Trying to take my cats on a picnic

Trying to take my cats on a picnic

>[This was our first attempt at the “Taking my cats
for a walk” Jun’s Kitchen video] [It was originally going to be
“Taking my cats on a picnic”] [But as you will see…
it didn’t quite work out…] [Holy overexposure, batman!] [Turns out you can’t film a white, sun-lit cat
AND a dark, shaded waterfall at the same time] [The park was really big so we just carried the cats
from one location to the next] [meaning we had to film awkward establishing shots
to make the sudden location changes understandable] [Jun is in a surprise phone interview →] [Hi Jun’s back] [The beautiful, natural sounds of landscaping] [Jun’s still in the interview] “How’s the battery?” [For a normal video I would have edited that out
and replaced it with general background noises from a different part of this clip] [Same with all the landscaping noises] [SURPRISE!! Editing tricksies] “I think I’ll feed the cats at the bench over there” [Jun stop talking I’m trying to film] [Now I have to edit that out] “Nagi, what are you going to do?” [Nagi really liked climbing through these fence holes] [I don’t think he realized that was water] [Back through the hole!] [Did he just try to reach for that rock?
That rock that is very clearly too far away] [Can you tell how many times this song
has looped by now?] [A lot of royalty-free music is only 1-2 minutes long] [How tf am I supposed to edit a
10 minute video with that] [Cats with their mouths open would probably worry
random internet peoples who don’t know about this] [so I wouldn’t have used this clip in a normal video] [because it would interrupt the video too much to explain
for the people who might misunderstand] [and think Nagi is frightened or unwell] [Uh oh it’s an establishing shot,
something’s about to change!] [WOOBOI it’s Haku’s turn!] [You probably haven’t noticed, but the clips so far are
nowhere near chronological order] [I needed to reorganize them to create
a comprehensive “story”] [An unedited video of cats on a walk would be 10
seconds of exploring, and then 30 seconds of standing still and looking around/smelling things] [It makes a more enjoyable video to cut out
most of the stopping and smelling parts] [Turns out when you have two cats on a walk
they never want to go the same direction] [which is why you usually see us walking
one cat at a time] [while the other rests in the cage] [The song just restarted again] [Oh snap Haku saw the fish!!] [“YESSS we have a great clip for the video!!”
is going through both our minds] [Because something other than “walking, stopping,
and sniffing” is finally happening [Wait, what happened to Nagi’s leash?!] [He’s back in the cage, because these clips
are not chronological order] [Would anyone have pointed out that continuity error
if they hadn’t known?] [They usually don’t.] [MOVIE TRICKSIES!] [Nagi kept touching the water so I tried to rush
around to get some side-view angle footage] [But he’s done] [But surprise!! He still left us these adorable
wet paw prints for the video!] [Jun felt like it took Nagi too long to step off the
concrete so he cut the clip a few times] [I feel like the cuts are too jarring so I would have left it.
~CREATIVE DIFFERENCES~] [SWEEPA DA POND!!] [This is where we meant to have the cat picnic] [Jun made Haku and Nagi matching kitty onigiri out
of kitty-edible ingredients, like tuna] [How FREAKING CUTE WOULD IT BE FOR OUR
CATS TO EAT MATCHING KITTY ONIGIRI WITH JUN] [But they’re too busy doing cat stuff] [EAT THE DAMN TUNA, NAGI] “How can you eat at a time like this,
when there’s so much stuff to smell” [We’re like… “well now wtf do we do”] [“The video was called ‘Taking my cats
on a picnic'”] [“And NOW THERE’S NO PICNIC”] [We decide to keep filming them for extra footage
and maybe come back and try the picnic again later] [If that had worked, we would have combined
the footage from all the different days into one video] [MOVIE TRICKSIES!!!!!!] [But… spring is over and the flowers are already wilting] [And the park was too crowded with people for
the cats to probably ever be comfortable eating] [So we gave up on this location and decided
to try taking our cats somewhere more isolated] [Even though we’re pretty sure we won’t use this footage,
we keep filming the rest of the spots anyway] [Because you never know. It’s always better to have
too much footage than too little.] [These clips are all super out of order again.
Could you tell?] [I did my best to make it not noticeable] [TRIIIICKSIIIIIESSSSS] [These look cool af] [The song restarts for the last time,
THANK GOD] [We didn’t film a conclusion so I
decided to end with this dog] [That creeper face lmao] [All in all this dog just sat there and stared
for a good few minutes]

31 thoughts on “Trying to take my cats on a picnic

  1. My friend turned out to be fake so now I'm watching cat videos to feel better.She said she has enough of me and that I should shut the meow up.That's my 3rd one this year

  2. Since I've started watching Rachel and Jun, and Jun's Kitchen, I've realized how aesthetically beautiful Japan really is! Unreal❤

  3. Lmfao at Nagi not realizing the lake was water. And I actually didn’t realize the water was looping until you pointed it out. It’s chill enough I didn’t notice.
    Loved Haku with the fishes ?
    This vid is so relaxing…. of course the cats don’t cooperate when you want them to ???
    I feel like maybe one or 2 of my 4 cats could handle going on a walk? But the other ones don’t handle being harnessed well. How long did it take them to get comfortable, I wonder.
    Daawwww I love the kitties on the stepping stones ??

  4. Jun you are a master of patience! I would have the cat stuffed in my shirt clawing at my chest as I ran home, where you are letting your cat explore! haha Your video is very Zen and calming with beautiful sites!! It makes me happy knowing there are people like you who have patience whereas I do not. LOL

  5. Thank you for this relaxing videos, we can see how much effort and desire you have put into making them. Keep up the good work?!

  6. Cat in Japan is polite as their people there…so cool…I just wonder how can the cat walk all over the cat damn lazy

  7. watching this, i really am glad my family's cats get to live in the countryside… when theres only like 3 cars a day, theres no need for leashes.

  8. This is why i have subtitles on for basically every video with Rachel and Jun because you never know when there are gems like this video!

  9. The subtitles really make this video enjoyable . And thank you for mentioning the short music clips and why they repeat so rapidly. Why not incorporate two or three in a video of this length? Keep in mind that there doesn’t have to be continuous music background. In fact, placing s bit of a pause with natural sound and then adding new music actually can keep a viewer’s interest longer. As you know, the short music clips can dull the senses if they repeat too often.
    Thanks for the lovely work you both do and sharing your precious cats with us.

  10. Cats: walk around, doing nothing
    Me: freaks out

    On a side note, I think you can either see or hear water in every scene of this video.

  11. There must be in Japan!So peace and natural beautiful!The cats are surprised..they no use go out!Thank you.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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