10 thoughts on “Túrázás szakadó esőben / Wild camping in heavy rain

  1. starting shots are great! rain + fire + fog excellent mixture, best rainy camping is in hammocks .. no problems with camp flooding .. although tent is much more better for family contact. nice vid.

  2. hello mate. did you loose your old channel? i noticed a few people channels got canceled, well glad to this. sub. keep them coming

  3. Great 'how to' for dealing with rain.
    Stormy weather really separates the 'men' from the 'boys' !
    Camping in rain can be so rewarding … with the right equipment and knowledge.
    Thanks for Sharing.

  4. Klassz videó, fasza is esőt kaptatok! Jok a konzekvenciak is ezzel kapcsolatban. 🙂 Elkepzelem, hogy egyetlen egy bivakzsakkal mit csinalna itt az ember. 😀

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