Tuan di Negeri Sendiri (Masters of Our Own Land)

Tuan di Negeri Sendiri (Masters of Our Own Land)

Master of Our Own Land I am at the port. Where are you? The tourists who come to Raja Ampat usually stay at the resorts owned by outside investors, business people They (investors) come to Raja Ampat to make money out of Raja Ampat and take it away to where they come from. So, I thought, “as a son of Raja Ampat, I own the place, I should be like them.” If I may say, Raja Ampat is like a newborn baby, which has suddenly become a celebrity. And what people are looking for is its sexiness. When the sexiness is gone, what will Raja Ampat be? The resorts are owned by investors with big capital. They can buy out customary land with their money and the people become the victims. Therefore we don’t want any more resorts here. I used to go fishing at night and sell my fish to the resorts. At what price? Only enough to buy food for a day. There was nothing left for the next day. So, I built this homestay to give me enough income I didn’t have money. I didn’t have anyone to back me up. But I had wood, which can be found in abundance in Raja Ampat. There’s also a lot of rattan rope here. There’s also a lot of natural material for roof here. My ancestor and even my parents use it. Even God provides the land, ready to use So, I built a homestay and the outcome has been good for me. Locals have built the homestays in Raja Ampat Before, the young people of Raja Ampat, especially those from the Meosmanswar and South Waigeo districts, worked at the resorts. They learnt about tourism while working in the resorts. Once they understood tourism, they decided to quit and open their own homestays. Year after year, the number of homestays has increased. Today there are 55 homestays. After two years, an investor came and asked my staff, “Who owns the homestay?” They said, “Mr Matias Mayor owns it.” But perhaps because I didn’t look neat or dashing, he did not believe it. So he asked again and they answered, “He owns the homestay – Mr. Mathias Mayor.” He then opened his suitcase in front of me. I saw red (100,000 rupiah bills) and blue (50,000 rupiah bills) money in it. But I thought to myself, “What is the value of the money?” If he pays me 200 million rupiah ($20,000) and I distribute it all to my family members, the money would be gone in a week. I want to be an entrepreneur and I want to be, what we call “Ember”, the master of our own land. I have a big dream. In the near future, two or three years from now, my homestay will be like the resorts. And I will have many staff from the villages around here so we can all work together here and make a living

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  1. Luarr biasa skali bapak M. Mayor (y)
    Semoga kitong2 generasi2 slanjutnya tanah Papua juga bisa seperti bapa dimana nantinya kita juga bisa menjadi tuan di kitong punya tanah sendiri…
    Tuhan Yesus memberkati kitong smua…

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