– Hey guys! How ya doing? My name is Robby and next week I’m gonna be going to Canada! (triumphant music) Oh Canada, oh Canada! (record scratch) Oh, is that the Christmas Tree song? Or the Canada? How does the Canada song go again? So, today we’re trying
travel hacks that will divide your life into before and after! Whatever that means. Let’s do this! (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our toothpaste. You just gotta cut this
part off right here. Boom! Uh-Oh, there’s still some
toothpaste stuck in there. Oh no, that’s not good. Just gonna go ahead and
kinda clear that out maybe. Oh man, I could’ve gotten
all that toothpaste! Life hack guys, if you want
to get the very last of it, this is what you gotta do. Why is it always so much messier
when you do it in person? Get out of there toothpaste! Okay, got it! So, then I gotta force
this balloon into here, just by doing that. Oh, that was easy. Oh wait, but I’m supposed to put oh, there’s toothpaste all over this now. I’m supposed to fill it
with soap first, duh. Just gonna go ahead and kinda put this over it like that and lets fill it up with soap. Ah, oh no! Man this is so messy. Okay, now we just gotta. Awesome, cool. Now we just gotta put this in here. Oh man, this is so messy dude. Come on get in there. Ah I did it before! Has it gone through? Okay, yeah, we’re good. Okay, cool. Now we fixed it like that. And we put the cap on. Awesome, yeah. This looks great. So, oh, the cap just flew off. But, I mean, now I have
soap for on the go, see? Perfect! Well, guys I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! Oh, gosh. It’s so messy though. I have to wash my hands. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s
our highlighter thing. I’m not sure exactly what they used. I’m assuming it’s highlighter since they used it as highlighter. We’re just gonna pop that open. We’re gonna break out our hammer. I’ll just start crushing that up. There we go. Don’t need than anymore. Then, we get our glycerin. Just kind of pour some of that in there. There we go. And we mix it all up. Mix, mix, mix. Then we get our parchment paper. And we get a brush. And we just kind of
glob all that on there. Kind of just do this apparently. Yeah. I think it might be a little chunky, but it’s fine. Okay, cool. Now, we’re just going to set this aside and let it dry for a sec. Okay, so I’ve been letting this dry just about all day and it’s
still kind of not dry, ew. It doesn’t really look like my color, but we’re gonna go ahead and try and put this on my face anyway. So, just gonna go and cut it up. Ew, okay, yeah. Looks great. Okay, now time to put this baby on me. Ready? (laughs) Oh no. Ugh, this looks great. I mean, I guess. Am I even doing my makeup right? This looks awful. I don’t think this one actually works. (upbeat music) Okay, so here are our Boba straws. Here’s our bobby pins. Put that right here. You just kinda use it to hold it shut. Just like that. And we’re gonna close that end up, just like that. Oh, no. I melted off the bottom. That’s not good. Okay, we’ll try this. Ow, that’s hot! Okay, we’ll try this again. I’m gonna clip a little bit of this off. There we go. Okay, I think we did it that time. Now, I don’t have cream, but I have Fast Orange. So, we’re just gonna go ahead
and put some of that in there. (squeaks) Just gotta get it down there. Come on. Okay, cool. I got it in the tube. Just gonna cut some of that off. And then, we’re gonna put
the bobby pin back on. There we go. Other side, just to be safe. And there we go. We now have a perfect little
tube full of Fast Orange. I’m not sure how I
would really trust this, like on a plane or really long travel, but I mean it’s good to
just kinda keep there. But if anything goes on top of it, its just going to pop open. I’m pretty sure. Let’s try it. I mean, it just broke open. And, boom. Awesome. Now I got some Fast Orange for my hands. Well guys, I guess we can
say this one kinda works. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here are our two bottles. Let’s just go ahead and cut these up. Let’s cut them right here. There we go. One down. And we’re good. So, now this has to go into here. Just like that. Come on, you can do it. I believe! There we go. Oh, man. I’m not sure how well
this one’s gonna work. It looks like they had two bottles that were kinda more straight. I mean, I think this still might work. I don’t really know though. Maybe if I take off the wrapper. Okay. Maybe, I’ll cut a little slit in it so that it can like be a
little bit smaller maybe. There we go. Yeah, I don’t know about this one. So, here’s the wrapper. Let’s see if it actually
blows the wrapper at all. Okay, ready? One, two, and. Ouch. One, two, and. Oh, it actually blew it. Well, it’s actually moving, so I guess we can say that this one works. (upbeat music) Okay, so here’s our water bottle. Let’s just take the cap off. Apparently we’re just supposed to cut it right down the middle. So, I’m not sure how
I’m gonna do this part. It looks like it’s gonna
be kind of hard to cut. Bear with me, guys. Woo, we did it. Yeah! There we go. So we got that all settled. Then we just get our
towel and a toothbrush. Make it to the appropriate size. Then, we fold it up just like this. Put it back in our water bottle. Just like that. Yeah, its looking good. Then we just get our cap. And then we screw it back on. And there we go. Oh, almost. There we go. Yeah, awesome. Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. (upbeat music) Okay, so here’s our deodorant. I’m using this one because
I actually tried it and it had a weird reaction on my skin and my skin started peeling off. So, yeah, that’s why I’m using this one. Oops. Okay, so I gotta cut this thing off. Here we go. Carefully slice it off. Come on. Oh, yeah that just came
right off, awesome. Well, don’t need that anymore. Now, put this back in there. So, we got that all done. Here’s our bowl. Here’s our activated charcoal. Just gonna go ahead and
put some of that in there. Cool. Looks good. Add a little bit of water. And then apparently I’m
supposed to add some white clay. I’m not sure if this is
the right kind of clay that they’re talking about, but it’s white and it’s clay, so. (laughs) Oh my gosh. Okay. Now we just go ahead and mix that up. Yeah, I don’t know about this one. Mine’s not really doing the
same thing that theirs did. So, I’m not sure how
well this is gonna work. I’ll keep trying though. You know what I need? I need the Mix-a-tron 5000. Well, it looks like I
can’t find it right now, so I’m just gonna have to keep mixing. [Man] 11 minutes later. – Yep, this is our progress. Kinda still looks the same, but I’m gonna go ahead
and put this in here. Here we go. Oh, that does not sound good. Okay, yeah. There we go. Shove that in there. Maybe this isn’t working
because this charcoal is actually made for aquariums. I’m not sure. They really need to learn
to be a little more specific with these things. Yeah, there we go. Kinda pack that in there. Okay yeah, looks good. Now I’m just gonna go ahead
and let this dry overnight. And we’ll se how it turns out. Okay guys, it’s been 24 hours. Let’s try this baby out. So, we’re just going to
lift the deodorant stick just like this. Hopefully this does something. I don’t think it will though. Oh yeah, something’s coming up. Oh gosh. Oh no. And yep, there it is. I really don’t want to
put this on my face, but I gotta do it for the
sake of YouTube, ready? Ugh, this is awful. Ugh. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and
say that this one doesn’t work. Well, at least I got
charcoal on my face now. That’s great. (upbeat music) Okay, so we’re gonna start out
with our hoodie right here. Looks good. Then we get a shirt and do this. Actually, I think we’re supposed to fold this in like this first. Then we get a shirt. Then we do that. Then we get another shirt and another. Looks good. One last one. So apparently we just fold these in. Then fold this in. Then we fold this in and this one. And fold these. And then fold these. And fold this one. And then fold this one. Then fold this in, and fold this one in, and then boom! We have a clean little package. The only problem I have with this is what if I want one of
these shirts in the middle? Then I have to dig
through this whole thing and redo everything just to get to it. It’s so much better
just to fold your shirts or roll them at this point. I personally roll them ’cause I feel like it makes
them a lot more compact, but that’s just me. So, I mean, I guess this kind of works. If you’re into that. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our vinyl glove. Here’s our syringe. And here’s all the stuff
we’re going to be filling the fingers of this glove with. So, I guess we’ll start off with this one. Oh, I just broke that. Oops. It’s not coming out. Come on. Oh yeah, that worked great. So, we’re just going to put
that into the glove right there. Oh yeah, that’s working out really good. So, we’re just gonna squish
that in there a little bit. Okay, next one. It doesn’t seem to want
to work with body gel. Come on. Yeah, that should be enough. Next finger. Put all that in there. Looks good. Next is Fast Orange. This is actually used for
mechanics to clean their hands. Can’t live without this stuff. We’re just gonna. Oh, no. I got it all over it. Okay, let’s try this I guess. Maybe this one wasn’t a good idea because it has pumice in it and pumice is like little rocks. I mean it still came out. Oh man, that looks so gnarly. Last but not least, the Irish Spring. Cool. Put that in there. And boom! Yeah looks like we’re all good Oh no. My Irish Spring has gotten
into my Fast Orange. Next, we’re gonna get our
blowtorch and our knife. We’re just gonna go ahead
and heat that baby up. Bringing back the 1000
degree knife challenge baby. Oh yeah, look at all that fun
stuff just dripping off of it. This thing has definitely gotten some use. Here we go. So, we just do that. Oh yeah, that smells really good. Heat it up again. Here we go. Oh, that smells awful. And we should have little
packets of cleaner stuff. Oh man, these are just
leaking all over the place. I would not trust these in my bag. Honestly guys, at this point just buy little portable bottles. They’re like 50 cents each at Wal-Mart. Come on. Do you really gotta do this? Anyway I’m gonna go ahead and say that this one doesn’t really work. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our shirt. Here’s our hair tie. Let’s just fix up the bottom of our shirt just like that. Not sure how they hid
the weird bottom part. Maybe they just kind of did this. And then just kinda, I’m not sure. Then we get our belt. Ready to do this, shirt? Put that in here. And, there we go. We clip this. Just like that. Boom. Now we put some stuff in here. Since I am packing for Canada, I might as well bring
some craft essentials. Like a pack of screws, my big knife, my drill, (drill buzzes) a pair of scissors, and we can’t forget this guy. Wait, I’m going with you to Canada? Whoo! Yep, here you go. Awesome, so let’s test this bag out. Okay, so here we go. Let’s hope I don’t get
stabbed by the multiple things that are in here. Oh, wow. This is great. It works. And it blends in with my shirt perfectly. I’m all ready to fly to Canada now. Let’s just hope I don’t
get arrested in TSA. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our shoe. Oh no, it’s getting so wet, what am I supposed to do? Okay, yeah so it looks nice and soggy. Here are our rocks. Just gonna go ahead and dump a couple of those bad boys in here. Yeah, now I just gotta wait
for these puppies to boil. Just making a nice hot rick soup. Okay, I’ll see you guys when they’re done. Okay, so they’re nice and boiled. Here’s our shoe. Just go ahead and take this puppy out. Nice and hot. And put it in there. Oh, don’t wanna touch that. This is going to be really hot. I hope it doesn’t melt my sneakers. Get in my shoe, rock. Get in there, ugh. This is probably making my mom real mad ’cause she told me to never
put my shoes on the counter, but oh well. You don’t live with me now, mom. I can do what I want. I’m an adult. I can put rocks in my shoes if I want. Here we go. And one last big boy. Aha, now I’m gonna go ahead and let this hopefully not melt my
shoe for a little bit and I will tell you guys
what the results are in about 10 minutes. Okay, it’s been about 10 minutes. Just dump all these rocks out. Let’s see how dry the inside is. Oh yeah, that’s still pretty freaking wet. Yeah, I don’t really know about this one. This doesn’t really dry it at all. It just kind of made my shoe warm. So, I’m gonna go ahead and say
that this one doesn’t work. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s
our folding organizer. And here are the clothes
I’m gonna be putting in it. So, I’m just gonna nicely fold them and put them in this thing. There we go. Throw a couple of shirts in there. There we go. Now we’re just gonna take this off and then fold it up. Okay, cool. Here’s our suitcase. Open that up. And then we’re just going to toss it in. Okay wow, it looks like it fits. Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. I feel like it’s a little bit
of a waste of space though, especially if you’re going
on a plane, but whatever. (upbeat music) So here are our pants. Let’s just flip these
inside out really quick. There we go. Here’s our fabric. I’m just gonna go ahead and cut a pocket sized piece for you guys. And, aha, there we go. Don’t need this anymore. Here’s our needle and thread. Just gonna go ahead and
sew this to my pants. (crazed piano music) Okay, that looks good. Now we just do this part. (crazed piano music) There we go. One side down. (crazed piano music) There we go. Okay, awesome. Now we have a nice little
pocket inside our pants. Now time to try these puppies on. Okay so we got our pants on. Here’s our little pocket right here. Can I even access it? There we go. I got my little pocket. And I’m gonna go ahead and put
some Listerine spray in there because I’ve got some bad breath and I’m kind of ashamed
of it so I gotta hide it. Boom! Well guys, I guess we’re
gonna say that this one works. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our toothpaste. Here’s our parchment paper. Let’s just make a little
sheet of this really quick. Come on. You’re gonna be a problem, aren’t you? I think I did it. So we’re just gonna make
a bunch of little dots. Just like that. That’s about how much
toothpaste I normally do. Okay yeah, I think that should do it. Then it says, just get some baking soda. So we’re just gonna sprinkle
that all over these bad boys. Do do do doot! Okay yeah, looks good! Now we just have to let these puppies dry. Okay guys, I let them sit overnight. Let’s see how these bad boys turned out. So apparently they’re
supposed to be kind of solid. Ew. I don’t know how I’m feeling about this. It’s kind of very gummy. Maybe if I let it sit for longer, but I mean, I could pick it up so it’s not that bad. Let’s go ahead and try one of these. Okay, here we go, ugh. Tastes a lot like baking soda, ugh. Got our toothbrush. Well, I mean it’s working. I’m not sure how much it. (gargles) I’m not sure how much more
convenient it is to use these as opposed to just using
a regular toothpaste tube and squeezing it out on your toothbrush. But, I guess we can say
that this one works. Okay guys so now it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we re-create the thumbnail, woo! (kids cheer) So right here I got some
pink bubble gum toothpaste to go on our blue background. Nice and contrast. So we’re just gonna dab it on there. Just like that. And boop. One like that and then
another one just like that. Okay that should do it. Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure
to give it a thumbs up and if you want more of this
find it right down there. If you guys want to watch me
do even more fun life hacks I have a whole playlist dedicated to me doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this shirt, some stickers or any of my other merch you can click right here. Okay guys, I love you so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and wi-fi. I’m Robby, okay bye.

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