Trying 39 YUMMY SUMMER DESSERTS Chocolate Decor and Food Life Hacks By 5 Minute Crafts

Trying 39 YUMMY SUMMER DESSERTS Chocolate Decor and Food Life Hacks By 5 Minute Crafts

– Hey, guys, how ya doing? My name is Robby, and
today we’re gonna be doing 26 unexpected uses for daily things! (tires screeching)
(glass crashing) How do I get off this thing? It’s not stopping! Let’s do this. (upbeat music) Alrighty, guys. So I actually bought these rolls, and I didn’t read the instructions. Apparently, I have to let them
sit for three to five hours, so I guess I’ll just put
them in the pot first. How the heck do I open this thing? (screams) Yeah, so we just place them in there, and then we’re supposed to
cover it with plastic wrap, but I don’t have any so I’m
just gonna use this bag. I hear it’s like the same thing, right? Except the fact that you
know this bag is too small. So maybe I can stretch it. Yeah, there we go. Yeah, that outta do the trick. So I guess I’ll just set this aside for three to five hours. See you then. Okay, so I actually
ended up letting it sit for like two days, and it is very risen now, so the next steps on the package
says I’m just supposed to remove it carefully. Yeah that’s pretty careful. There we go. Okay, I was actually supposed to add cheese in between each one. Oh, no. It is very sticky to the pot. So I guess what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna put cheese on top of it. It just won’t be cheesy all
the way through, I guess. Woo hoo! Yeah, that looks pretty good. I got some pepper jack
’cause I love pepper jack. Is there any way for me to, like, get in there with the cheese? Is this bad for bread
since it’s already risen that I’m, like, poking holes in it? Is this gonna hurt the bread? I’m not a baker, so I don’t know. That looks pretty good. Now it’s time to toss
this baby in the oven for about 15 minutes. 350. I actually forgot to let it preheat. Dang it. Oven’s all preheated. Stick this bad boy in. Okay, I’ll see you in about 15 minutes. Oh, that looks so tasty. How am I supposed to grab it? (screams) Okay, so I just want
to start out by saying that this smells so good, like oh my gosh. I cannot wait to try this. I’m gonna let it cool down a little bit and then we’ll give it a try. Oh, my gosh. I am not gonna lie. I am so excited for this bread. Like, this bread smells so good. I think a lot of it has to do
with the pepper jack cheese, but oh my gosh. Okay, let’s see how this turned out. Just rip a big old chunk off. (gasps) How beautiful. That is beautiful bread. This is, oh my gosh. It’s not bad. It’s a little doughy on the inside still. Oh my gosh. This is fantastic bread. Maybe it’s because I haven’t
had fresh made bread before, but my gosh. Look at that guys. Let’s just zoom in on this really quick. Look how beautiful that is. Wow. Holy crud, oh my gosh. So it looks like on the inside the bread didn’t cook all
the way, unfortunately. Like it’s not even fully cooked yet. Do I put it in the oven longer? What do I do? This definitely didn’t cook it evenly, ’cause it’s, like,
doughy and kind of like. (guitar string twangs) Oh yeah, that needs to be
cooked a little bit longer. So the bread, I’m gonna
have to give a 10 out of 10, ’cause this stuff is so good. But the hack, unfortunately,
I’m gonna have to give this hack a five out of 10, because it didn’t cook the bread evenly like it said it was supposed to. I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the oven a little bit longer and see if it actually cooks
it all the way through. Let’s try another 10 minutes or something. Okay guys, oh my gosh, it’s so hot. I should’ve let it cool down a little bit. Yeah I’m gonna let this cool
down a little bit longer. Okay, so I put it back in the
oven for about 10 minutes. It looks like it cooked a little bit more, so I’m just gonna go
ahead and break it open and see if it’s cooked on the inside. That looks so good. The outside is cooked really well, but when you really dig in there let’s see if it actually
cooked on the inside. One downside to this hack is it’s kinda hard to get
the bread out of the pot, and then the rest of it
just kinda stuck in there. I put Pam. I put a lotta Pam inside. Oh, okay, yeah, it actually
cooked all the way through, it looks like. Oh my gosh, hm, not bad. Tori, you wanna try out some cheesy bread? – [Tori] I’ll try a little bit. – Cheesy bread, cheesy bread! – [Carrie] I’ll try a cheesy bit of it. – It’s good? – Pretty good, I enjoy. – What would you rate this one? – I’ll give 7 1/2 out of 10. – 7 1/2, whoa. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one worked! You just have to cook the bread a little bit longer than normal. Otherwise it doesn’t
cook all the way through. Pretty good! (dance music) All right, so here’s our chicken. So first thing I’m gonna do
is marinate this bad boy. So we’re just gonna go
ahead and open this up. Dump that in there. What the heck is this thing? Oh, gross. I’ve never made a whole chicken before, so this is new to me. Okay, yeah, looks good. Then we’re gonna go and get some marinade, then we just kinda plop it all over there. (smacking bottle) Get on there! It’s gonna be one very
marinated chicken when I’m done. (marinade squirting) There we go. We’ll just kinda spread that on there. Yeah, that looks good. I’m just gonna put this
chicken in the fridge to marinate for a couple hours. Be good! Next we’re gonna get our watermelon. Apparently we have to cut off the sides. How the heck did they do this? Like, how do you even
get a good grip on this? Like that, maybe? Oh, my gosh. This is a huge watermelon
by the way, guys. Okay, next side. Cut a little bit more
off the top on this one. Whoo, there we go! Now we gotta go and hollow it out. This is gonna be great. I just got it all over my computer! (eerie music) (evil laughter) What the heck was that demonic sound? I guess that’s what happens
when you get your computer wet. I’ll go ahead and move that. Maybe I can slice of the stuff out. This is one very juicy watermelon. (knife slicing) Okay, maybe that’ll help. Yeah! Oh, my gosh. There is so much stuff in this watermelon. Oh, my gosh. This is a lot harder than
I thought it would be. Oh, my gosh. At this rate, I’m gonna need another bowl. Oh, my gosh. (slurping) Whoo! Okay, and that oughta do it, cool. Then we’re gonna grab our chicken, and hopefully it fits inside. I got the biggest watermelon I could and the smallest chicken I could. Oh, this is so gross! I do not like touching raw meat. Oh, it’s fits! Okay, cool! This is disgusting. Okay, I’m gonna wash
my hands really quick. Okay, now we’re gonna set
it on our baking tray. There we go. Put our top back on. Now we just have to put
this baby in the oven for 50 minutes. (pan clanging) It doesn’t fit! It’s doesn’t freakin’ fit! Ow! Looks like I have to move
this tray down a little bit. (crashing) It’s still cuttin’ it kinda close. Okay, I will see you
guys in about two hours. So I actually let it cook
for a little over 2.5 hours, and, uh, it doesn’t look too bad. I mean, I don’t really know
what it looks like on the inside so here’s to finding out. Oh, my gosh, it’s so heavy! (yells) There’s no way I can
lift that with one hand. Okay, we’ll try this again. Oh, my gosh. So heavy. Okay. Oh, my gosh, this thing weighs a ton. Let’s see how it turned out. Okay, doesn’t look bad. I’m not sure if it’s cooked yet. It looks, wow, that is one juicy chicken. And there’s, like, water all inside of it. Oh, my gosh. I’m gonna go grab my thermometer to see if it’s cooked on the inside. Okay, here’s my meat thermometer. So apparently, if it’s
165 degrees on the inside that means we’re good. So just go ahead and, 134 degrees. Maybe over here? So it’s only 140 degrees, so I’m gonna go ahead
and stick it in the oven a little bit longer, ’cause I don’t wanna
eat raw chicken, okay? Okay, here it is in all of its glory. I’m really glad I got a tray
with, like, some lips on it. Otherwise, it would’ve
completely flooded my oven. So let’s see what the
internal temperature is. 178 degrees. Yup, that is well-cooked chicken. Perfect. I think I’m gonna drain it really quick. Let’s hope this doesn’t go horribly wrong. Oh, my God. This is all the juices
from the watermelon, and there’s still more coming out. What the heck? (yells) It’s gonna be one very juicy chicken. More of the juice can come out. Oh, my gosh. (water draining) Okay, let’s cut this bad boy open! I need a fork. How we lookin’? Oh, my gosh. Not bad, wow. Oh, my gosh. It looks pretty good. Come on, yeah! Okay, I’m just gonna double
check that it’s cooked all the way over. I’ve never made a whole chicken before, so this is kind of a first for me. So let’s see. 170, cool, 175, 160, 170, cool, 170, 170. Well, it seems to be cooked all over. Let’s slice it open! Wow. Not bad! Whoo! I’m gonna go ahead and let
this cool down a little bit and then we’ll give it a taste test. Okay, time to try some chicken. Here it is. The chicken. What do you think? – Pretty good. – It was cooked inside of a watermelon. So let me just slice off
a little piece for ya. – Not the bone, bleh. – No bone for her. Here’s a piece. It’s good? – It’s pretty good. – Let me try. It’s not bad. – Definitely cooked it. – Whoo, I actually cooked it! I had it in there for about an hour longer than I was supposed to, though. But, I mean, I just wanted to make sure that this was fully cooked, ’cause I’ve never made a chicken before. – That’d be bad if it wasn’t fully cooked. (ominous music) – Does it have any watermelon taste? – No. – Try the outside. – It doesn’t taste like watermelon. – It’s not bad. – What would you give this hack, Tori? What out of 10? – I would give seven again. – You would give it a seven? I would give it, I would
give it also a seven. It’s not bad chicken. – Not bad. – Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works. – Whoo! – Whoooo! We got cooked chicken now, we have dinner. Not bad. (upbeat music) Okay, so first we get
our heat-resistant bag. Then I’m actually gonna cut
up all the ingredients first. So maybe pepper. (chopping) Yeah, that should do it. Then maybe some onion. (chopping) Yeah, that oughta do. Now we gotta somehow figure
out how to somehow crack eggs and put them in here. It looks like they kinda did this thing. Yeah, that doesn’t look bad. Like a little bowl? Oh, my gosh. Okay. I think like two eggs should be fine. Put our ingredients in there, some pepper, little bit of salt. Okay, now we just gotta mix all this up. Yeah, that oughta do. Now we just gotta boil some water. Okay, water’s all boiled. Now we just gotta plop that in there. I’ll see you guys when
this is fully cooked. All right, guys, it looks
like this is all done. Let’s go ahead and take that out. Here it is. Let’s just, uh, put
this down on the plate. (plopping) Ew. I dunno how I’m feeling about this one. It looks a little bit runny still. I feel like I might have needed to cook it a little bit more. I’m gonna go ahead and try
the part that’s cooked. You ready? (crunching) (drum roll) Huh, it’s not bad. It looked like it cooked
most of the way through. Hot, hot, hot, ow, ow! So, I don’t think it’s that bad. So I’m gonna go ahead and
give this a five out of ten. It’s not exactly my
favorite way to cook eggs, but, I mean, I guess we’re
gonna have to say that it works. All righty, guys, so here’s our corn, and I guess the first thing
we gotta do is chuck it. So there we go. That looks pretty freaking shucked to me. Then we put it in our bag. I think my bag might be a little too big, but I’m sure it’s fine. There we go. Now we just toss this in the microwave. Two minutes. Okay. I’m really curious to see
if this one actually works. Okay, so, update. I hear some weird popping sounds in there. I think it might actually be working. But we’ll find out. I think it might take a little bit longer than two minutes, though. We’ll see. Okay, two minutes are up. That’s a good sign. Okay, let’s see how this turned out. And, no popcorn is in there. I think we should try for
just a little bit longer. I’m gonna try closer to like five minutes and see if that works. (microwave door slamming) Five minutes. Okay, let’s hope this
doesn’t burn down my house. Time’s up. Okay. Oh, my gosh. Okay, let’s see how this turned out. Here we go. I don’t really have much faith in this, if I’m being honest, but. Yup, just as I thought. Ow, ow! It’s just basic corn! Well, guys, I microwaved it
for more than double the time, Three times as long as it recommended, and it still didn’t work. So I guess that means one thing. We’re gonna have to say
this one doesn’t work. (upbeat music) Okay, so this one’s pretty easy. We got our ice tray, we got our eggs. I’m not gonna fill this whole thing, because I feel like that
would kind of be a waste. So what we’re gonna do
is, you know, we’re gonna, let’s do two or three. Wow, yeah, that fit in there
really nicely, actually. Two and… Yeah, easy peasy. Now let’s go ahead and
toss this in the freezer. Okay, I’ll see you in a
little bit when you’re frozen. Okay, so here’s our frozen eggs. Let’s go ahead and see if
these will actually cook. Okay, this is gonna be really interesting. You guys ready? Just plop these on there. Oh, my gosh. We just have, like, egg squares now. This is so weird. I’m like not sure how
I feel about this one. It’s like if we were in Minecraft, this is how the eggs would look. Oh, boy. I feel like eggs are just not
supposed to look like this. Like, why? I feel like it’s gonna cook really weird. What do I do? Like, how do I even cook this? I’m so confused. They’re like slowly melting, but it’s cooking faster than it’s melting. So, like, what even? I’m just gonna let it sit, and we’ll kinda watch it melt. Okay, so I’m just checking up on these and they’re still not completely unfrozen. Oh, my gosh. That does not, like, cook evenly at all. Like, how are you supposed to cook this? Oh, my goodness. This does not look good at all. Okay, I’m gonna let it
keep melting and cooking, and I’ll check back in. Okay, we’re checking back in. These things are still frozen. Dude, oh, my God. It’s all burnt on the bottom
and frozen on the top. Just how I like my eggs. (laughs) Okay, guys, no. Just no. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. It’s not good. The eggs are frozen and
they’re burnt at the same time, and they don’t stay together. This is awful. Don’t try this. Zero out of ten. Zero out of ten hack. Okay, guys, now is time for
the favorite part of the video. We recreate the thumbnail! Whoo! So first thing we’re gonna
need is the background. Here we go. Yeah, I think pink would look really nice. Not bad, then we get our cup. And they used rainbow
sprinkles for theirs, but I think I’m gonna use blue. So I’m just gonna go
ahead and fill this up with blue sprinkles. And here’s another jar. Yeah, that oughta do it. Then we get our ice cream, here we go, and ha-ha, that should do it. Whoo, okay guys! Thanks so much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure you thumbs up (mumbles) right down there. If you guys wanna watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts I have a whole playlist of
me doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure
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you can click right here. Okay, guys, love you so much. I will see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and Wi-Fi. Okay, bye, ah!

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