ULTIMATE DJI Osmo Mobile 3 TRAVEL VLOGGING KIT with Android smartphone Galaxy S10 plus

ULTIMATE DJI Osmo Mobile 3 TRAVEL VLOGGING KIT with Android smartphone Galaxy S10 plus

There. I think everything is there…
yeah…. everything… This is the ultimate complete vlogging kit when it comes to
DJI Osmo mobile 3 gimbal and my smartphone Android. Everything you need
to create amazing, beautiful, fantastic, travel, family vacation videos.
Lightweight and small. And I’m gonna show you in today’s video what’s inside and how you can use it. My name is Zdenka Darula. If you want to
learn how to take better photos and videos with the latest gear and try
creative camera challenges, consider subscribing. Let me start with the basic
vlogging kit I already showed you in one of my past videos. The most important item would be your smartphone whichever you have. Android, iPhone. I have Android
Samsung Galaxy S 10+ and the next most important item would be gimbal and that
is DJI Osmo Mobile 3. For better sound I’m going to add external microphone. I’m
using RODE. This one came with my Canon M50 camera. This microphone wire is
for a regular camera. It’s not going to work with your smartphone. You need a
different one. TRS to TTRS. To attach it to a gimbal
you need this ring clamp adapter. Let’s look at some examples. Here is a
video without the gimbal. So here’s how the video would look like if you had no
gimbal, no external microphone. The only thing I did was locked the brightness.
I’m using standard camera app, nothing else, just my smartphone in a hand. And
today it’s quite nice a little bit windy but I’m hiding behind the woods
here. This is a smooth video thanks to gimbal. Now we are talking. Let’s do this.
All right, now we are vlogging actually with the DJI Mimo app, no external
microphone but I have face tracking selected. So wherever I’m gonna move the phone is going to nicely follow me which I really like. So we can
walk around, have fun. Zdenka next time turn off the Wi-Fi because obviously your email notifications are coming as you are filming. Alright, now we are gonna be vlogging with the external microphone but I just want to show you one more tip. So when you turn the gimbal on, to stabilize and actually turn on, then I’m finding the best way is
to add the external microphone after. So now that is already open up, just put it
on. That’s it. Make sure the wire is very loose so there’s no tension on the motors. Many people ask me if the external microphone is working for me in
a DJI Mimo app. It works for me no problem. It works for me with the Android
phone. Also if you’re gonna be shooting outdoors, filming outdoors, I highly
suggest to get this furry deadcat for your microphone. It really helps reducing
the wind sound. And another take. This time I’m filming in DJI Mimo app with
the external microphone. I do have brightness locked and I have
face tracking again so when I move the camera is going to nicely follow me. Very
smooth video. Sound should be a little bit better. Well, that was the basic kit I showed you before but now let me show you the other
items I have here. If you are going to shoot in low light, you should have
in your bag small LED light. I have this Weeylite RB08P which I did a full
review on. I’ll add the link to the video, below video description. To attach it to the gimbal you will use this mini bean grip. You don’t need to write it
all it down, all of it will be linked below video. One end goes to the light
and the other end goes to ring adapter. I am not finished yet. I have few more items here. This phone has three great lenses. Wide, standard and telephoto. I decided to add another lens to it and it’s the Moment anamorphic
lens. I did a review on this lens in past video as well. The link will be also
below. For that you also need a Moment case to be able to attach the lens to
the phone. Now, when I was talking about using the anamorphic lens and the case
with this phone on the DJI Osmo mobile 3 gimbal, I was mentioning that the motors
were kind of sounding like they are working a bit too hard. Some of you
suggested to get the counter weights. I got them. I ordered them, they are very
cheap and I really wanted to test it out to make sure I get to the bottom of this.
To get that set up kind of working. I added two of them and I found that it is
enough to have the phone more centered and balanced. I still hear the motors
tiny bit but it is much better so thank you for suggesting this. You can film
with this lens in any app, however your footage will look squeezed. You need to
do squeeze it in post. If you want to see the real anamorphic look as you are
filming, it is the best to use Filmic Pro app. Do you actually want me to create
video on how to use Filmic Pro app? Let me know in the comment section below. You can also use Moment app as well. Last three items will complete this set up.
Here is filter attachment for the anamorphic lens. Simply place it over the anamorphic lens
and now you can attach 52 millimeters variable ND filter. This ND filter I
already had here as I’m using it with my main camera Canon M50. With this
filter you can make your smartphone footage look like this. To do this
however, you need to shoot in manual mode. And just for a comparison, here’s a
footage without ND filter. I also have CPL filter here. The same
size 52 millimeters. It reduces flares and reflections. You can add it to the
filter attachment on the anamorphic lens and I know the anamorphic lens is used
for the flares and those light streaks but there are situations where you don’t
want to always have those light streaks. And for that you might actually like the
CPL filter. Especially if you’re shooting through the lakes and through
the water so you can get your footage instead of looking like this…. to look like that. If you want to shoot in slow motion you
can just hold it in your hands. Yes I also made a video about that how to film
handheld and edit video with the smartphone. And if you want to film in real speed,
just grab DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimble, add counterweights. I got three here, it works.
All those accessories here are very powerful. You can create some powerful
things with it. All you have to do now is just learn how to use it all. If I had
this many years ago, our family and travel videos would look completely
different. So now when I put all this in this
little bag except the phone, this is it and a total weight is 1010 grams. This is
for those who want the ultimate complete exceptional filming experience. And if
you have a little bit room add the monopod so you can lift it very high in the
air to get those very cool-looking shots. Well, give it thumbs up if you found this
video useful. Subscribe for more videos like these. Let me know in the comment
section below if you want me to walk you through the Filmic Pro app or if you
want me to create more cinematic step-by-step type of deal how to film
with this whole setup. Simply, let me know in the comment section below what you’re after and I will see everyone in the next video. Cau…. Ahoj….

73 thoughts on “ULTIMATE DJI Osmo Mobile 3 TRAVEL VLOGGING KIT with Android smartphone Galaxy S10 plus

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