TV Talent Shows Hate Classical Music (unless you play summer or bumblebee)

TV Talent Shows Hate Classical Music (unless you play summer or bumblebee)

Hey wait, Simon! Simon would’ve hit stop by now – if he was as same as the flute guy.
– Yeah. Why are you guys cheering that? Why do they all have to like… strip? There’s something about stripping that people just love. Yeah, that’s right! *cough* America’s Got Talent! Cringe! We’ve got some more clips that we dug out from… past year’s archives. Oh man, let’s enjoy it together. Let’s all sit down, – Take a deep breath.Yeah!
– cook some marshmallows. Get the crackers. I’m Simeon Wood, and I’m a musician. So, how long have you been doing what you do? Cos I don’t know- I don’t know what he does. I’ve been playing the flute since I was 8 years old. Could’ve at least had a guessing game, mate! Oh, this is Britain’s Got Talent. No wonder the comedy sucks. No, just kidding. I’m kidding! I’m kidding! We love you, Britain. Just kidding, just kidding. Are you hiding it? I am. Is it what you have behind your back? I saw it earlier. It’s a crutch, isn’t it? – Yeah, it is a crutch, yeah.
– Yeah. Thanks, yeah. – Do you want to see it?
– So- Yes, please. Okay, here we are. There you go. – Got his crutch out.
– Yes. I can actually play… my crutch. That’s not something you hear every day. Just dub over some random midi flute file over- – Like his fingers weren’t even moving. He just put it-
– It wasn’t even him playing. It was like… – Can you put your bow up?
– Yeah, here we go. Just, just… – Let’s skip to the performance.
– Yeah. – It’s the same thing…
– Dude, that looks so fake. – It is the same formula as the other one!
– It looks so fake. He just started playing. How do you start yawning just… Yeah, like boredom sinks in in 2 seconds. Yeah. – Sorry, I can’t control myself if I hear a flute.
– And just like… I just literally can yawn. But I will say… At least this guy’s flute playing sounds better than the stripper guy. Yeah, that’s true. – Yeah, yeah, the stripper guy was so out of tune.
– Yeah, yeah. – Yeah.
– This guy’s actually… – He’s got something there.
– Yeah. Another… – Are you serious?
– Oh… It’s the same formula as the piano one! The piano dancing guy. They also had an audience yawn. Bro… Do you guys see that? When you watch the next TwoSet video, just go… – What the…
– What the hell? Oh wow! What the… Dude, why is everyone cheering? It is the same thing! It’s the same formula, guys, like… Like… How many times are they gonna do this formula before people realise… it’s all scripted television… – Again, this-
– I guess this is why they do it cos it works. It works, but again, there’s nothing wrong with the performer. Yeah, nothing against this guy. He can play the flute. It’s just sad that- He has to pull out a crutch to get everyone’s – “false scripted” attention.
– Yeah. Dude, that judge is like… “I’ve been instructed to clap.” Yeah. “I’ve been instructed to clap.” That’s right. Standing ovation. Guys. I know how it feels to force happiness. It’s all good. Can you imagine being a flautist and seeing this like… You worked so hard all your life, played beautiful mu- – And this guy actually played beautifully in the first half.
– Yeah. – He could actually play.
– He sounded… great. And then just to have people yawn to that. But then, they give you a standing ovation when you play the crutch. Like don’t get me wrong. It’s entertaining. It’s creative. It’s different, but… A. It’s a gimmick. – Yeah.
– B. I question how much talent is required in doing it. I’d say… the first… the flute is much more talented. Oh yeah, the flute playing is much more talented. There’s a lot more hardwork in it. Yeah. And… See… Standing ovation, really?! Like, if that was true, then there should be a lot of crutch performances in the Carnegie Hall by now. Yeah, hahahaha! I wonder what the Royal Concertgebouw thinks of this. I know. Next one! – Oh, that was only one.
– Is there anything you want to say? – Yeah, I just remember we need to speed it up.
– Oh my god… That was the first one. My name is Adrian Romoff. I’m 9 years old, and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. – Oh, we did a performance in Atlanta, Georgia.
– Yeah, it was a great, great place to do a concert, – You guys were awesome!
– Yeah. I have another talent. I’m very good at science. But you know, you can’t be a doctor at age 5, correct? You can be a musician though! He’s only… 9, it’s fine. It’s okay. He will learn. Do you think he genuinely said that? – Or someone-
– Or… – gave it, yeah.
– Or the script. It’s like… – I think someone gave him the script.
– “We’re gonna package you as the little…” “overly confident child genius.” Almost like… Ah… I don’t know. When I play piano, I express my feelings, and I express them with the audience. Judge: Who are you? I’m Adrian. And how old are you, Adrian? I’m 9 years old. – You’re 9 years old!
– Aww… And you will be doing what for us today? I’ll be playing piano. It’s not a piano, it’s a keyboard. – And what grade are you in right now?
– 8th grade. 8th grade? I skipped 5 grades. – I was gonna say!
– Why? One more thing I wanna know, how many hours a day do you practice? Um… I don’t really look at the clock. But um… Even though we have one right in front of me, but um… No, not there. At home. Yeah- That’s a very good way to… dodge the question. – Yeah, I don’t really look at the clock.
– I don’t really look at the clock. But do you do 40 hours!? (both) Hmmmm… – We’ll find out!
– Let’s find out! (Why are we still here?) Ow, that took me by surprise… “Piano playing is all about emotion…” proceeds to play FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE!!! I, I… I… I feel I don’t want to roast him cos he’s a 9-year-old. Yeah. But I feel like we owe the non-classical world, – so that they know what a musician would hear.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Right? So… I mean, okay, I get it, like The talent show’s portraying him as a genius, plays a lot, whatever, 16 million views. If you listen just to that opening, D-g-d-g-d-g-d-g-d. He was like… Du-rrr-rr-Luh-rr-rr… The rhythm wasn’t even. And there was missing notes. Yeah. The rhythm wasn’t even. And what was with the sound effects from the keyboard? That’s true. It’s like… It’s the equivalent of the sacrilegious boy playing electric violin by using electric violin with like processed audio. – Tone is no longer a factor to worry about.
– Yeah. It doesn’t matter how- your touch, your articulation… It just sounds like “meh-” Because if you’re an actual pianist, you’ll know the difficulties of… just the weight and all the inflections you need can create just from touching the key. Yeah. So… Oh man… – Yeah. Yeah.
– Roughly, right? But he was kinda like… But… Look, like not to say anything against that, but… Just… – This is just the set-up to it. The lead-up to it.
– Yeah. It seems to be a common thing about knocking stools down. Man, these are the formulas for success. Whoa… man… A M a z I n G ! ! Whoa… A M A- Alright, let’s… I just wanna clarify something like… Again… He’s… Nothing against the player. None of what we’re saying here is anything against the contestants. What he did there was pretty impressive for a 9-year-old. Yeah. But as a classical musician, it’s not… “WOW, this guy is the next 9-year-old genius!” WOW, Alma, watch out! It’s just… Yeah, I mean… Yeah, there’s nothing against him. It’s just… Knowing what we know about TV, it seems very… just oversensationalized and scripted. I wouldn’t be surprised if the TV producers asked him to – act very cocky.
– Act, yeah. And then… – And then like the poor kid copping the consequences.
– Yeah. Whatever… I mean I don’t know what’s the situation like now, but… with the online stuff as well, right? Yeah, people in the comments are like… “He’s so egotistical blah blah blah…” But maybe he’s just a kid in- He doesn’t… He doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s just there to do a show. Mhm. He probably got told what to say for the sake of this “talent show.” I don’t know! Maybe I’m looking too much into it. Who knows? Just cos I’m- I’m just salty cos I’ve practiced my whole life. Yeah, I know. We should just kick piano stools and play on electric violins, and then… That’s why I quit piano hey. It’s like k- – I didn’t kick the piano stool.
– Yeah. I’m Janine. And I’m Sue. And how old are you both? – 23, both 23.
– Yeah. Okay, what’s the act? Simon again? Man, this is from 2009! He’s been doing this for 10 years! Wow… Milking out those scripted performances. Host: Are you joking? Look, I think you’re both talented musicians, particularly you with the violin. “I don’t think the two go together at all.” “I thought the song was dreary and indulgent.” “I don’t see where you’re gonna go with this.” “No, it’s something that I might hear in, you know,” “one afternoon in Covent Garden or somewhere.” “And it sounded like you were both playing” “completely different pieces of music.” “And you just come together by accident.” Okay, so apparently… there’s no good ensemble playing. Cos, clearly, these would be masters in ensemble pieces. They definitely would know. Ladies, congratulations. I thought she was good. – She was good.
– Yeah. We want… the girl to come out, on her own. Which one? – Violin.
– The violin. You don’t do that. – Like, first of all,
– You don’t do that. in any competition… and in a classical one anyway… Dude, even in sports, I don’t think people go… “Actually, no, no, no.” “You lost that point,” or “we don’t like you, but” “the other one, come back on.” “Yeah, yeah…” “You haven’t prepared anything, we know.” “But just come back on.” He would like to see the violinist just on her own back out on the stage, please. Sue? Yes, please. Do you want to? It’s up to you. Do you mind? “Do you mind?” “DO YOU MIND!?” Wait, is it scripted again? HmmMMmmMmMmmmmm… I don’t know. I’m just trying to picture myself in that situation. – Imagine we both went on…
– Yeah. “Do yOu MiNd?” And I were just told that one of us- If you were told that you can go back on, would the first thing you say- you turn to me and go… (both) “Do you mind?” Yeah. I would just be like… “What’s going on?” I’d be like… – “No, f*** that! I’m out!”
– Yeah, yeah. Sue, we had a conversation. “We had a conversation with the producers.” Yes. “…who told us” ‘This segment we’re gonna make it really dramatic.’ What we’re gonna ask you, Sue, is whether you wanna come back tomorrow and audition on your own? I’m speechless. I don’t know. Audience: Yeah! Is this because of your loyalty to your friend? Do you just like… You don’t put someone on the spot to question their “loyalty.” Oh, this pisses me off so much. What is your answer? Yes, I will. It’s not even about talent anymore, it’s about like… basic human morals. Yeah, betrayal. – It’s like they’re making a scene out of this as well.
– Yeah. It’s like… Come on. Let’s just move on. Of course… Summer. – Much more sacrilegious-
– Did she miss some notes? And she missed some notes in it, too. The last one she connected… – I think she went too fast at the beginning,
– Yeah. – had to make up with an upbow.
– Yeah. It’s out of time. Yeah, it’s out of time, right? But not even that, the thing that confuses me is… Is this act that much better than the original one now that she’s by herself? I mean… First, she had bad ensemble with the piano, – now she just had bad ensemble with the backing track.
– With herse- (both) With herself! Okay, if you’re a classical musician, you know she is cheating on something! Not… I mean, I guess it’s 2009. I hope the human consciousness has evolved 10 years from- I want to know if the judges say she’s better off now solo. Oh, so now the judges clap! They all said the first one was dreary, Covent-afternoon-bad ensemble. This is just… bad ensemble with the backing track, playing wrong notes. – Skipping, cheating, making it easier,
– And now they’re just like- playing a simplified version. – A nonexistent version actually.
– Oh man… Oh my god! I’m actually getting triggered! Alright. Oh look! It’s been done before! Oh wow… 2012. Wow… That’s all- At least with this one they didn’t feel the need – to bash on classical music first.
– Yeah. Like make flute really yawning and stuff. Oh, that’s actually very funny! – I like this one. This is funny.
– Yes. He’s been resourceful, I guess. I don’t mind this one though cos at least he’s just doing a performance. He’s not like… bagging out classical music, – fake, scripted reactions from the audience.
– Yeah. Oh well… Yeah. – What are you making of all-
– I don’t know. What do you guys do? What can you do, right? I think it’s a bit overburnt. The roast on marshmallows. That’s right, guys. Please subscribe! Keep practicing! If you’re a musician, keep practicing! Dude, what was that? – Anyway…
– I should have a… You need to get your bowel checked.

100 thoughts on “TV Talent Shows Hate Classical Music (unless you play summer or bumblebee)

  1. The 9-year-old that played Flight of the Bumblebee, Adrian Ramoff, is actually an amazing and vitruostic concert pianist today. You can check out his Youtube channel where he is shown playing a Chopin piano concerto among other technically and musically demanding pieces.

  2. Honestly I’m disappointed in the violin girl. I can’t think to imagine how much practice was given into the piece she and her friend did, then only to be left behind because the judges wanted the violinist more. It must have been heartbreaking for the pianist because she was left behind, by her friend, her partner . Man…

  3. Classic music is beautiful. I play a instrument (woodwind) and I think learning something classic is fun. Some pieces are slow and smooth, which makes it really good to play or listen to.

  4. I have my own experience with this. Last year, I auditioned for The Voice and the judge(whose eyes were completely dead) asked me to not sing something classical. She asked for something from the radio instead of an aria. Kind of upset me a bit because I stood in line for 4 hours and still have literal scars on my feet from pumps.

  5. I feel bad for the pianist like that's one of the rudest things to do to a musician. I could see how upset she was as well at the end because it looked like her dreams were crushed.

  6. I believe part of it is editing. Chop up a bit from here, that’s originally from a completely different time stamp, move it over there, in order to create a whole other narrative

  7. -.- so I can play what the flute guy played, except I have a normal flute: in conclusion, that is the reason why I’ll never get a standing ovation TwT

  8. I just found you guys and watched 3 or 4 videos and now I'm getting the bad violin learning app ads you talked about =/

  9. Oi u can dis England but don't bloody dis David Walliams he makes the best books for the uk he made my childhood

  10. Well , some classical music is really nice but the judges are pretty rude to press the button for BORING. They just listen if your instrument is different to the other or the MUSIC is NOT boring. That kind of sad.

  11. I play the flute and i honestly think he could have played the same thing but all of it on the flute rather then a crutch and it probaly would have been better

  12. Well Simon has a long history of kicking out one or two of a duet or trio and you never see those other people that got kicked its sad because you know they aren't friends or talk anymore.

  13. The yawns during the flute audition probably had nothing to do with his performance, in fact they might not even have been from his audition. They edit the audience reactions to get the “response” they want

  14. I just have to ask: is every american TV-show like this? Or am I just having bad luck?

    Anyway, great video, greetings from Finland!(^-^)/

  15. You switch too much screens, from a fragment of the show to your faces. Keep it little and DON'T stop the fragment of the show! I fast forwarded all the time!

  16. how do you go form bored in 2 seconds to clapping and happy because he switched from a flute to a crotch like he leveled up to ling ling 1000

    its like kids in a primary school singing happy birthday like if it were a chore, then seeing a giant birthday cake and singing louder as if they are going to have more for the louder they sing

  17. How was the kid let to skip grades, I was bored to tears all through elementary school, finishing all of the homework and books at the beginning of the year and acing tests.

  18. Ewwww talented people who put hard work into their performances? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww we want stripping!

  19. As a violinist and a pianist this was a bit painful. The KEYBOARD. He's talented but the affects were not necessary.

  20. If I were there, because I play also the KiBORD, I use a sound of a Piano, and I don't gonna play the Bumblebee, I will play something like Rondo Alla Turca, or La Campanella or something like that…

  21. 11:13
    Okay I'm pissed. As a piano player I'm SO PISSED. That girl playing on the piano was good too! What's wrong with them?! (ಠ_ಠ)

    You know what. After watching these "Talent Shows" I seriously am very, VERY pissed. Cause

    A. They didn't show any respect to the pianist
    B. They scripted the whole thing and
    C. They're just so FAKE

    I'm done here. I'm done with all these "Talent Shows"

  22. Nahhh they had to watch he rest of the kid’s audition. Howard Stern says he can’t tell what’s track and what’s him playing, so he plays another classical piece with no backing track and it’s a lot better

  23. The pinnacle of classical music is the recorder music from minecraft that sounds like a slightly better version of one of those ironically bad flute covers.

  24. Pop and folk didn’t used to be considered music at all. What we now call music used to be a term reserved for what lay people call classical (modern, baroque, romantic, actual classical) divided into secular and sacred works.

  25. It's because classical music takes time to build up. Because it takes it's time it's not really for such a talent show, for that you need something that immediately grabs attention and impresses right away. There are so many acts you can't really afford to take your time.

  26. Oh, so now the judges are experts in music? The ensemble audition angered me so much. They obviously didn't really know if she played better, they just picked her as the "better" player because she's playing primo. Do they seriously want me to believe any of them have any musical intellect whatsoever. And such a quick judgement! Just because it's classical music it's immediately boring.

  27. This honestly makes me sad. I love my flute! This is honestly hard to watch, especially because I literally live on classical music. Flute, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Alto Flute, and Piccolo are some of the instruments I play. Music is hard and I hate that people view it as something boring. It's just hard to watch such an amazing art just make people want to fall asleep when in reality it keeps me awake and wanting to keep doing what I'm doing.

  28. And that's why, shredders of metal is something worth going to. Because,…… least you don't get false hopes and false disappointments.

  29. Those girls never talked to each other since that day. Sue got famous from the show and back to Korea for her music career, no one talk about Janine.

  30. The keyboard and the violin one seemed like they were playing out of time on porpose to begin with lol, totally scripted, and pisses me off to be honest

  31. Man some of these were just downright cruel, never mind rude. I do find classical music isn't very big with most people though, myself somewhat included. However I can still appreciate it for what it is and do recognize the amazing skill some of the more technical pieces require. I don't play an instrument, but always wanted to. Looking picking up the electric bass very soon. It's mostly just a side fun thing for myself that I want to do, nothing more. I would however like to eventually get good enough on it that I could play some classical double bass and cello pieces. I just think that would be pretty cool.

  32. Adrian Romoff actually won a competition of Child Genius on Lifetime. Dunno if it's still up(I'm sure they have clips on youtube), but he's a sharp kid.

  33. "And it sounded like you both are playing completely two different pieces of music"

    Me, cello and contrabass player: Excuse me but what about Allegro Moderato by J. S. Bach?

  34. Those idiots that say that classic (from baroque to romanticism) music is ”boring and too slow,” have never hear Dies Irae, Opertura 1812 Op.49 (that song uses CANONS as instruments [Specially in the 12:00 minute]) or Moonlight 3rd movement (that shit is fast as fuck).
    What ever, I hope this “judges” burn in the flames of hell or are sensed directly to the void.

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