Try Not To Eat Challenge – Holiday Movies | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

– Oh, [bleep].
Dude, a whole-ass turkey? – Wait, isn’t it kinda weird
that they might be eating ham and Miss Piggy’s there?
Isn’t that crazy? – ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) We’re gonna show you
some scenes from some of your favorite
holiday movies and we’ll present you with
the delicious food from them recreated by a professional chef.
– I’ve always wanted to be in one of these.
I see the anime one, the Food War ones.
I just watched one today, actually they came out with
and I’ve always wanted to be in one of these. – (FBE) As you probably know,
this is a try not to eat challenge, so whoever can get through
these four dishes and not eat anything wins,
but if you do try something, there will be a punishment
for you at the end. – It’s gonna be a shot
of rotten gravy or something. – Yeah, what the heck? – I feel like I’m gonna lose.
I was way too excited when you said holiday treats. – I did one of these challenges
before and it was all– I did it all wrong.
I didn’t eat anything and I came out of it hungry.
I was like, I’m not– it’s gonna be a fully
different experience this time. – They paired you with me
for a reason. – Yes.
– I eat everything. – (girl) Oh, miraculous food.
– Do you know it? – I do not know this movie.
– I don’t know it either. – Some old people [bleep]
right here. I definitely don’t know this. – Nice.
– (girl) Jo, come down. – This is old–
my traditional, American… – Holiday movie. – (girl) I’m awake.
Horrible piano. – I’m staring at the dinner table
and I’m already getting hungry. Oh, Winona Ryder.
I love her. – (girl) Is that sausage? – That’s how I feel.
– I know, I’m so hungry. – Is that sausage? – (FBE) All right, here is
the sizzling, snappy sausage and mouthwatering cinnamon
baked apples you just saw. Will you try it?
– Yes. – (FBE) Adorable.
I’ve never seen a cuter bite. – That was good.
I’m not even thinking about the punishment.
I’m just happy. – It’s really good.
You should try it. – Okay.
Oh, that is really good. – Told you, dude. – Okay, okay.
Dude, you can’t go wrong with this apple.
There’s no way. – I can’t try it. – I love cinnamon,
but I’m not a big sausage fan. – The apple smells really good.
I don’t like sausage and it’s not that pretty,
so I’ll pass. – I’m probably gonna eat something,
’cause I can’t give up food, but I’m gonna wait.
– If Sabrina’s not gonna eat it, I’m not gonna eat it. – (Muppet) God bless us.
– The Muppets! – Look at that turkey. – It’s gonna be turkey.
– I’m excited to see what it is. – I know. – We’re gonna eat turkey.
– No, there’s a lot of other things on that table
that we could eat. – I know. – This is so heartwarming.
– I know. – If it’s that turkey,
you guys are gonna get me. – Ooh. – Wait, isn’t it kinda weird
that they might be eating ham and Miss Piggy’s there?
Isn’t that crazy? – (FBE) This is your
Thanksgiving feast. – Dude, a whole-ass turkey? – So warm.
– Oh my God. I was just ready to take a fork
into the turkey, but this is even better. – That was great.
This one was totally worth the L, dude.
– It was, honestly. – I want everything. – Okay, I’ll do it.
– Yum. Wow.
Ooh, she looks like she really likes it.
– That’s really good. – That looks good.
The gravy looks really good. Oh yeah?
It’s good. I really wanna try it too.
I’m not gonna, but I do want to. – I would eat anything,
but I kinda wanna win this. – Yeah.
– (FBE) Hard pass from both. – Hard pass.
– Pass. – Oh my God.
– Polar Express! – Iconic. – This is the train one.
– Polar Express? – Yeah, that one.
The train one. – This is the freaking
hot chocolate. – No way.
– My entire childhood, I wanted this hot chocolate.
I’m not even kidding. I’ve always wanted
hot chocolate from here. – I really am not the biggest
hot chocolate fan, but this made me want
this hot chocolate. – That’s me. – (conductor) Hey, we got it.
– I forgot, do they have food in this scene?
I think it’s just hot chocolate. – It just looks like
hot chocolate. – Yeah. – I haven’t had hot chocolate
in forever. – I have at least two
hot chocolates a day. – That part’s so cute.
She saves it for the other– aw, that’s so cute. – Can we just watch
the whole movie instead? – (FBE) This is the irresistible,
creamy hot chocolate from Polar Express.
– Wow. – My God.
– (FBE) Perfect for curling up next to the fire with.
It’s got a dollop of light and airy whipped cream.
I couldn’t put it down. – It’s so great.
I’ll have a cup with my crumpets. – Yeah, I’m going in.
– Are we doing this? Okay.
I smell pumpkin. – That’s literally the best
hot chocolate I’ve ever had. – I’ve ever had!
– I don’t know why. – That was amaz– – This is really good.
– This is so good. Wow. – It looks–
– No, you’re not gonna pass. Drink it.
It’s so good. – No, it’s so good?
– It’s so good. Try it.
– Okay. Oh, that is really good. – Oh my God.
– Is it that good? Whipped cream is just
not my forte. – I’m gonna pass again.
Yep. Is it good?
– This is so good! Troy.
– Sorry. – I feel bad for you right now.
– I feel bad for myself, too. I kinda wanna die,
but it’s okay. – (narrator) He brought
everything back, all the food…
– It’s the Grinch! – What did the Grinch make?
– He had the roast beast. Come on.
– Oh yeah. – The sleigh bells.
Aw. – This was so cute.
Oh, and Max. – (narrator) Cheer to all Whos
far and near. – I love how satisfying
he cut it perfectly. – That’s true. – I love this narrator’s voice.
It’s so soothing. Aw, I want Christmas now.
Christmas needs to come faster. – This movie is so cute.
– It’s so nostalgic. – (FBE) Here is
the roast beast. It’s recreated as roast beef.
Melting in your mouth, been slow roasted to perfection,
left to sit so not a single drop of the flavorful juices
leave the meat. This was by far
my favorite dish. Will you guys try it?
– I mean, it smells really good. – Yeah.
– Oh my God. – Is the sauce good?
– The sauce is so good. Oh my God, yeah.
That’s just like… – Did you hear that? – It smells good. – Mm.
– I actually would eat this. – I would too.
– For the holidays. – This is free.
– This is great. – I just thought, “Hey,
this is my chance to win.” – It is good.
– It smells really good and I’m only smelling it
’cause you cut it. – How is it?
It’s good. – Mm-hm.
– This one’s the closest I’ve been to it,
to wanting to try it, but I’m still gonna pass. – (FBE) All right, so since
you guys both lost, you won’t be able to eat
the food from this next clip. – That’s the worst kind
of punishment at FBE. – (man) It’s me, Snakes.
I got the stuff. – It’s Home Alone.
It’s Home Alone. – What does he get to eat?
– Oh, it’s marshmallows and ice cream.
It’s marshmallows and ice cream. – (gasps)
Ice cream sundae. – (Kevin) Guys, I’m eating junk
and watching rubbish. – He’s so cute. – Look at that product placement
with Pepsi. – He’ll call you when he gets out. – This must be such a fun
scene for him to film. You just gotta eat
ice cream all day. – (FBE) Caden, you won,
so you get this dish all to yourself.
This is the sundae from Home Alone with marshmallows, sprinkles,
and cherries. Enjoy. – Dude, that’s some really
good ice cream. That’s some of the best
ice cream I’ve had. – (FBE) Inspired by the iconic
scene in Elf, here’s a dish piled high
with spaghetti and maple syrup, except this one is topped
with some extra dry turkey hearts to pay homage to the scene
in Christmas Vacation where the turkey came out
so dry, it opened up completely hollow inside.
You get one heart for each food you ate.
– And we have to– the hearts is definitely
the main part of this dish. The aftertaste is so bad.
– Yeah, I know. – This is the kind of food
that you can taste the smell. – It looks like E.T. took a [bleep].
– Are you sure that’s a heart? The aftertaste tastes like [bleep]. – It’s not good?
– Mm-mm. – Well, you gotta munch down
on three of them. – I can’t. – [Bleep], this is hard.
Holy [bleep]. I thought this would be soft. – I can’t chew mine.
– I just can’t chew it. Oh my God, no.
I can’t do the– – Thank you for watching us
try not to eat on the React Channel. – Subscribe, we have new shows
every day. – What’s your favorite
holiday movie? Please don’t make me eat
anything from it. – Happy holidays, everybody. – Hey guys, Sabrina here,
React Channel producer. ‘Tis the season to go
to our Instagram page @FBE. Happy holidays
and to all a good night.

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