Trump With a GoPro – All Mexican Picnic (DE)

Trump With a GoPro – All Mexican Picnic (DE)

Ohhh… look at that!
Illegal mexican snacks! Uhhh sweet, this GoPro-thingy here! Hoi Pablo… how ya doin? Everything ultra bueno! I’m soon finished with shoveling
away Ivana’s “nose-gold”… Oh yeah… down with that stuff! Mr. President… the Grand Magician is coming! Gandalf from “Lord of the Rings”? No sir, the leader of the KKK! Oh shit, lock all that mexicans away! Nobody must see them! Jo Trumpy… did it tickle your palate? Wait, let me facism your face! Cudgel in the sack! Fuck that lovely, cute shit! Don’t forget the drumsticks! Loco, put that cap on… ‘mach schnell’! Presidente… stop! It’s not the KKK, but rather… Ohhh shit! Presidente… what you need is
something with mucho cochones! Ohhhh, yeah! Ah haaa, yeahhh haha! Uhhh… Aye Caramba! Ohaaaaaaaa… *putzilla-roaring* Aaaarrrrrgh! The grandmother of all bombs… *cough* What’s that again? “Sorry for fucking up your shack!” “In satisfaction of the damage
i gift you something legendary…” “…for your “Guantanamo Bay”-collection!” “Ragna Rock n’ Roll, yours Puddin'” Putin, my beloved frrri…fiend! Want to see more?
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18 thoughts on “Trump With a GoPro – All Mexican Picnic (DE)

  1. ach du meine Scheiße!… Jungs, wegen den ganzen Re-ups bekommen solche Videos sooo wenig Aufmerksamkeit!

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