of presidential expenses in three years of your 'administration.' (prick).

  26. Even more pathetic , pres Obama wrote a sincere condolence letter for Kobe Bryant posted it on Twitter Trum copies it word for word and post it an hour later on Twitter! The man is Insane Please put a straight jacket on him and lock him Up

  27. As long as Trump is allowed to do so, he will keep on making people miserable, and creating more animosity against the USA.
    Until he manages to leave us all alone in the world, while he is probably living in Russia, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea. Then, he will give the military secrets he stole to whichever country, that's if he hasn't done it yet, so that he can ask them to attack us with our own tech.
    But, heck, he hasn't committed an impeachable crime, so we have to wait for him to commit one, right?

  28. More and more freedoms taken away by a brainless, incompetent, ignorant, racist traitor – Bozo the Clown POTUS….Veterans for Bernie 2020….

  29. Agree with a comment below stating Trump and Stephen Miller in no way can be human beings. These are two of the most evil entities. Get them out.

  30. Once trump has been arrested for his crimes, he will be banned from entering most countries around the world so he will get a taste of his own medicine.

  31. Hey trump ,,,,,I have a nice spot waiting for you ,,,,kidding , I have a whole theme park waiting for you ,,,,see you soon 😈

  32. Other countries should put a travel ban on america, given all the gun violence. Seriously, look any day in Chicago, Honolulu, Detroit, Houston, or anywhere else. I get anxiety every time I go back to the states.

  33. Who wants to visit the US. Dreadful country it has become. No good health care, no clean air, no clean water, no free religious beliefs. A rotten government. The worst racism in the western world. They do not put this in their travel programs.
    No free

  34. Funny how the biggest terrorist sponsoring country "Saudi Arabia" isn't on this list and trump really doesn't have any problem with illegals because he has them working for him.

  35. Or was the wall so important because the devil thought it was possible to keep the Coronavirus out. A virus the devil himself planted in China to win the trade war. I think that the infested devil is capable of anything and everything, to canalize his fear of dying from his power . May the Coronavirus crown the bastard emperor! That would be a very suitable ending.And may he take his servants with him! That would be a vitamin injection to the world.

  36. We in the rest of the world should stand together to demand a complete travel ban in our countries for any person named Trump or married to a Trump.

  37. Trump tried very hard to give nukes to the Saudis.  Google it.  The weak Democrats won't use it against him.  Trump hires illegal aliens also.

  38. I agree. We should get rid of all the minorities in this country, starting with all the orange people, then the KKK, then the Alt-Right, and finally all Trump Supporters (including Fox News).

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