TSL Travels: Camping in a Mongolian Desert for 3 Nights at -6 Degrees!

Hi guys! I’m going to Mongolia for a camping trip in 24 hours’ time, and I’m going to bring Zhin and Amanda with me.
They have no idea. So… I’m gonna throw them this surprise. – Zhin.
– Yeah? I have good news for you.
You’re going on a trip to Mongolia. – Is this a prank?
– No, you’re really going on a trip to Mongolia. – When?
– Tomorrow. Tomorrow! This is all you have.
We’re going camping in the desert. – Desert?!
– Is John going? – John is going, right?
– He is. Good. He is the king of camping and I’m sure he will ensure my safety. Now we are going on iShopChangi’s website, because you can purchase items 12 hours before your flight and collect (when you reach the airport).
It saves you a lot of time. Super nervous for this trip and I don’t even know what to bring… I don’t think I can fit everything inside there. 🙁 (John) He is here. It’s very heavy. Wish I could bring a suitcase.
Why did you give me this?! (Sew) Why did you pack so many things? Huh? I think it’s very little. But compared to Zhin, though. We are going to check in our bags and do some shopping. Bye! We are in Mongolia!!! We have also met our guide, who will be taking us camping, which is super important because we don’t want to get lost in the desert. I’m super excited for the camping trip.
Are you excited? Yes, I’m super excited. – Are you excited?
– (Sew) Yes. – Are you excited?
– Very cold! Faster! We will see you tomorrow. Bye! See the bottom… Is it really that cold? (Horrible carpool karaoke) Ah! Got horse! We are here at Yoliin Am Canyon.
It’s about 5:30 pm, The sun is about to set, so we are rushing right now. We will be riding a horse to the base camp. Let’s not waste anymore time. Let the adventures begin. – It’s quite high up, right?
– I’m a little bit stressed out. – You’re a little bit stressed out?
– Just a little bit… Not too much… Wait until it starts moving! Wow. Check out our guide. He’s an expert, man. – Zhin is riding alone.
– Yeah. I’m truly living my Legend of Zelda dreams. Look at this, man. (John) Wow, this is a lifesaver, Sew. The Osmo Pocket is a lifesaver. So our guide Adi just told us that if we see this mountain of rocks when we are hiking or walking along the valley, it’s actually really good if you can take three stones… walk around the mound of rocks and throw them into the pile, and it will bring you good luck. And they said that the bigger the stone, the better. So… I think I need this. (Guide Adi) You can think about wishes. Family… Health… It would have taken us 2 hours to walk here, – but on horseback it was…
– 20 minutes. Very fast. I love my horse. Yeah, he loves his horse because his horse is so obedient. Mine was like… But for now we are just going to head back,
because tonight is our first night in a tent… in our camping adventures here in Mongolia, and I’m super excited. And I’m quite hungry. So let’s wait for dinner, shall we? Zhin… He got flung off the horse, He fell off backwards… Everybody was shouting, “Zhin! Zhin! Are you ok?” He didn’t respond at all. He’s still smiling.
Doctor gave the all clear. Just that the bruise will be very big over the next few days. We are done for the entire day. I reached two milestones in my life – the first being able to see snow, that was nice.
I reached two milestones in my life – the first being able to see snow, that was nice. Number two is falling off a horse. It was quite a high fall.
I literally blacked out. I heard Sew at the back, “Zhin! Are you ok?!” Ok, I must wake up! We were very lucky, plus I think that the recovery was ok, because our guide Adi helped me massage my back with the herbal oil… Every Mongolian horse rider will have to fall off the horse at least once. Yeah. He is Mongolian, man. So right behind us are our sleeping tents! They’ve already pumped our mattresses. (Sew) Ok, I’ll do it. – 10 times.
– 10 times? – Ok.
– One… (Amanda) Oh, goodness. We have the sheep’s wool…
Sleeping bag… And even camel’s wool blankets to keep us warm and toasty. We are ready for bed. – We are in our tent right now.
– It’s about 1 AM… I think it’s definitely below zero degrees. I’m actually super thankful that we got this Tiger Balm patch from iShopChangi… It was a super last minute thing and I’m just going to put it on my body, hope it heals… And I’ll catch you tomorrow morning. We woke up an hour late, but Zhin is still sleeping. Good morning! (Groans) I feel a bit disgusting because I’ve not showered. We are going to wash up using a pot of hot water we just boiled. What a luxurious bathroom. (Gags) What? We are going to clean our faces with baby wipes… Use the wipe on your body too. You one wipe can wipe a lot of places. The wet wipes are so cold! Next, is to moisturize your crusty face… – Last step…
– The most important step, actually. Sunscreeeen. – Shit, some got in my hair.
– Oh no. If we didn’t buy these on iShopChangi and we came unprepared, you know what we’d go back looking like? Bonito flakes.
Burnt and dry. Then my neck one piece come out. We have finally arrived at our base camp,
which is right in front of the Khongor Sand Dunes… and it is looking so magnificent with the sun over here. The ride was like a roller coaster. Yes. A three-hour long rollercoaster. (Screaming) First, we have to fill our tummies first,
hence we set up a tent here… This is actually the kitchen, by the way.
They are cooking inside. While we wait, I think we should explore the sands first. I wanna roll down the sand dunes. – You say one ah.
– Ok. Roll! (John) Roll again. Roll! (Amanda regretting her decision) Can roll one last time? Our guide has very kindly loaned this to me. This is a Mongolian deel, It is very equipped for Mongolian winters. Mongolia’s Next Top Model ^_^ Right here, baby. I have a belt! Look! Eh! What you touching? I’m going to start the generator so that we have electricity to charge our equipment. This is damn old school, ok. (Generator rumbles and starts) Well done! Camping, baby. The generator has started and we are going to charge our equipment. We brought this bagel from iShopChangi… (John) Moment of truth… Yes! Cheers! Some food porn right now… Some fresh BBQ meat… I’ll teach you all a Singaporean word. ‘Shiok’. When food is nice… “Shiok!” “Shok.” We are just packing up and we are leaving to visit a different part of Mongolia… But first things first, I’m going to take a dump. – Be right back.
– Which bush? Um… The furthest one from here. – Ok, go.
– Tissue. Tissue. Forgot. Oh my God. It knows. It was such a good feeling. This dog protected me. He literally looked at me shit. He looked out for me. This is the cosiest we have ever been. We are off to visit a nomadic family to give our greetings… Probably see how they catch some wild horses. The horse is like a bike and the camel is like a Vespa. I prefer the Vespa… Zhin… What do you see here? I see horses, but I know that we are not going to ride them. We are here to see how they milk the horses. They will take the baby horse, bring it close to the mother, then make the baby horse drink. Then they will pull the horse aside, put it close to the mother horse, then the mother will think that the baby is still drinking. But it’s actually the human who’s pumping the milk and collecting it. It’s a very smart way to milk the horse and it’s super interesting Wow! (John) Yeah, Zhin – if you knew how to do that you wouldn’t have fallen off the horse. No no no no. – Wanna go and learn?
– No no no no. We have just arrived at the nomadic family we are visiting today… The ‘gers’ (Mongolian traditional tents) are all out here in the open. There are no other gers around. I’m excited to see how different the cultures are. The only way is to… Monkey see, monkey do. – Let’s go inside and bow.
– Ok. – Hello!
– Hello. How are you? We have this dessert that is very popular in Mongolia… This is actually the cream – when you boil cow’s milk. They just take it and eat it together with breadsticks they have made. Like this. Very delicious. Mmm. It’s very good and very tasty. It’s very fresh, cold… Plus the crunchiness of the bread… Where’s the toilet? The toilet is… everywhere. Everywhere? Basically I need to go to the bathroom now, and the bathroom is just… here. Go, go, go. You know how in Singapore when your mum says, “Ok, go behind the bush and pee.” This one don’t even have bush. This one is out in the open. Ok, I’m going to stand up. Please point your camera somewhere else… (Zhin) Amanda, you want to wash your hands? What you do is to push the lever up… Push the screw up. Not so hard. Oh my God. Ok, the sun is setting and before we go for dinner, We are going to try to ride on a camel! Oh my gosh, it’s so tall. Sew, you must sit upright – what are you doing! Good boy. Good job, Zhin! We just got off from a camel! It’s gonna be my new mode of transport to TSL! Honestly, it’s not that scary. The initial part – if you’re afraid of heights like myself, then yes, but after a while you get used to it. It’s actually very slow. Camels are much easier to ride because they’re docile, but they are taller than horses. The sun is going to set and the
temperature will drop, so we are getting geared up… And we are going to cook some amazing dinner and have dinner with the nomadic family. Can’t wait! Bye! (John) Zhin, are you ready to try the khorkhog soup? Yes. This is the sheep they caught and made into a soup… and apparently it is very strong,
so we are going to be sharing.
Yes. This is the sheep they caught and made into a soup… and apparently it is very strong,
so we are going to be sharing. Mmm, it is very tasty. They put the lamb in and boil it, and add potatoes and carrots… This is the outcome.
The soup actually tastes phenomenal. Ok! Tonight is our final night camping in a tent in Mongolia… My favorite was the horseback riding experience… Alamak. When you said ‘horse’… I’ve never really been horseback riding before.
To ride a horse into the canyon and out… was super magical. The Mongolian culture is very beautiful and it is nice to see people still practicing their culture and traditions out in the cold, cooking traditionally with hot stones. If you guys come here, you definitely have to experience that. We are just going to enjoy the moment while it lasts. Goodnight!!! Before we leave, it is polite and part of the Mongolian culture to give the family we visited a gift. I think that there are specific gifts that you are supposed to give the family. So for the dad it’s a bottle of vodka, for the mum it’s chocolates and biscuits. If there are kids, some candy. For our end, the guides already prepared those gifts. We actually bought Irvin’s from iShopChangi online, and we collected it at the airport.
It’s the Salted Egg Crunchy Roll, And I can’t wait to give it to them because based on what they have been feeding us, The taste has been very mild.
Their diets probably don’t consist of a lot of salt. What more salted egg. I think it’s very interesting.
One of them said it “tastes like food”. They said it tastes like chips, but a bit spicy. The auntie requested for photos with Amanda and Sew… Probably because Sew is just smol. Then they are very happy. Whoa, nice! Oh my God! Oh my gosh, she gave me all! In my hat – look at all the aarul (goat’s milk candy)! It has tasted Amanda’s… hair. Yeah. Unwashed hair for three days. We are now waiting to catch our flight back to Mongolia and I’m leaving with such a heavy heart! – How about you?
– Me too 🙁 Our journey has been incredible and this was all made possible because of iShopChangi. Now, if you don’t know, iShopChangi is a one-stop platform where you can buy your travel essentials before you fly and you can collect it before your flight. And also they are giving away free credits,
so click on the link in the description box below, pick one travel essential and tell us why it’s important in the comments below! And as usual, if you’ve enjoyed our adventures here together, please remember to like, share and subscribe, and watch our other videos over there. Cue the bloopers. Like what they say in Mongolia – ‘Goodbye’ is…
Cue the bloopers. Like what they say in Mongolia – ‘Goodbye’ is… I also forgot.

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