TSL Reviews: Coolest Travel Essentials To Buy From Changi Airport + GIVEAWAY!

TSL Reviews: Coolest Travel Essentials To Buy From Changi Airport + GIVEAWAY!

Hi I’m Fauzi and I’m Q and welcome to another episode of TSL Reviews! and today we’ll be reviewing some cool travel accessories! So Fauzi, do you like to travel? Ya, I love travelling I try to travel somewhere even if its a short destination, every month? I don’t really travel alot but I tend to travel once a year So what are some travel accessories or travel tips do you have? oh my god – the power bagel! my makeup has to be small and compact and a hair straightener So this video is a collaboration with iShopChangi which is the online store for Changi Airport Where you can shop duty free 24/7 on your mobile and desktop As supposed to shopping 1 hour before your flight at Changi Airport you can now shop 30 days before your flight using iShopChangi which means more time to shop and browse for you! Essentially what that means is that you can save up to 40%-60% off downtown prices on items like liquor and beauty while earning Changi Rewards Points! And these points can be used for cash rebates and airline miles So looking at the site now there’s a huge variety of products So our producers got us some interesting travel accessories to get us travel ready and we’re gonna review them right now Our first product is this Anti-Theft Travel Belt Wallet It doesn’t even look like a wallet it just looks like a strap from a bagpack Okay so we’ve got the product out It actually just looks like a belt Actually the compartment like small only So we’ve got a $2 note here and we’re gonna fold it up Okay it just fits Because plastic notes are polymer notes right, they don’t fold as easily If you align all the notes right when you zip it open it will all fall out I’m just worried about that One reason why this has a plastic buckle wich is very useful you don’t have to remove this belt when you get through security clearance I’ll give it a 3/5 I think its light, it’s kind of affordable i think it’s good for people who are really careless or paranoid I’d give it a 2.5/5 It’s okay it’s not amazing, it’s not gonna change your life too much it’s okay for people who might really find a useful purpose for this It’s a Polaroid POP Aesthetically it’s damn nice
– That is damn cute Based on the image here, apparently you can edit? You can filter
-Maybe, maybe! It looks really nice! Apparently when you purchase the Polaroid POP camera on iShopChangi the package will include a packet of the Polaroid ZINK paper which is essentially the photo sheet lah It’s almost like an iPad and apparently there’s flash here Can I take a picture of Fauzi? It’s almost like a digital camera, you can preview it and you can edit the photos You can put borders, what’s the smiley face? Little stickers lah
– Oh cute Let’s add like a little exclamation mark
-Okay Sure So you can actually scribble How do I erase it? I might find it not easy to write on it so I’m not gonna write on it Once you’re done you can just click print! It’s coming out! Actually the colours look not bad That is adorable You can connect your camera to the Polaroid POP You can print whatever photos you have instantly on this little device You also have a gif function It looks like a typical GIF you can find on the internet You can put it up on social media as well Apparently on this you can film videos! in 1080P! This is what you see on set Jeslene Chia over there … we got Adli … You know what it reminds me of? Like oldschool camcorders I’ll give it a 4/5 I’ll give it a 4.5/5 I feel like it packs a lot of features in one little tiny thing I think its a novelty thing that kids and adults can enjoy this Is it a tripod? It’s a three-way grip arm and tripod for your gopro i would assum So i feel like this is an all in one product That really does solve alot of the needs when it coms to Go Pros I thought it would be more fiddly than this I thought it would be bulkier I thought there’ll be so many different parts to it This is literally only one piece of thing Hi welcome to the Q-Zi Vlog I feel like this is the tripod! That’s a very small tripod You use the legs of the tripod and twist it in If you’re a vlogger this would be incredibly useful You get 3 items, a tripod, a selfie stick and an extended arm I would give this a 4.5/5 I would give this 5/5 because of how light it is and how slick it is I really like it i think it’s very well made I love Urban Decay! This is the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat palette It’s a pretty nude palette it’s one of the later palettes that they have It’s got like 6 shades ranging from the very neutral ones to the highlight-y ones More corally colours to the darker colours for a more orange-toned smokey eyed look, whatever she’s doing right now this is actually th eperfect product for you. Everybody loves a small compact version of the heat palette okay so we’re gonna swatch it on my arm and see how pigmented it is I really love these colours leh It’s really a colour i see on you I see the colours are very nice I just feel like its very pigmented as always, Urban Decay products are always this good I’m just going to give 5/5 because I love Urban Decay and I love small palettes I wouldn’t rate it because I won’t use it myself but I am going to give it props two thumbs up for its compactness and how you can carry it everywhere when you travel this is the soothe mosquito thing It says soothe mosquito bites, stops itching I hate getting electrocuted First of all it is tiny, it is cute, it just looks very harmless Okay … Fauzi you go first So there’s this dot where you put it on your skin and press the button ok – TIP DOWN! I think you will be very dissapointed at how it doesnt feel like anything OW! It hurts what! Wait why you never feel anything? I feel like my tolerance of pain is very high So we have a guest here I’m Joelynn I work for MustShareNews Most importantly she has 7 mosquito bites Is it itchy? Let me scratch a bit more All you need to know is that I’m gonna put it here
-We’re gonna provide a solution! So did you feel anything?
-Not really leh That’s a bit anti-climatic Okay let’s zap it more, more! Does it feel like it’s less itchy? No leh, still the same I think I’ll give it a 2/5 Cause it’s really like a cute novelty product when it works, it’s great But i don’t thinkt it’ll work for everyone So for me, I don’t think it’ll work I think it’ll just be a tap I’ll give it a 3/5 Thinking it might work for some people If it’s really useful, then that’s great My favourite has to be the camera or the GoPro stand Because it’s worth the money, It’s unique, it’s different I have to agree with you those two are my favourite products Especially in these days when people tend to use cameras and they wanna vlog and stuff like that So its useful I would see the product for two different groups of people One for the kids, exploring the idea of taking photos and videos for the GOPro would be more serious about creating content So that’s pretty cool I guess So if you’re preparing for your trip don’t forget to shop at iShopChangi to get your travel essentials They now also offer prepaid sim cards to 10-over destinations which reduces the hassle of getting them overseas! So we have a giveaway iShopChangi is giving away $50 credits to 5 different lucky winners All you need to do is like this video, subscribe to TSLTV and comment down below with what you would purchase from iShopChangi with your shopping credits Thank you very much iShopChangi for sending over these products for us to review Now they are celebrating their 5th anniversary so you can enjoy even greater savings with their online-exclusive promotions! promotional period starts tomorrow 5th of July to the 5th of August So check the website at www.iShopChangi.com for the best deals For more information you can check out the description box below As always you can Like, Share and Subscribe and watch our other videos over there and until next time, bye!

27 thoughts on “TSL Reviews: Coolest Travel Essentials To Buy From Changi Airport + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I would want to buy a camera lens so that I can document my 4 year long studies in UK! Hopefully this will help to relieve my status as a “broke uni student”

  2. I would get the tripod stand as I love to take photos and it is really useful especially when you want to take a group photo or when you want to take with your friends but there is nobody around

  3. I'd purchase the handy naked palette!! It's compact and travel friendly! I never knew small sizes were available. I usually skip my makeup routine when I go overseas cos they are heavy and bulky, but I'd defo purchase this now! Thanks for sharing TSL

  4. I want to win the giveaway to get the polaroid !! No more hassle to transfer my pictures because of low storage ???

  5. I’ve just gotten a GoPro and have been eyeing on the GoPro 3-way!!! This is one of the highly raved accessory for GoPro due to its multi purpose functions, so I’m hoping I can get this at less than a hundred bucks from iChangi please? 🙂

  6. I would definitely use the voucher to buy instant print camera! Been wanting a instant print camera for quite a long while now but the prices are just too expensive!

  7. I’m coming to Singapore as an exchange student next month, so I would like to buy some Singaporean snacks to share with the people I meet 🙂

  8. Hi, i would definitely purchase the camera as i love taking photos and the Polaroid camera would allow me to do so as well as to keep the photos as memories of the various places which I visit 🙂

  9. I would love to get the Urban Decay petite palette! It will come in very handy for my upcoming Iceland honeymoon! ?

  10. I would purchase the tripod cause I really need one! I am going to Korea for an exchange program for 4 months! I’ll be vlogging my entire stay in Korea and it’ll be nice to win this giveaway and buy myself a good quality tripod ☺️ xoxo

  11. Hey TSL and changi airport! I have been a subscriber of TSL for few years and frequently stopped by SG for transit!? I would buy the Gopro or Polaroid as i have been eyeing them when i went to SG last month!! Really hope to win so i can buy either one when i fly to tokyo with my mum from SG in September and document all the memories of our first mother-daughter trip!?

  12. i would purchase the camera!!!! hands down no hesitation. its so good! and you dont have to bring the bulky polariod camera + the colours are pretty!

  13. Would love to get the polaroid pop instant print camera as I have been eyeing one for the longest time! As I would be traveling to London for the first time in September, I know this camera would come in handy! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone! 🙂

  14. Hello!
    I would purchase the 3-way gopro grip tripod.
    I have been dropping my gopro lately and I’ve always wanted a tripod stand.

  15. Definitely the go pro stick! Just bought the insta360 one. Should do a review. Awesome feature and best travel 360 video filming tool

  16. I would definitely buy Kipling Asedo S Night Blue EMB because this little bag is so cute and so comfy to be wore as you go travelling

  17. I would love to have the Polaroid pop, its just so cool?! I can edit my polaroids and look fab in them hahahah jk it will be great for me and my friends when we go overseas! Pose, edit and print out, done!

  18. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! Congratulations to Brenda Ang, Juan Siew, Regina Chan, Laojace and Diana Ceng for winning $50 iShopChangi shopping credits!

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