Ulsan turns Hoeya Dam Reservoir into ecotourism spot for a month every year 울산

Ulsan turns Hoeya Dam Reservoir into ecotourism spot for a month every year   울산

And now for a bit of summer fun…
Every year, Korea′s southern city of Ulsan turns one of its water reservoirs into an
eco-tourism attraction that′s open to the public for just a month.
So what kind of natural wonder can you expect to find… at this famous wetland called Hoeya
Dam… Reservoir? Let′s find out, with our Won Ji-hyun
At first glance,… you might think this is just another ordinary park.
But what you′re seeing here… is actually a water reservoir created by the Hoeya Dam,
located in the southern city of Ulsan. Despite its primary purpose as a drinking
water reservoir, the constructed wetland becomes a popular tourist attraction for lovers
of the great outdoors every year. Its well-preserved ecosystem offers an abundance
of plantlife,… creating a sanctuary for its many visitors.
″I′ve always wanted to come here. And now, after seeing all the water lilies that
are spread out all over, I feel as if my heart has also expanded a bit. It made me
feel really good.″ Since 2012, the city has turned the reservoir
into an eco-park… that′s open to the public for about a month in the summer.
This massive area, of more than 170-thousand square meters, is home to more than 30 kinds
of plants… like cattails and various reeds. City officials say the plantlife plays a role
in improving water quality in the reserve. ″We′ll be sure to preserve the wildlife
in the reservoir… to help with the water′s natural purification process.″
This year, the Hoeya Dam Reservoir will stay open to public until August 20.
And admission to the park, which includes a guided tour, is free.
But you′ll want to book a spot before you visit only 100 visitors are admitted per day.
Those who want to go will need to call ahead or make reservations online.
Won Ji-hyun, Arirang News.

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