Tuscany, Italy: Staying at an Agriturismo – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Tuscany, Italy: Staying at an Agriturismo – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Tuscan wines
are some of the tastiest and most famous in Italy. Wines are particular
to their village. The characteristics of the soil, temperature, and exposure to sun
make each wine — even if made from the same
Sangiovese grape — unique. To connect with the rural charm that’s so much a part
of our image of Tuscany, we’re exploring by car
and staying not in towns but in farm houses, like the Agriturismo Terrapille. This relaxing hideaway
crowns a bluff just below the hill town
of Pienza. Surrounded by 360 degrees of dreamy Tuscan scenery, it’s private and rustic, yet comfy and romantic. In the spring,
the fertile Tuscan countryside becomes a green mosaic of farms. Many of these are agriturismos, offering good value
accommodations to travelers. Some are luxurious,
with plush rooms and offering amenities such as riding stables
and swimming pools. Others are simple and rustic, offering casual
farmhouse hospitality and the smell
of whatever is being produced. A peaceful home base
for exploring the region, these rural Italian B&Bs are family-friendly and ideal for those
traveling by car. Agriturismos are subsidized, part of a government effort
to help small, family-run farms survive in this age of
large-scale corporate farming. To qualify as an agriturismo, the place must still be
a working farm. If this sounds good to you,
choose a place that advertises itself
specifically as an agriturismo.

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  1. Personally, I think and feel Tuscany is the most charming and lovely region of Italy.
    I had the fortune of visiting Italy in 2011 and the region left a most huge impression on me.

  2. Hello, Sir. Happy New year after long time watch your video so beautiful place in Italy 😍😍😍 thanks for sharing God bless you always 🙏

  3. Im hoping to tick off a couple of European destinations in my travel vlog that I started last week 🤗 thanks for the inspiration! 👍

  4. Thanks Rick for inspiring me to visit Europe. 2 trips so far.. Italy, Greece, and rented a car thru France. It's as beautiful as you'd imagine. "The best souvenir is a broader perspective", indeed. If more Americans traveled outside their bubble, they'd expect more in life.

  5. For our Italy trip, we stayed a few days in Rome, then took a taxi back to the airport to rent a car. We drove out into Tuscany and stayed a few days at two different agriturismos. Both were perfect. You can find them on AirBnB. We then returned the car to the airport and flew home. If I go back, I'll plan to do the same. Maybe less time in Rome. Italians seemed genuinely gracious to tourists, and even apologized for not speaking English!

  6. I love you Europe country Europe country is the world no 1 most expensive beautiful sweet very very nice wonderful I love Europe culter I love Europe food I love Europe Europe is the my all time favourite continent in the world sir

  7. Rick Is Italy your Favourite European destination?

    I've been many times , last time a couple of years ago, cagliari, then over to Milan , my brother also go married in lake garda,

    Cheers Michael in Scotland:)

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