100 thoughts on “UFC Summer Kickoff Press Conference

  1. lol did u guys hear the queer during the Holly Holm staredown? "staredown… it's a staredown." who are u the sideline guy from karate kid? better get a body bag said Bob from Bob's burgers lol….

  2. Anyone know the name of the promo song? They used the instrumental of it for Aldo vs. Holloway and Gustafsson vs. Teixeira weigh-in..

  3. looks like johnson really wasnt getting the wordplay with the deep water or he wanted just to say meaningless trash since he goes to decision 1 out of 2 fights.. and did that nunes say she cleaned out the division having lost twice? kevin lee and chiesa have in total 1 win by knock out and they talk about Ko'ing each other ? cormier talking about prostitutes and steroids and if Bones is going to show up while a kid could see how much fear is in his eyes ? lmao this gonna be much fun

  4. Fuck Bones!! Its should be Triple J, Jon "junkie" Jones.
    Jones claims he beat DC while taking drugs in his camp, but now we know the truth that he's been popped for test blockers so it's highly likely he was on juice for that fight and throughout most of his UFC career

  5. Can see a bit of romance between Joanne and Chris over here 35:09 love the way joanne chuckles and the way she glances at Chris she definately has the hots for him

  6. Amanda has no tank All her fights are finished early but when she goes the distance it arguably can not go her way

  7. So guy talks about your mom & you tell security they might want to get in the middle of it before you make your move? lol where they do that at?

  8. this might sound stupid but i wonder if any legal action is taken when a fighter is violent during a face off. do they get sued for their actions? has anyone heard of anything like that?

  9. The song everyone's looking for is called Love of tha Game by 7Kingz the album comes out July 7th it's called Dedication The Finish

  10. I'm picking Justin Gaethje to beat Michael Johnson but Nate Diaz is most violent lightweight in the world let's get that clear.

  11. Kevin Lee won this fight, Justin Gaethje will get his hand raised & Jon Jones is the most most badass I'm seen in my life. (I actually like watching his fights) haha..

  12. Michael Johnson wasn't kidding when he said he would eat his shit whole. That man was eating them leg kicks.

  13. Holy shit everyone is right Kevin lee really is a conor wannabee he is dressing like him and talking like him that he is gonna change his life

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