Tsongmo/Changu Lake Travel Vlog | Traditional Sikkim Dress | Yak Ride | Sikkim Travel Story Ep #4 |

Tsongmo/Changu Lake Travel Vlog | Traditional Sikkim Dress | Yak Ride | Sikkim Travel Story Ep #4 |

Changu Lake The incredibly beautiful and famous travel destination in Sikkim In this travel episode we are going to explore Changu Lake and also we will go to the upper portion of the hill by cable car to see the clear view of Changu Lake Lets Go Good Morning Guys Welcome back to my Channel I am Ashiqur Rahman Today we are going to Changu Lake Changu Lake is situated 40 Km far from Gangtok It is approximately 12000 ft above from the sea level It is also included in the package Yesterday we completed our paperwork The hotel has arranged a jeep for us This package will cost 4000 Rupees/- from Gangtok It takes almost 3 hours to reach there So now we are going to start the journey I hope guys we will have a lot of fun We will see the Changu Lake and explore the Sikkim Lets Go We left early from the hotel to MG Marg to have our breakfast So we are having Dhokla and some sweets of Sikkim And also Aloevera juice I have never tried Aloevera juice before Now trying it for the first time I don’t know how the taste will be! And this is Dhokla After having breakfast we set out to Changu Lake Taxi Stand Now we are at Changu Lake Taxi Stand The hotel provided us a jeep number According to the jeep number, we have to find the jeep Many jeeps are here at the stand According to the given jeep numbers you have to find your own among these jeeps The jeep driver already has our papers The drivers manage the permits We will go to Changu Lake with this jeep Heard that the view of this road is very beautiful I will try to show you the full view of the road I hope guys we will have fun today So keep watching and lets start the journey Lets go The hilly roads are truly fantastic The zigzag roads and the clouds have created a splendid scene On the way the jeep has been stopped at a point The awesome view of clouds is seen from here Till now I knew that the clouds stay above us But here the clouds are below us We can see clouds afar I don’t know if there is such a beautiful view of the cloud anywhere else in the world From there we again started our journey towards Changu Lake The more I go up on the hill, the roads are becoming more beautiful It’s like we are going to a dreamland Finally we have reached to Changu Lake It is incredibly beautiful Blue sky, blue water It is almost 12000 ft up from the sea level In winter season, December,January and February months the lake reamins frozen Now it is not frozen Another interesting fact is that Yaks are available here So you can have a yak ride here We will make a ride So it will cost 850 Rupees/- per yak to ride The yak will go alongside the Changu Lake and return to this point This is yak They are quite big in size Ok guys Lets make a yak ride You stay there ! You stay there ! How do you feel ? Very scared ! She is riding the yak She was very scared Are you still feeling scared or not ? Very much She is still afraid I am not sure, if she can complete the ride The religious quotes are written here The flags you can see, also contains same kinds of religious quotes Tell me how is the lake view from yak ? Cool but I am scared Wow The red thing on the horn of the yak indicates its fashion It means the yak also have its own fashion I am going to fall ! The yak’s meat can be eaten Is it a male or female ? Male They don’t eat yak’s meat but it can be eaten We won’t eat him as he is too cute They are big in size Does he have any nick name ? Krishna The yak’s name is Krishna Just look at the view Are you still afraid or not? Not scared any more Ok So We will go to that point by yak We will do photoshoot there Yes, we will do Yes, brother Yes It requires 3 months to train a yak They eat potato, flour, grass What is the price of one yak ? 16 thousand ? 60 thousand So the price for one yak is 60 thousand Rupees/- I am surprised that this big yak costs only 60 thousand Rupees/- Can we drink yak’s milk ? We can drink yak’s milk Is it simillar to cow’s milk? Bit different Does it taste good ? Yes What is the difference between cow and yak ? My hindi is very poor So Please bear with me The yaks live in the hills That is the only difference between yak and cow Wow Just look at the top Can we click some photos here ? Over there So obviously make a yak ride here Yak ride is fantastic I mean You won’t get the excitement without doint it And obviously visit Sikkim I like this place a lot I also think that Changu Lake is the best place in Sikkim Ok Now we are going up on the hill There are the cable cars We will make a cable car ride This cable car is approximately 12000 ft up Can you imagine how high it is ! I think It will be a great journey Let’s make it Let’s go Now we are going to ride the ropeway So it is almost 12300 ft up Ropeway It will cost 360 Rupees/- per person It’s very cold here Obviously carry jacket and hand gloves as it is extremely cold Extremely cold.It is minus 2 degree celsius today It’s not snowing But the air is too cold Ok guys This cable car is very steep I have ridden cable car at Darjeeling, at Gangtok But never rode such a steep cable car Ok Let’s go and enjoy the ride Let’s go Now we are at a great height In the cable car Down there the Changu Lake is seen How do you feel ? Very nice Hafiz bro and Sohel bro are there They are very scared The view is fantastic from here Awesome in a word You can’t see the real beauty of Changu Lake without riding the cable car Just look at this I think we have come to the heaven Too much beautiful We have come to the top view by cable car Just look at the clouds We are going further high on that direction Let’s go Let’s make it I think my life is successful Wow. Just wow Just look at this I think this is the best view of my Sikkim travel What do you say bro? Yes I couldn’t have realized how beautiful the world is without coming here Specially the clouds over there Just If I could touch it This is approximately 12300+ ft up If you want to know what is life, must come here and see the clouds Ok guys I hope you enjoyed this very much We have got the traditional dress of Sikkim here So we are now going to wear these dresses And will do photoshoot Whenever you come here, must wear these traditional dresses Then we came to the mini China market which is a bit down from here Variety of Chinese products are available here We complete our lunch here This is a small and nice market But the problem is that the things are bit pricey here I think the pepsi here is bit pricey Then the coffee was also bit pricey The small cup of coffee was 50 rupees/- But you can rent jacket from here as it’s very cold up there But overall the shop looks very beautiful I have done my whole Sikkim Trip with a group of six Bangladeshi brothers I am going to introduce everyone of them Here is Sohel bro Chuntu bro Tarek bro Liton bro Bashir bro Hafiz bro We total 8 people enjoyed this trip very much What do you think brothers ? Too much fun Specially today we are enjoying a lot This Changu Lake is awesome Brothers how is the cold ? Too cold You can’t imagine how beautiful the view is without coming here Yes. You can’t imagine the view without coming here Despite the cold, we are astonished by the beauty of the view Are you affected by the clod brother ? No!! The beauty suppressed the cold So guys That’s it for today If you like my video please share and subscribe to my youTube channel Must subscribe on behalf of us Ok brother See you in the next episode Thank you very much See you soon. bye

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