Tummy Button Tourist

Tummy Button Tourist

*SLURP* *Watery tinkle* *Abrupt stop to SLURP* *Absolute gush mate* Oh! I’m leaking! *All attempts to plug the gush fail* *Tinkle stop with a Squelchy FLOMP* *I wouldn’t touch that if I were you* *Don’t pull on it you moron!* *Yeah thought that might sting* *There’s so much of it* *You’re general hygiene is shocking* *Muffled screams* *Panicked pulling* *Huff and puffs* *Is that a coconut!?* *Satisfying pop* *Squelchy baby* My son I’m sorry? Son… You can speak? I’m not your son, my name is Darren Phillips! But I just birthed you? Birthed?! Oh! No! I’m a tourist, from ANOTHER DIMENSION! You’re on holiday, in my belly button? No! Don’t be daft! I just jumped through a Tummy Button Wormhole from my dimension to have a nice little holiday here in yours Sooooo.. you booked through a travel agent? Well, I got a package deal- Wait! Where’s my duty free?! Your duty frrrrrr *Slighty hurty scream* *I knew that wasn’t going to end well* *Ooooo! What’s the vintage?* Hmmm! That is weird! *panicked whimper* There was a whole bag *This guy screams a lot* *Slimy chocolate birth noise* *Squeaks* Oh! I’m glad that’s over* *Papery plops* *Gosh he’s SOOOOO scary when he’s angry* That’s my luggage! Come on! You can do it! Breath! *Noises of intense stretching* What’s even in this thing!? I tried to pack light *Sure you did buddy* one more push *Almighty suitcase birthing scream* *Plop* *That big* I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like in your dimension So I packed a few options My poor button *Crackly squiggly* *Give it a tug* Hey now! You can’t go through other people’s luggage like that! What even is this? *Squiggly intensifies* Oh that? That’s nothing! This is the police! Darren Phillips! We have reason to believe you are illegally trafficking prohibited substances inter-dimensionally You’re using my sweet little tum to smuggle drugs? It’s not like that! Don’t turn me in buddy! It’s all a misunderstanding! You have until the count of three to surrender! I have him here officer! Right We’re coming through! Wait! No! *Honk* Hi! Thanks for sitting through that So I want to do another prop based giveaway to you lucky people This time it’s the ever so talented, Darren Phillips Oh you’re too kind Filming was a bit tough on you wasn’t it Darren? Looks like you’ve lost some teeth there So if you want to be in with a chance of winning the one and only Darren Phillips the go ahead and follow me on twitter and tween my using the #Darrenphillips Link to my twitter is in the description What’s that you say? Um excuse me I have a question Where did I get this fantastically designed and beautifully modelled official Break Up Buddy t-shirt? ooooo ahhhh aaaaaa As well as all the other beautiful and delicious official Will McDaniel merchandise? why on my Teespring shop of course the link to that is in the description as well Now to thank my news Patreons and YouTube channel members And they are Thank you so much for supporting my videos If you want to help support my channel then press the join button next to the subscribe button Or head on over to my Patreon. Link in the description Okay, thank you, bye *meaty flop*

100 thoughts on “Tummy Button Tourist

  1. Darren Phillips is still at large, if you see him please report him to your local Inter-dimensional Police Station

  2. How I felt during him pulling stuff out of tummy


  3. Well, it's good I'm having my breakfast *later*. I've watched this video before and I can still see. How do I do it? XD oh and also I still get my appetite. Lol

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