– Hey guys, how ya doing? My name is Robby and
today we’re at the beach. Just kidding, this is
actually a green screen. Did I get you, did I get you? I filmed an intro at the beach, but I didn’t really
like how it turned out. So this is the second best thing, I guess. Anyway, let’s go try
some summer life hacks. (upbeat music) Whoa, okay, this is gonna be a lot of fun. We got our balloon. Gonna unfold this. What are these, instructions? Wash your hands. Remove all grease and dirt. Remove all sharp objects. Insert the neck? There’s too many instructions
here, I can’t even. We’re not gonna waste our time with that! Okay, so I’m just gonna try and get in. So one foot in front of
the other one, am I right? Oh my gosh, this is so tight. Maybe I should’ve trimmed my
toe nails before I did this. Uh oh. Hey, Tori, can
you help me with this? – [Tori] Maybe you’re supposed
to start putting water in it, so then, it helps it expand and you kind of slide
yourself in it slowly. – [Robby] Oh! – [Tori] Did you not watch the video? – Okay, go turn on the thing! (gaming music) Ah, that’s so hot! Oh my gosh. Whoo, whoo, whoo! Oh my gosh, that is so hot! This has been sitting outside all day. Okay, now that’s cold. Oh wow, that is a little easier. – [Tori] Yeah, see? – Oh, my God. – Robby, this is what happens
when you actually watch the video you’re recreating. – I’m sorry!
– You learn how to do it. – Give me back my beanie. I need my beanie! It’s gonna like strangle my neck. I got this. I got this, oh my gosh. Oh, no! Ah! (slide whistle whistling) This is so much harder than I thought. Is this truly, what, (yelps) oh my gosh. I don’t know how I’m
gonna get in this, guys. Can you help me, Tori? Pull this side. (upbeat music) I think you might need to
get down, on your knees. – I don’t wanna do that. I’m gonna explode and get wet. – Oh, I just ripped it. – Oh, God.
– What do I do? – [Tori] I don’t know, you
might have to get another one. – [Robby] Okay, I’m just
gonna take this out for now. I can’t even sit down. – You’re not gonna be
able to get in there. Just go for it, get them in there! – This is hard! – [Tori] Here. – [Robby] I don’t know, this is so hard! – [Tori] (laughing) You’re
gonna hurt yourself! – I think I’m getting it! Okay, I think I should start filling it. – You look like you’re
growing out of a little bean! – Can you turn the hose back
on. This is kind of awful. – [Tori] Here you can
put it over your butt. – [Robby] We got this! This is so hard! – Your butt’s almost in
there Robby. (giggles) Yes, Yes! (laughs) Oh my God! Robby, you look so funny! – Okay, I’m probably gonna
have an anxiety attack when I’m inside this thing, because I won’t be able to move my arms. Hey Tori, can you help me
get this up over my body? – Yeah, it’s really ripped now. The shoulders are gonna be so hard to get. – This is so hard to do! Pull up, Tori, pull up! – [Tori] I can’t. – Ah, I got it! I got my pants! Oh, my pants just came off. Okay, pull it over! – [Tori] Okay, we’re just gonna
tuck your shoulder in there. Ready? Go, go! – Get it over my shoulder,
Tori! Ow, my rib! Ow! I really feel like I might
need to get this rim off. – [Tori] I don’t know, I feel like if you do
that it’s gonna break. – It’s just the tightest part. Can you get me scissors? Ow, it’s just squeezing me so hard. Okay so, there’s like a
weird lip around this, and it’s very tight. And this is like, the reason
I can’t get it over my body. So I’m gonna go ahead and
cut this off. (whip cracking) Ah, okay I got it off! Oh my God, that’s so much better. It was just so tight. Ah, no come back. I guess we’re just gonna
have to wait for here. – [Tori] It’s like you
wanted all the benefits of being in a pool, but didn’t want to
interact with anybody else. – Maybe I can get it over. Ready? – [Tori] Yes, oh. – Come back! (yelps) No! Can I have the? ‘Kay, oh, okay guys we’re all the way in. Oh, my gosh. I never thought I’d be able to do this! But I accomplished it! I have a couple more,
Tori, do you wanna do this? – [Tori] I kind of do now. – This is pretty great. I guess there’s nothing
to do, but wait now. Ah, oh my god. It’s getting so heavy.
– [Tori] Oh my god, it’s like, oh, it’s like a pregnant woman’s belly, and you’re the baby, Robby. – I’m the baby? (baby crying) I’m keeling over guys. It’s pulling me back. It’s pulling me. Oh, hand be the GoPro! We’ll get an inside shot! This is what the inside looks like, guys. So ridiculous. – [Tori] I can’t wait to see that. (both scream) (coughing) – Oh my God! I’m good! Woo! (screams) Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! (upbeat music) (high pitched giggling) Okay, guys. So here’s our jar. Make sure I can fit my phone in it. Perfect. And then we gotta get our tennis ball. I’m actually gonna use a stunt Toby. As you can tell, it’s
a little bit different because of the eyes. It’s still a Toby, but it’s a stunt Toby. – Hi, I’m an original! – I mean you are original, but
you’re not, you’re not Toby. You’re different. But you’re still the same. You’re still (sighs) ah! I made 50 of these to give out at VidCon. Now I got so many. – Oh my God, I’m here! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow, so much candy! (machine knob scritching) Wow! (gags) Oh, I feel sick. (gagging) (gasps) Oh, so much candy. – Anyway, we get our stunt Toby. And then we just, you know, glue him to the top of the bottle. Easy peasy. And then we just go, and you know, just stick him right on there. Yeah, it looks pretty good! – Hey, now I’m stuck on here now! – Yeah, that’s kind of the point! Your job is to guard my phone! – Oh, okay! – Let’s see if it works! Okay so we got our Toby thing. It looks like it got so hot in the car that the Toby just melted off. So I guess, I don’t know, already I’m not liking this hack. So I guess we’re just gonna go ahead and throw my phone in there. – [Tori] Put all your valuables? – Put all my valuables.
Now we gotta go over here. I just gotta dig. (upbeat music) I don’t know if I like this one because what if someone just, you know, comes by and then they
just go and kick it. Oh! Oh, my gosh! I got a phone! So I’m gonna go ahead and say that I’m not gonna recommend this one, because that’s a good way
to get your phone stolen. And also your Toby stolen, ’cause this is a real valuable possession, if I’m being honest. (upbeat music) Well, you guys, so here’s
my pool inflatable. It’s not inflated right
now, because well you know, it wouldn’t fit on my desk. But I gotta find a place
to put a hole in it. This looks like a good spot. I’m just gonna go in, boom! That’s not good. There’s a hole in my
inflatable, what will I do? So we’re just gonna go and
take our iron right here, get our parchment paper, and
apparently we just wrap this in our parchment paper, and then do that. Okay, it seems pretty sealed. Then we’re gonna take our iron, and we’re just gonna
melt it back together. I’m really not sure how
well this is gonna work. So I feel like it’s melted? Oh, that is definitely melting together. Maybe a little bit more? Oh shoot! Oh yeah, that’s definitely
melting together. Let’s just do a little bit more. Okay, yeah, that should be good. I’m just gonna go ahead
and let this cool down, and we’ll blow this bad boy up. Okay, so here’s our
inflatable, here’s our pump. Let’s hope that this pump
actually works for this, otherwise I’m gonna be
blowing this up with my mouth. And that’s not fun. Okay, here we go. Let’s just put that in there. (pump whirring) I don’t know if it’s working, Captain. I think this is gonna take awhile. – [Man] Six and a half hours later. – Okay so, so far it looks like our hole is kinda holding up after we ironed it. It’s not bad so far. I’m gonna keep pumping it up, and hopefully it’ll hold up in the water. Okay, guys, now it’s time
to test this puppy out. I don’t know if it’s gonna hold or not, but I guess we’ll see! Here we go! It’s so cold out here! Ah! (waves crashing) (kids playfully screaming) I mean, it’s holding up! So I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! (upbeat Calypso music) Okay, guys, so here’s our Chapstick. Just gonna twist that out, okay. Looks good. Get outta there. That was a clean break, I tell you that. That was a very very clean break. Then we just gotta microwave
this for 30 seconds. Okay, so we’re all microwaved, 30 seconds. It’s just a little bit
squishy, I don’t know. Oh yeah, that’s pretty good. That’s fine. Then we get our lotion. I think I was suppose
to use suntan lotion, but I’m sure this is like,
the same exact thing. There we go. Oh, I got some good stuff. I probably shouldn’t have
used red Chapstick for this, but you know, it’s fine. I don’t think it matters
that much, does it? This kinda looks like fruit salad. Like that weird salad that everyone serves at like, picnics, and no one eats. You know what I’m talking about? That’s what this kind
of looks like right now. Anyway, so we’re gonna
put that back in the tube. Ugh, oh man, get in there. Bleh, this is so, this is kind of gross. Not looking forward to this. I’ll just get a stick and
kind of put it all in there. Is that good enough? I don’t know. Ah! Yeah, it looks good. Can’t wait to try this
bad boy at the beach. Let’s do it! Okay, here it is. Let’s go ahead and, oh gosh. It’s very melted. It doesn’t seem like it
ever, like, coagulated. Oh, some of it’s coming out! Oh my gosh, it’s actually working! Okay, ready?
– [Tori] Why is it pink? – ‘Cause it’s Chapstick! What do you think, is it working? – [Tori] Well, I mean, put
it on your nose. (giggles) – Is it good? Do you think it works? Do you want some? – [Tori] Can I. – Is it pretty good? – [Tori] It’s great. – My nose is never gonna get chapped now. – [Tori] Or burnt. – What do you think? Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! – [Tori] (giggles) Does
it though? Does it really? – I don’t know. I don’t know if I like it. It kind of feels gross on my face. (Tori laughs) (upbeat music) – Okay, guys, let’s try this! So here’s our blanket. Oh man, okay.
(adventurous music) We’re good. I got it. – [Tori] Always pick up your trash. – Okay so, we’re gonna, one right here, and then one maybe right, oh.
(whip cracking) Maybe right here?
(whip cracking) I feel like I might
need a heavier backpack. Here we go.
(whip cracking) Oh, no! Controller (controller crashing) And I guess, ah, over there. Here we go.
(whip cracking) Yeah, that good? Oh I just got sand on this thing. I don’t know about this. How do you feel about this, Tori? – [Tori] It’s a little small. – I feel like unless you have
some really heavy backpacks, this one doesn’t really work. But if you do, I guess it kind of works? I don’t know. It definitely didn’t
really keep the sand out. – [Tori] Not bad, not bad. – It’s good? – [Tori] It good. – Well I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one kinda works. I don’t know. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our
baby powder, here’s our sock. Now we just gotta go ahead
and fill this bad boy up. Oh, that is already super
full with baby powder. Oh, that’s all my baby powder. Okay, now let’s try this sucker out. (laughs) – [Tori] (laughing) You got it everywhere! – Ah! Oh my god, it’s
all over my camera now. Woo! This is gonna be good. Okay, guys, now I gotta
get nice and sandy. So here we go. Is it working? – [Tori] Oh, you are very sandy. – I need to be more sandy. Yeah, I think I’m pretty sandy now. Okay, here we go, let’s try it. I don’t think this is actually working. Uh oh. – [Tori] That just looks a little painful. – [Robby] This kind of
actually hurts a little bit. – [Tori] I think it was
more for when you’re, if your legs are dry. Oh!
– Oh, it’s kind of working! Well, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one kind of works. Maybe I’ll try it when
I’m a little bit dryer? Okay, I’m a little bit more dry. Let’s try it again. So here we go, just, oh! It’s actually coming off. But I mean, if you just had a normal sock it would do the same thing. – [Tori] You sure? I think it’s the baby powder. – I think the baby powder maybe
helps it out a little bit. Ow, ow, ow, ow! I mean, it is coming off. It does sort of make the sand come off, so I’m gonna go ahead and
say that this one works. (upbeat music) Well you guys so here’s our
lotion, here’s our cocoa powder. I don’t have any, like,
containers to put this in, so I’m just gonna go ahead and use like a ketchup bottle thing. So we’re just gonna slosh
some of that in there. (squirting) Yeah that should do it. We’re gonna get our cocoa powder and we’re just put that in there. Oh man, this is good. Well, that’s the result I wanted. And we’re just gonna mix. This looks so weird. Not sure how good of an idea this is. This feels like it’s gonna be very messy. I’m gonna put a little
bit more lotion in there. Maybe just mix some of this up. Oh, that’s weird. Well, I think this is as mixed up as we’re gonna get it. So let’s go try this out. Okay, so here it is. This looks really gross. I don’t know if I like this. Here we go. Ugh. – [Tori] What is it? – This is just, it’s lotion
and cocoa powder, Tori. Yeah, I definitely look more tan. I don’t know if I like this. – [Tori] Dude a suit, that’s gonna suck if your arm gets in sand. – Well, I mean, do I look more tan? What do you think? This is my not tanned arm,
and this is my tanned arm. – [Tori] I mean, that arm does look a lot more tan than that one. – So I guess we’re gonna have
to say that this one works. Except I also wouldn’t recommend this one ’cause it’s very sticky,
and kind of gross. I don’t really like it at all. Hey Tori, do you wanna lick my arm? It’s chocolate. – It’s lotion!
– It’s chocolate lotion! Lick it off my arm! – [Tori] It’s lotion! – It’s delicious! (slurps) Do you like it? – It tastes like lotion. – Haha, thank you so much
for watching the video! If you liked it, make sure you
give it a big ol’ thumbs up. I would show you what that
looks like, but I have no hands. If you guys wanna watch us
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or any of Robby’s merch you can click right here. Uh, what else am I suppose to say? – Okay guys, I love you guys so much and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and WiFi. Awkward ending, okay, bye! Ah!

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