Tucker Carlson Takes a Sudden Vacation Following His Hot Take on White Supremacy | The Daily Show

Everyone has been talking
about the threat of white supremacy
in the United States. In fact,
even President Trump admits that it’s a major problem. Which is a pretty big deal, ’cause that would be like
if Hobbs & Shaw spoke out against speeding. If Jason Statham came out like, “You know what’s cooler
than driving fast? Going 55 and buckling
your safety belt, innit?” But even though
most people in America have acknowledged the threat,
there is one person who still isn’t convinced. Fox News anchor and concerned face
drawn onto a balloon… -(laughter)
-Tucker Carlson. The whole thing is a lie. If you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns,
of problems this country faces, where would white supremacy be
on the list? Right up there with Russia,
probably. It’s actually not
a real problem in America. The combined membership of every white supremacist
organization in this country would be able to fit inside
a college football stadium. “White supremacy–
that’s the problem.” This is a hoax.
Just like The Russia hoax. It’s a conspiracy theory
used to divide the country and keep a hold on power. That’s exactly what’s going on. Wait, what? White supremacists
aren’t a threat because they can only fill
a college football stadium? My man, those stadiums hold
a hundred thousand people. We shouldn’t have
enough white supremacists to fill a golf cart–
that’s how many we should have. -(cheering, applause) -We’re not
talking about the numbers here. Oh. How many?
How many of them are there? White supremacists
are like babies on a plane– even one is enough
to ruin your day. -(laughter)
-And you do notice, you do notice
that Tucker Carlson only gives white terrorists
this pass. Yeah? Like, after 9/11,
he wasn’t like, “Al-Qaeda? “Please. What was it,
like, 19 people? “Is this a real thing? Huh?
There’s, like, 19 people. Call me when they can sell out
a Knicks game, okay? Uh-huh?” Oh, and it’s
especially interesting that Tucker doesn’t think white
supremacists are a real threat, especially when you look
at all the other threats that he talks about on his show. If you’re looking for threats
to our democracy, how about Silicon Valley? How did we wind up
with a country in which feminists do science? A country where you’re afraid
to touch other people is a country
we don’t want to live in. The way we practice immigration has become dangerous
to this country. Kneeling during
our National Anthem, you know, the basic symbol
of our country, it’s an attack
on the United States. Almost every nation on earth has fallen under the yoke
of tyranny: the metric system. The metric system.
(gasps) The metric system
is a threat to America but white supremacy is a hoax? Yo, I feel like Tucker Carlson would tell the lamest
campfire stories of all time. He’s just be like, “And then
she heard a scratching sound “coming from inside the door, and when she turned around,
it was centimeters.” (laughter) Now, apparently soft-pedaling
white supremacy didn’t go over well
with everybody. In fact, three big advertisers
pulled out of Tucker Carlson’s show
after he said that. -And…
-(cheers and applause) And… something tells me his bosses at Fox News
didn’t like what he said because, the very next day, he made a surprise announcement
at the end of his show. That’s it for us tonight. Tune in every night at 8:00 p.m. to the the shown that is
the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and smugness
and group think. By the way,
I am taking several days off, headed to the wilderness to fish with my son,
catch some brook trout. Politics is important,
fishing with your son sometimes more important,
so I’m doing it. Okay. Oh, that timing seems suspicious
but who knows, maybe lots of people leave
for fishing vacations on Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. I mean, you never know when the fish
are gonna start biting. You never know. And I know some people will say,
“Come on, Trevor, “this is probably just
a coincidence, okay? “Just because Tucker said
something offensive “and then took
a surprise vacation doesn’t mean these two things
are related.” Okay, maybe not, but it does seem to happen
a lot over at Fox. Sudden vacation announcements have been a go-to move
for Trump TV. Last March, Laura Ingraham
announced a vacation after coming under fire for mocking Parkland survivor
David Hogg. Sean Hannity went on vacation
after advertisers fled over his promotion
of a conspiracy theory that exploited the death
of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Jesse Watters took time off
after criticism over a lewd comment
about Ivanka Trump. You go in, like, hard enough,
they drop the ball. -It’s perfect. -Very good.
-Yeah, you’re welcome. I’m glad he didn’t
run them over. Also, I’m gonna be taking
a vacation with my family so I’m not gonna be here
tomorrow and Friday, but I’ll be back on Monday, so
try not to miss me too much. BOOTHE: (clears throat)
Saturday also? (laughter) My favorite part
is how all the Fox hosts try to casually slip it in to
random conversation, you know? Sort of like how you used
to buy condoms in high school. You’d just be like,
“Yeah, let me get a, “a bag of the Doritos
and a pack of the condoms… (speaking rapidly
and indistinctly) And the cashier’s like,
“Jerry, bring me over “a box of condoms
for the kid, please. I’m gonna say extra small!” (audience reacts) So almost everyone on Fox has had to go
on a surprise vacation after saying something
controversial, but there’s one vacation on Fox that is the greatest
of all time. HAYES: Bill O’Reilly
took what he insisted was a pre-planned vacation
after revelations he had settled multiple
sexual harassment allegations. Finally time for Factor
Tip of the Day often around this time of year, I grab some vacation because
it’s spring and Easter time. Last fall, I booked a trip
that should be terrific. Not gonna tell you where it is. I’ll have a full report
when I return. HAYES:
And he never returned. (laughter) (cheers and applause) Oh, man. And he never returned. Doesn’t sound like a guy
going on vacation, it sounds like a guy
who got whacked by the mob. (Italian accent): “Yeah,
let’s just say O’Reilly’s “gonna be going on
a permanent vacation. I’m Chris Cuomo.
Thanks for watching CNN.” (cheers and applause) (normal voice):
And I… I also feel really bad
for that one Fox viewer who’s still waiting
for O’Reilly to return. ‘Cause you know there’s one
person watching TV like, “Bill’s gonna have so many great
stores stories “when he finally comes back. I bet he went to Machu Picchu.” Honestly, these emergency
vacations have become such a staple
for Fox News hosts, I wouldn’t be surprised if they
had their own travel agency. ANNOUNCER: Are you tired
of the hustle and bustle of being dropped
by advertisers? Want to get away because
your bosses say you have to? Then you need Fox Vacations, the travel agency
for Fox News hosts in trouble. We’ll lift you off
in the dead of night and bring you to
an isolated spot where you can rant in peace. Hang ten while spreading
murder conspiracies. Mock shooting survivors between
rounds of beach volleyball, or just share your views on
white genocide with the fish. Plus, call now for our
special Forever Vacation. You’ll have so much fun,
you won’t want to go back, which is great,
because you can’t. Fox Vacations. Relax,
this will all blow over. (cheers and applause) Have a great trip, guys.

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