Tuscany Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Tuscany Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Tuscany is a legendary region in central Italy that stretches from the Apennine Mountains
to the west coast, meandering through endless vineyards, medieval towns and the impossibly beautiful
cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa. In today’s modern world, defined by alarm clocks, deadlines and traffic jams, Tuscany lures travelers with the promise of
a warmer, gentler way of living. Here, high art mingles deliciously
with warm sunshine and fragrant wine. History seeps through the cobblestones and small occasions are transformed into the greatest of pleasures. Around six hundred years ago, Tuscany changed the world forever when economic, cultural and political forces collided, sparking the Renaissance. It was a new way of thought in which art and
education were highly prized and the search for happiness, a noble goal. Although the world has changed much since then, Tuscany’s values hold firm and visitors to this region can happily spend
days and weeks slowly rediscovering them. At the epicentre of the Renaissance
was the capital city of Florence. For centuries, powerful families competed
with each other and with the church
to create the grandest buildings and commission the finest artworks
of their time. The patronage of writers, artists and thinkers bought prestige for the wealthy
and under this system, geniuses such as Michelangelo
and Leonardo Da Vinci thrived. Other greats such as Botticelli and Rafael also walked these streets and you can still
see their work in the Accademia Gallery and the Uffizi Gallery, which is one of the oldest art museums
in the western world. Florence’s architecture also flourished
under this system and many of the great buildings
from that time remain. With its historic piazzas, beautiful churches
and ornate palaces, Florence feels like a living, breathing museum. Florence isn’t the only part of Tuscany
that echoes with the gilded footsteps of history. During the Renaissance, the province of Siena competed fiercely
with Florence and commissioned many of its own beautiful works
to lure wealthy Florentine families. Visit medieval hill towns, such as Monticchiello and Montalcino which played a strategic role
in generations of power struggles. Sit high on the timeless ramparts of these
towns which have remained almost unchanged for 1000 years. Pisa, known around the world for its famous tower, is a wonderful place to discover on foot. A couple of hours’ drive away is the hilltop
town of Volterra. Skilled alabaster craftsmen have been turning
this luminous stone into pieces of art since the days of the Romans. But perhaps Tuscany’s greatest artworks, are those created by mother nature. With its warm thermal springs, unspoiled beaches
and wildflower-filled national parks, Tuscany’s natural beauty has been seducing visitors
since the days of the Romans. Head to Tuscany’s west coast to discover
coastline that stretches for hundreds of miles and visit ancient ports that feel as if
they have been here forever. A little further south is a wilder part of
Tuscany where you can enjoy rolling hills, wildflowers and a warm appreciation of the
good things in life, including of course, wine. Follow your palate along winding roads and
sun-warmed olive groves to the vineyards of Chianti. This area is world-famous for its earthy style
of wine and many of the vineyards are associated with castles, each producing a wine
that bears the castle’s name. The beautiful towns of Cortona and Arrezzo are also famous for their wines. Pair your wine with Tuscany’s famously simple food and linger over picnics
created with seasonal ingredients, cheeses and cured meats. Tuscany’s abundant hills are full
of locally grown produce whose flavours capture the very essence
of the land. In the rest of the world, the Renaissance may now be a chapter in
the history books but in Tuscany, traces of that noble time remain. They linger in the gentle hills,
the warm traditions, the grand art and in the region’s never-ending
search for happiness.

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  1. Was in Italy 3 years ago, love it!! Had so many draw dropping moments, so much history, the historic building are incredible, what work went into them all those thousands of years ago, yet the don't make building like that now, not anywhere in the world.
    I wasn't overly fussed with Rome, but we were only there for 3 days.
    We went on a tour guide which I would never do again, it's great for the first time though.
    Next time I go, I intend on taking my time and going where I want and spend as much time as I want.
    That's if I ever do go again, unfortunately the migrants seem to have done a lot of damage to the peaceful Italy and many other European countries.

  2. OMG, do the guys filming this know any camera movement other than sliding to the right? Sooooo annoying!!! Can’t believe it!

  3. The green land areas of tuscany is beautiful it is like hevan on earth . Riding or walking around makes feel good

  4. Tuscany, like other areas of Italy, is like its own world / country separate from the rest of the country!

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  6. The voice of narrator, speaks to my soul. I can listen to him all day, every day, forever. So soft and calming. I loveee it 🙂

  7. Qualcuno sarà mai responsabile dei crimini degli italiani verso i serbi? 1999 da Avian volarono i primi aerei nel mio paese di Serbia dove uccisero centinaia di donne e bambini serbi! Gli italiani sanno se si sentono in colpa se stanno dormendo pacificamente!
    Sapete che nel 1942, quando gli ustascia, i musulmani ei croati, la cosiddetta legione nera cominciò a pulire la Bosnia orientale dal popolo serbo, da Sarajevo alla Drina, così che le donne e i bambini italiani non consentirono a migliaia di soldati italiani di attraversare il ponte verso l'alta quota. chi pagava oro e bestiame, rimaneva accanto al fiume il sonno da ubriaco e tutti erano dati a donne e bambini, 6.000 ragazze battevano le mani per 5-6 e saltarono nel fiume in modo che non si ammalassero agli ustascia e furono violentati anche se erano i non nuotatori si sono arresi.

  8. To sit down and to start making serious planning for this trip is h-a-r-d! Can anyone that's been recommend a great place to stay in the countryside? Also, I know a lot of people recommend renting a car. Are there any train stations nearby that also take you into the different regions? Planning this is so overwhelming so if anyone has any other input or recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  9. I would really like to see those spoled bitches hes talking about 4:48
    Most beautiful things nature has to offer!

  10. Italy is the most beautiful country in Europe, if not the world. It is the Jewel of the Mediterranean (along with Greece), and Italian history and culture has shaped the already beautiful landscape into a work of art.

  11. I came here because of the 1996 movie Stealing Beauty ugh.. I feel like I'm Liv Tyler watching this hahahah so beautiful!!!

  12. Thank you Scott, Audrey has added another item on her bucket list, so I guess I need to live several more years and plan ahead my friend!

  13. Tuscany is beautiful. I dedicated my acoustic guitar track to it titled Romance In Tuscany https://open.spotify.com/track/3CtXmXYZVh97X08gYHr2ex?si=xOb0GVRHRhufsbcYIzKGRg

  14. I LOVE Tuscany! And the coast of Versilia in the north of Tuscany as well! https://www.teddy-b.ch/videos/versilia-ita-oh-sole-mio/

  15. La dolce vita! I saw a. TV program where they show how steak is cooked in a very different way in Tuscany than elsewhere. Best of all is that the steak contains a little bit of pink and no red.

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