ULTIMATE Cajun / Creole Food Tour of New Orleans | 6 POUND Crawfish Boil!

ULTIMATE Cajun / Creole Food Tour of New Orleans | 6 POUND Crawfish Boil!

You guys ready for this? Now I’m in New Orleans Right now I’m in New Orleans. I’ve been here once before. Never went food exploring, never went on a ‘ghost run’ I feel like I haven’t even been here What’s wrong me. But today we’re gonna change all that, food adventure, New Orleans edition. Right now breakfast sandwich, but it’s a big sandwich Now a lot of people like myself definitely know the difference between Creole and Cajun and there’s actually a huge difference I mean if you just talking about food the simplest way to describe it is Creole is city food and Cajun is more comfort food, country food In Creole, they use tomatoes and Cajun. No tomatoes ever used. A lot of similar ingredients, but it’s really about the people and their heritage Anyway, we’re at our first location, Crabby Jack’s. We’re going for one of the must-eat food items here in New Orleans, Po’ Boys If you don’t know, Po’ Boy is basically a sandwich and it’s made with French bread, and usually, it’s seafood stuffed in the middle. Today we’re getting one with duck. Let me show you what I ordered Slow-cooked pork chops with Creole seasoning smothered with the mushroom oyster sauce with the Trinity ingredients. If you don’t know the Trinity is celery, green bell peppers, and onions Sitting by a bed of the dirty rice, this thing is so dirty, if you’re not over the age of 18 you might need to turn away right now. House-made pork crackling and then, of course, the duck sandwich This is the main thing that brought me here Look how airy, first of all this bread is. Lettuce and tomatoes on top and look at the duck meat Smothered in sauce. I’m a little too excited right now I almost love this bread as much as I love that melty and roasted duck meat inside This is amazing duck tender and simmered perfectly Such a nice savory gravy and the texture of it It kind of marries itself into the bread because both things are that gentle and soft. Slight crunch from the pickels and lettuce and then the creaminess of the mayo. And when you want something completely different in texture, pork crackling. It’s so good You will be addicted to this Oh my god. The crunchiest, lightest thing with the touching of Creole seasoning. I don’t even know what’s better at this point Taking my Po’ boy Let’s open it up Some of these crackling down here So you should definitely try that. Stuffed with duck, stuffed with duck I mean, this thing’s a hot mess Duck will be falling all over the place, tomato sliding out, pickle staring you in the face from the table and you’re gonna love every single, every single bite of this That woke me up Hello New Orleans. And this is a special they have going on. This is the stuffed pork chop with rice I love this This is so good. It’s the meatiest dirty rice I think I’ve ever had but this gravy, this is seriously everything that’s good in this world on a plate. I’m so beyond happy right now This is why every time I go somewhere I always ask people like is there anything I must try on the menu? And they recommended this today, it’s the special. I’m so happy This is a great place. You’ve got to come here if you’re ever in New Orleans. People nicest, nicest. Alright, I gotta finish this then go on for round two I’m in the heart of a French Quarter going after one of my all-time favorite, favorite dishes The Jambalaya. And I heard this place right here, Gumbo Shop, makes one of the best ones I’m trying the seafood one here for a first time. I love the chunks of seafood. There’s a ton in here, it’s definitely loaded like the ocean. Very thick, slightly slimy. It was a good gumbo like I said, not the best I ever had. I’m mainly here for the Jambalaya The Jambalaya, I heard this is one of the best places for it, but it’s called Gumbo House, right? I had to get a gumbo. First time I had Jambalaya, I was in a restaurant in New York I didn’t even know what a jambalaya was and I just got it because it said rice and I love rice but after my first bite that was it. I started searching all around the city for the best Jambalaya, never could really find one It is a meaty, meaty, Jambalaya. And that’s the type I like Chicken or seafood. You got your surf and turf covered. Holy Trinity here as well rice is tender. The sauce is slightly sweet, tomato-y Spice, not overwhelming. I mean it definitely gets you here, you know? This thing is really satisfying my creole craving right now So come here, get the jambalaya Maybe not the gumbo After a carb filled morning, let’s do some seafood First thing on the agenda barbecue shrimp. Mr B’s Bistro supposed to have one of the best. Outfit change cuz the jambalaya attacked me a little bit, new shirt. If you also love tofu fighting, check out my new t-shirts in my merch store down below. Gotta get fixed up for this Safety first. Oh for sure. Now I can go a little crazy It’s dangerous with these shrimps. BBQ shrimp Cooked in Creole seasoning Monster, monster shrimp. The aroma of the Creole spice. It seems that if you don’t even get close to this shrimp, it just wacks you in your face Oh, oh yeah, that, that is everything that is good in shrimp right there This is so good. If you didn’t know this is a shrimp cocktail right here. The original shrimp cocktail. Right here. Take it apart Don’t be afraid to slurp this baby. Love your food, it’s going to love you back Best part, most flavor, right here. If you’re one of those people that gets freaked out by shrimp heads Call me. I’ll be your ‘SHEB’. Shrimp Head Eater Buddy Take the shrimp Eat the legs Peel the shell off Dunk it in that peppery, garlic butter sauce. It coats the shrimp so nicely Oh gosh, this is a greater thing. If you come to New Orleans and miss out on this dish, get yourself a return ticket. This is like one of the best best best dishes you can find here. Come here and get it My goodness, this is so amazing. The sauce, a little kick from the pepper? Perfect Smoky, smooth, buttery with the sauce just adding that perfect balance of savoriness and creaminess to the sweetness of the shrimp Greatest thing about this little sauce Take your bread Let’s go dunkin. This is one of the most dunkable sauce/broth ever. I mean it’s just perfectly made for your bread Bread meet your soulmate Wow I could eat a whole loaf of bread. Just this and the sauce, it’s all I need. This wonderful lady there just reminded me that I have this crispy, baguette(?) and I didn’t even notice. This is the perfect vehicle for the sauce Thank you food fairy Woman: You’re welcome And I know that’s mainly the butter, like I feel my arteries clogging a little bit, but I don’t even care Those are just so good. So good There’s the traditional gumbo. Chicken, andouille
sausage, rice. And this gumbo here, It’s a It’s a little less thick than what I had at the Gumbo Shop and looks like, a whole lot less slimy Which I’m gonna be really happy about. Whole pieces of andouille sausage nice big chunks of chicken Meat’s good, sausage is great. Got a nice, nice heat to it. Perfect amount of heat I remember the last time I was in New Orleans the one food items I remember the most was grilled oysters This place is supposed to have one of the best. Acme Oyster House Here, got to go for the charred, grilled oysters. A dozen doesn’t, might not even be enough but let’s start with a dozen Heck yeah beautiful, beautiful Still sizzling in its own shell Covered in cheese and herbs and seasoning this Way too good-looking. I’m like borderline nervous seeing it in front of me right now. Fresh oysters covered in cheese and butter, herbs, spices Look at that little pool that’s left behind We got a try one right now, ooh, it is hot, yeah, you gotta use a fork, don’t do what I just did Do not pick it up Oh my god, it’s so good It’s so cheesy Oh this is so good Man: It’s a game changer right there Oh really? Man: I promise you He’s told me it’s a game changer, I believe that man. What’s your name? Man: Curtis I believe Curtis Man: I promise you, that’s the one All right, smoked Tabasco, char-grilled oysters, a dash of smoked Tabasco Curtis was right That’s a game-changer Because you’ve already got a ton of butter and cheese on the oysters. With a little bit of Tabasco? It definitely adds more depth to the already simply delicious oysters oh, this is the best part. A little bit of Tabasco and you’ve got to dip your bread into the oyster juice and cheese and butter So good. Too good. I missed this so much last time I left New Orleans I gotta come back more often. Can not miss food item here. Can not miss it Been eating all day. I think it’s dessert time. Uhm, Broussard’s Let’s go get some bread pudding. Ah, here it is. Bread pudding with praline sauce on top Bouncy, warm, I love the crunch of the praline sauce. Looks like it can be overly sweet. Not at all Just a great aroma of the spices inside the pudding and the sweet, nutty, praline sauce on top This is off-the-charts bread pudding Oh my goodness. I am so happy Amazing, amazing. Slow ovation is needed for this bread pudding This is a Banana Foster, special New Orleans dessert Butter, brown sugar, splash of rum making a fire. There it is, Banana Foster This is really great, I mean if you like bananas licked by fire, soaked in rum and sugar, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? You’ll like this. I mean it tastes exactly like all the ingredients that she added in there. It’s a little buttery Obviously very, very sweet. Tons of rum flavor. I like the bread-pudding better, but this is really good. You should get both when you’re here Good morning. I ran out of time to eat last night, had to go on a ‘ghost tour’ If you don’t know, I’m actually live streaming on Twitch now So if you want to check that out, I stream several times a week I’ll put the link down below but right now breakfast, got to have some Beignets at this super iconic place. And just a reminder it’s cash only so, I need to go find an ATM I feel like I’m looking at like a deliciously fried snow-covered mountain. Oh, man, they do not skimp on the powdered sugar. And this is two orders right here You could ski down this thing Uhm this is, look at that, that is all powdered sugar. There’s no way I’m gonna take a bite with all that powdered sugar. So, avalanche Sugar Avalanche there we go. Perfectly golden, fried, little toasty on the outside I wouldn’t say this is the lightest thing ever, I mean this will definitely sit in your stomach and fill you up but it is Incredibly chewy and tasty. I feel like I need a little more powdered sugar with it. I really do If you’re eating those on a windy day, you’re gonna look like a snowman after this There’s really no non-messy way to eat this. And I don’t usually drink coffee but Sip a bitter liquid Not a best start to my day, it’s a hot, sweet, sugary, toasted, guilty pleasure That’s really gonna just cover you with sugar after you’re done One more thing to try before I head out of town I wish I was here for another week to eat at all the restaurants but, oh thank you. Oh, thank you I guess it’s just an excuse to come back. I’ll see you over there I’m here at Clesi’s and this is a recommendation from a local friend of mine He says this is a place to go for crawfish right here and they cook everything right out in the open. When I order it they’re cooking it You guys ready for this? Now I’m in New Orleans. This? This is it Crawfish boil, and this is nearing the end of crawfish season. So all the crawfish They’re big and they’re just cooking it right on the side of the dining area outside. You can see them boiling everything They’re putting decent crab boil and some lemons go in Secret ingredients and they steam it and soak it and they told me the longer they sit in the brew the better they taste These are huge crawfish Look at the claws on this, baby And here’s how you eat one of these things Break the tail off like so, right there. See all that meat on the tail and there’s all that good stuff, right in the head. And make sure when you’re sucking on the head you’re squeezing it as well. So you’re getting all that good stuff. Oh This is so good, this is so good I am a crawfish zombie. I’m proud of it. Give me them rings And a crawfish the size don’t forget about the claws. Just use your teeth as a shell cracker And just suck on that sweet flesh. And remember guys, if it’s not messy, you’re not doing it right. Dig in This is the fun kind of food. You can taste New Orleans in every one of these crawfish The cajun spices, the chilies, the herbs the local freshness of the ingredients. This is my favorite meal in the Big Easy For sure, I promise you this is so So amazing, even the corn so sweet and juicy and again soaked in this chili. All this great sauce Thank you so much Preston for giving me this recommendation. It is amazing. I love the city I love fish. But guys, that wraps up my food adventure here in New Orleans. It’s way too short, way too short I know I gotta get up to Seattle, but I will a 100% be back What an eye-opening food experience in the Big Easy. Of course all the places I went to is listed in the description box below Thank you all so much for watching. Let’s all eat again. See you later

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  1. Welcome to Louisiana! I've got a HUGE pot of gumbo going right now. By the way, we have a new state law that restaurants serving seafood imported from other countries MUST post that fact in the restaurant and menus. Come to Louisiana. Eat Louisiana.

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  5. I lived in New Orleans for two years and I can tell you, bad food places Do Not Last, only great food is allowed…in fact some of the best food comes from places that look like you might catch something..lol and the food will blow your mind…you need to try Compagno's on St. Charles..best Calamari you will ever eat, have it with a turbo dog or sweet tea…

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