Smosh Summer Games! We blew it! We blew it! I blew it. welcome to our final everybody. we did it! each and every one of you ;asted through five competitions not one of you died and that’s why we’re doing our most
dangerous competition today it is… a belly flop competition (cheers) whats the thumbnail gonna be? my ass you guys should know the rules. your judged on three separate topics flop, style, and…? Flop. flop- pun. you guys should know the rules theme throughout the whole thing I have
your hashtag best ref and I can’t do this without my hashtag guess refs so
joining us is Sarah Whittle who has learned accounts in the first episode but Matt
there isn’t this is a empty chair what goodness there it’ll be in this chair
that’s a really good call I think we need an even more guest wrap guys a big
surprise for all of you all the way from patreon.com slash the valley folk its joe bereta I trust in post you’ll like put really
cool music over my dance I previous years have gone I will be judging you on
Joe be judging you on style hey Sara will be judging you oh yeah and also
we’re adding an extra element because this year’s theme is we blew it and
inflatables you all get the choice of whether you want to do your pun or not you are free of your own will and cannot
do helium if you don’t want to Sun film now we have to decide who goes first
yeah we’re pretty dope last year hey can we get a replay you’re gonna get a straight-up 10 maybe
even a 20 if you drop every pop culture reference in the movie that you started
and ready player one you know this new movie the inflatables is I really think
they’re full of hot air it’s just a bunch of bullshit okay here he goes for a different type
of flipper – I don’t think he’s ever slapped Wes get a few puns in there but
you did swear and this is children okay the hot air the hot air that’s great
you call me walked up and there wasn’t a lot of confidence so you lost me so I
took a point off for that right out of the top then it came back when I saw you
distracted by that fly cause it wasn’t really adorable
he’s kaha like a little puppy I love that so you went back up but then you
did swear so you went back down but the 360 into the pool was sweet I don’t
judge the flop I’ll give you a seven I am very very proud of you you’ve had a
rough couple of summer games I was there when joven broke your back and then we
all know about the wrap my name is Wes I’m from the wild wild west and I’m
about to get shot in my mother chest but don’t be sad you’ve been through some
hardships and today I think you really showed up that a 360 you were pretty
close to almost all the way flat I’m gonna give you a story let’s call your
next person all right Hunter s sadness yeah when this world jumped into the pool Java wow-wow-wow
the redness is very impressive and I think your entrance onto the water I
didn’t have a lot of hope I thought he was gonna dive right in but we got a
good smack we got a good flop we got some good red so I’m gonna also give you
a nine that’s a good fly you know style-wise there wasn’t a lot going on
joking no I don’t because when you took your shirt off I got a look into the
inside of your body cuz your ass was just hanging out for everybody to see
all you did was run and jump in honestly you had an opportunity to do something
that’s never been done before which was take your pun and turn it into a back
flop which would have been amazing because then your nuts would have been
missed opportunities on top of seeing things on you I wish I’d never saw you
get a four for style joven if I’ve told you once I’ve told
you a thousand times bad jokes aren’t puns that was not a pun that was not a
pun it was alright now you have other joke
when you ate it because I’m giving you a free navigator Oh gentlemen that gives
you a total of 16 points ten applause after this competition Arlene is gonna
balloon everyone kind of gave you all sigh you
punt that was a I’m gonna give you an eight you had prop work you said balloon
and you meant two different things that is upon great job style-wise I appreciate the whole motif
you went for it you knew what was coming look at your hair you look like a
jack-o-lantern cosplaying as a human it’s great you got that you got the
wristbands your toes are complimentary colors which is just something from an
aesthetic point of view that I really enjoy you brought in Zen Eastern and
then went straight up with some Western religions so you’re representing the
world I love it you know I’m gonna I’m gonna give you a seven for style I’m
gonna give you a seven no that flop you know you’re a tiny
little boy but you got a lot of flop with that I did feel like you weren’t
completely flat so for that reason I’m going to give you a tiny boy well done
no in the lead right now with 23 push me off key I was little i jusu both at Applebee’s
every Sunday with my father my dad every time you don’t go to Applebee’s who get
crayons and then we will also get balloons but while I was afraid of
balloons she was afraid like I’ll be deathly afraid of bullet like this air
of the little my phobias many angry what is it call my mom got it but Luna phobia like pretty much whatever we work
outside my mom’s a bad mother we used to walk outside with the balloons and our
waitress gave us she would make us sit in a balloon up and go – jeez you said
Cinnabon to Jesus because they can’t come into the car now just want you guys
to know so beer to run all these balloons I just want to let you guys
know that it means a lot to me because growing up I never got said you know
hang out what I play doubles stuff like this I’m pandering yeah so I’m just
gonna jump in I love you baby that way you know you really tore my
heartstrings you really spoke to me but I’m not that I’m not the style judge the
flop was pretty sad it was pretty pretty sad
you started flat then you kind of caved in at the last second I’m gonna have to
give it a three everyone’s been super impressive today and that didn’t get me
Keith when it comes to style you cave just like your flop I appreciate it I
appreciated this the attempt at storytelling it was a little long it
should have been way more succinct but man you threw your mom under the bus you
threw your mom under the bus in front of the whole world she’s gonna see this for
as sad as you’re trying to make us imagine how she’s gonna feel that’s a
one to be fair your entire monologue has zero puns so you were gonna be a zero if
you turned it around at the end though what you turned it around to the end oh
so I’m gonna give you a happy baby if you get a five my mom’s a bad mom important to making look better by
comparison now weird weird ephod yes just oh boy here we go mess to impress
I’m not sure if I’m worried because my flop is going to be bad or cuz I’ve
totally blown it with a pun or cuz Free Willy I gotta tell you using a pun from
previous summer games well it’s just too good I couldn’t pass it up
very water cuz you’re lazy the exact same fun that I feel like everyone else
is done but because you actually got the title of this summer games that we wrote
like a month ago but propping corporation in the form of a human I
love it that’s team-building it’s really good we had a pop culture reference it
whether or not the the pun was old and recycled and reused and something you’ve
done before and lacking creativity and kind of sad you still incorporated it
with your style I was gonna give you an 8 but the more I think about I get him
to 9 man is good style I really like both hands behind the back
that was some some pretty stuff and yeah kind of hard to commit all the way
through you did cave in slightly towards the end but I see how much redness is on
your chest I’m gonna give you a 6 yeah you know what baby I mean that’s a
lack of style six-four style bad form nine to six
seven being a dick oh good mari that was great
euro you didn’t even use arms you just went plank down your stomach is really
red and your face was to the side I really loved it thanks mom are you
watching style-wise I mean you incorporated all
three of us you appealed to my need my narcissistic need for acceptance it was
really good there was dancing you you made up for the fact that somebody
kanye’s your moment you came up you made it even stronger it’s a 10 another Chinna thrown all of you guys honestly Mari I wish I could agree with
these guys he worked all three of us in you had several puns mari I’m giving you
up I’m dropping dropping points you guys
hear about the inflatable alligator you got in trouble for dating outside of his
species turned out he was a crocodile okay that’s your pop culture reference
here we go all right I was going to give you a zero because I had already told
joven a joke is not a pun however you made up for with that six James wocka
file run out of puns got a pun like style-wise there wasn’t a lot there you
held the prop you Dovan with the pop it didn’t really utilize it on the dive but
I did like that it was connected to the pun so I’ll give you a six now the flop was the worst I honestly
think the crocodile the crocodile kind of hurt you in the end I didn’t see any
flatness it kind of blocked my view but what I did see was pretty bad so I’m
gonna have to give you a 400 harsh but fair
thanks according that leaves you with a total of 19 oh here we go I’m beat you want to be just keep going caus i have to take some breathes great job also you rapped you’ve got
some puns in there yeah those owns wordplay which doesn’t
count I’m gonna give you an inflation line you incorporated your puns into
your rhymes which was dope you were able to stay on beat despite getting the
widest rap beat ever presented for anybody ever you had audience you have
both teams participating which is a shame they didn’t have to help you Wow now Courtney you have had a great track
record over the many of summer games my name is Wes I’m from the wild wild west
and I’m about to get shot in my mother chest but don’t be sad Shh somehow I
feel like you stopped air in space when you’re in air you somehow go into slo-mo
and you land on that water it was pretty impressive
I’m gonna give you a 9 you’re a pervert good style yeah a lot
to live up to buddy here we go alright um full disclosure
I’m a little nervous try not to have this get demonetized so
I’m trying to use proper etiquette here okay if you have any issues though you
can email me at key Liam Neeson Matt Rob calm he said my name reenact my favorite
scene from Peter Jackson’s King Kong Oh Beauty Sara um yeah that was that was
great that was a performance Olivia had I didn’t realize you said Whittle that’s
all Olivia had pointed it out so that’s okay I got it
um that flop was beautiful you got a lot of air and you smacked on it I think you
had your hands behind your back or something like that oh yeah that was
great I’m gonna give you a ten yes I’ll wise you took me on an emotional journey
which is what good cinema is supposed to be I don’t know if that was a fight
scene from Peter Jackson’s King Kong or a love scene from Jackson Peters King
Kong party but it was good the incorporation of the of the King Kong
smash it was really good there was commitment and the death at the end I
shed a tear but mostly because I’m drunk I genuinely wish I could give you a ten
but you fell flat towards the end you’ve got a great pun with ver etiquette and
whittled he Liam Neeson Matt rom-com oh he means at Rob calm Oh fancy shoes giving you a nice 29-point last boy hi my name is Wesson from the wild making
balloon animals at parties is actually really difficult he’s got to use your
own breath nobody seems to appreciate that I guess you could say it’s a
thankless job great pun you also gave us a little bit of the West rap which if
you didn’t see it play the wet Bell my name is Wes I’m from the wild wild west
and I’m about to get shot in my mother chest but don’t be sad
I’m away I appreciated the saunter up the Christ pose into the pool was really
good but you didn’t offer much more than that style wise I can’t go too high I’m
gonna give you a six let me give you a six but you did harm you back to west as
wrap do we see that one more time my name is Wes I’m from the wild wild west
and I’m about to get shot in my mother chest but don’t be sad
Oh memories are fun I don’t know I really enjoyed that flop my boys off no
usually the Christ posed right into the water without there was zero air I agree
I in with that so I am going to give you oh wait am i late can we see West’s rap
again my name is Wes I’m from the wild wild west and I’m about to get shot in
my mother chest but don’t be sad Shh that is a silent 26 there’s anybody left
right nobody’s with what what what young swimmers have something to say bonus
contents did you learn how to swim proxies
you need to nominate someone to fought for you it’s not a rap battle fly away I’m like
really happy thank you that’s not hurtful okay it’s like two sentences
okay I rather be a hot air balloon a chick then be an air headed and Flatow
pulley you said words yeah nope you did not yeah me you use puns that we
already made you said names of teams so why he didn’t bring a lot to the table I
did I did appreciate the devil horns at the end I was pretty good and also
bringing back the fact that Keith desecrated his mom I like that uh and
then Wes brought a home with the cool little like twist back to me a thumbs up
I like that that made me feel good that made me feel like I’m part of something
that matters I’ll give you a five I’ll give you five
for that okay so this was your flop man and he flopped it was he gave us a
thumbs up but it wasn’t great it wasn’t flat he was kind of at an
angle I did get splashed a little bit I’m gonna have to give him a 6 no please later like I said most of the
puns that you did we’re not funds that you came up with you were just
reiterating things you came up with inflatable a story I’m gonna give you 6 Oh so who’s flopping for you both or are
you flopping I just want everyone to know and I’m not shaming her I just want
for contact y’all enough post is the swimmer now she cannot swim someone on
the cast gonna die it might as well be today okay Sarah um there was no flop
there was a drop but I am NOT the drop judge I am the water judge I am I am going to have to give both a
zero but style wise you overcame a fear you you went out there on a limb for
your team I appreciate the incorporation of what
you did and said what you said that’s always nice and I think I think you
trying to do something you’ve never done before
is worthy of a knife I do solidly well you didn’t jump in the water nor did you
I mean you’re in the water and you did great you actually you participated
which I did not think you were going to do today given your your fear of
swimming ah what’s better than a flop a drop I still appreciate it and maybe
we’ll add some some dubstep music to it to make it oh yeah my name is Wesson from the wild
wild west and I’m about to get shot in my mother chest but don’t be sad
all right the Nerds have come in with the math that I don’t know how to do
yeah I’m sorry whole thing starting off the inflatables a very strong 122 poi Balloonatics
with 120 this is the time of the year that we
love because we get to judge each and every one of you based on your
performances exactly so you guys can get these at
work you definitely take home and a hundred percent don’t leave in my office
so how this is gonna work we have four different awards here based on your
performances over the last five competition yeah some of you are kind of
returning LTPS some of you are returning biggest fails
you know where you are I actually don’t they all kind of blend
in begin to the person who failed the biggest in the moment
some of you sucked real hard in fact I think we had our worst flop that we’ve
ever had in history but that wasn’t the biggest next up is the you’ll float to
award its it goes to the least valuable player but I would say it’s the best of
the trophies themselves traditionally goes to Wes but he failed elsewhere so
I’m sorry to say that this year it goes to Damien single point bouncing baby
balls at doom yeah Mario style oh no all right for the third trophy most valuable
balloon least valuable pun on the trophy hey we gave we definitely blew it on
this one this individual left across the baby balls like a gazelle
they took not one but two wet willies and scored a perfect 30 on the belly
flop for the win award or the FTW for the
wind do you guys get this person risked life and body by having a genuine
youtuber leap over them in a belly-flop competition as well as took a face of a
water balloon shattering his gas station glasses I believe we have a true winner
that’s very heavy these are all filled with helium which is weird the final
award goes to the winner of Smosh Summer Games 2018 – you blew it award this goes
to someone who won 3-2 – guys was on that day the 24th of August in
the year of our Lord 2018 that the curse which finally and the cursed boy known
as Wes IRL how’d his team finally win instead of the previous five years of
losses and embarrassments that he brought upon his previous teams all this
leaving us with one final question where was Anthony and his pinecone really dead
I guess that’s two questions oh come on oh come on let me see in the
comments all the love for some inflatables and your favorite moments
you have so many videos from previous Smosh summer and winter games and they
are awesome if you haven’t watched them you need to go back it’s like summer all
year long yeah watch them whenever cuz it’s you two

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  3. Someone should’ve thrown a float in the pool and then jump on it as a belly flop with the elbow down towards the float, and scream out “JOHN CENA!!!”

  4. Smosh Summer Games Champion: Team Balloonatics
    Biggest Fail: Wes
    Epic Moment: Lasercorn
    MVP: Mari
    LVP: Damien

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  6. I feel like what makes up for the low budget of these games is that post production really gave 110%. That "Kink Kong" poster had me rolling on the floor.

  7. My name is Wes I’m from the wild Wild West and I’m about to get shot on my mother****(fluffin) chest
    But don’t be scared causes I’ve come prepared! ( the last part I came up with by myself)

  8. Alright, I’m gonna be honest. I love you Sarah, your bee kini waxing is really really funny, but you are not very good at judging flops

  9. I don’t think Keith meant it but he actually said “inflatables” but he could’ve played it off and said he said “inflatabulls”

  10. I watched this back & I'm still sad & grumpy that Inflatabulls lost. I think subconsciously I hope for Damien's team to win.

  11. My name is Wes
    I'm from the Wild Wild West
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    In my motherf'ing chest
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    We completed the rap
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  12. After Mari’s turn:
    Me: “Dang, that was so good!”

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    Sarah: “Dang, that was so good!”

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