Ultimate Tokyo Imperial Palace Guide: Private Tours, locations, everything

Ultimate Tokyo Imperial Palace Guide: Private Tours, locations, everything

Hello, I’m Andrew Marston and welcome to Tour Japan the show where I tell you about a place in Japan and then we go there. Today we’re headed to the Tokyo Imperial Palace. This is where the Emperor of Japan and his family currently reside, and the site of former Edo Castle. Which is why you’ll see turrets and castle-like structures all over the place… it’s because it used to be a castle. ^_^ Now, to answer the most common question about visiting the Imperial Palace most likely you won’t be able to see the Emperor. I’m sorry. He only makes public appearances on his birthday and New Year’s Day. So, if your bucket list includes high-fiving the Emperor of Japan you’re going to have to schedule a trip on one of those two days and even then it’ll probably be an air high-five. The Imperial Palace is located only about 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Station. The extensive grounds are completely free to visit, and include worthwhile attractions like… The famous Nijubashi Bridge. The statue of the legendary samurai Nanko. There’s the Japanese style Ni no Maru Garden and in the north there’s Kita no Maru Park. If you’re interested in seeing the Imperial Palace up close or walking on the Nijubashi Bridge itself Then you’ll need to a book a spot online on of the free private tours which I’ll link to in the description below. For its history, its prestigious residents, its easy access this is one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Japan. So let’s head there and see what it’s like for ourselves. I hope you feel a little more informed about the Tokyo Imperial Palace and what it’s like to visit. If you’ve been to the Imperial Palace, definitely leave your advice or recommendations in the comments for those who might be planning a trip there as well as where in Japan you’d like to see another episode of Tour Japan filmed. Thanks for watching, I’m Andrew Marston. See you next time. You’ve been watching Tour Japan on the Happy in Japan Channel. Click here to watch another episode and subscribe now.

58 thoughts on “Ultimate Tokyo Imperial Palace Guide: Private Tours, locations, everything

  1. Wow, great video! I came across your channel a few months back due to your great bicycling japan documentary. I subscribed so I could watch the rest of your videos, and was able to see a few before they were all taken down. Now I see why! I love the new show, I've been looking for some high quality tourism videos and I think this new one is great! It's very professional and the video quality is fantastic. Glad to see your making videos again. Does this mean you're back in Japan?

  2. YES finally!! I reallyyy love the new graphics, animation, video quality, and most importantly the useful information. This is a huge upgrade to your channel.. Keep it up.. Thanks your channel is one of my favorites.

  3. Just discovered this channel, but I can already tell it'll be great! Your great videography and use of graphics really help give a great production value to the channel! I'm looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!

  4. Awesome job Marston! Followed your Google map when we visited and made the best of our 24 hours while we were in Tokyo.

  5. Amazing Video!! Thanks for the Link! I've been the the Imperial Palace with visiting friends a few times but never gone on the tour! Should be a great time!! +Subscribed! ^_^

  6. Hi, Andrew welcome back!!I'm glad to see you and your wife Lori again in this new channel, since I watched bicycle video.Thank you for introducing about Japanese tradition and a part of Japanese essence, and useful informations too. I really want to say " You did good job as always!!!

  7. Love the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station. The station itself has undergone significant changes in the last few years I've been visiting and grown so much you might want to do a video on the inside. The Higashi Gyoen Gardens next to the palace are always a must visit for me as the wide open spaces are such a contrast to the tight confines of the city.

  8. Interesting how portions of the Imperial Palace closely resemble "megalithic" structures from South America or Egypt. Pre-date anyone?

  9. Did you get some kind of camera stabilizer? Did you use the Nikon for the whole shoot? What was the phone controlled camera at the end?

  10. I did plan to see the Imperial Palace but unfortunately I had no idea it closes on Mondays so I only got to see it from outside. I did get to stroll around Kitanomaru park though, it's worth a visit!

  11. 日本人ですが、クオリティの高い素敵な動画ばかりなので、いつも拝見しています。日本人にとっても知らないことや行ったことのない場所の解説もあって見ていてとても参考になります。私にとっては英語のリスニング勉強にもなるのでありがたいです♪応援してます!!

  12. Awesome. I really hope I get the chance to visit Tokyo and see half of the things you've shown. Great job as usual and now onto the skytree vid as I stalk your channel lol.

  13. Beautiful! Japan is a country I really would like to visit! Have you made a video about the Great Buddha of Kamakura?

  14. I went to the imperial palace last week! they allowed my family to join the tour even though we didn't book online

  15. I must have missed an entire half of the grounds when I went. You didn't get any shots of the remains of the burned palace or some of the smaller buildings 😛 I'm kicking myself for missing out on the bridge gahh

  16. I was lucky enough to tour the Imperial Palace in 1997 and got to bring along my tiny maltese dog Babe. It was a beautiful day and all was going well, until my dog Babe got away from me and went under a huge black lacquered door. I ran to the door, got on my hands and knees looked into the bottom gap of the door and starting yelling for her to come to me "….right now!", before I knew it the palace guards had me sitting up straight but still on my knee's with guns in my face yelling at me in Japanese. Two pushed me to the ground with my hands behind my head and began to frisk me. A fellow tour, an older Japanese women came up to the guards, bowed low and than explained to the guards what had happened and they dog was still on the other side of the big doors. I thanked the nice lady in Japanese but the guards still would not let me up or move. After more guard cars came and this female guard with a big animal wire looped pole to catch mean big animals; I was finally stood up, taken to a black unmarked car and sat in it for two hours. With the very nice fellow tourist lady refusing to leave me. After two and half long hours another car showed up; after the palace closed down that whole section of the palace gardens we were touring, this very nice lady dressed in a business suite, skirt and all spoke englsh with me and said they were very sorry and that a Palace employee would be bringing my dog to me very shortly. I asked why was my dog kept in the palace for so long. She explained to me that my dog Babe, had gotten all the way to the private gardens of the Emperor and a lady in waiting to the Empress found my dog drinking from a koi pond belong to the Empress. I asked if my Empress meet my dog. The nice lady said no, due to the Emperor and Empress being in London, but several of the Ladies in Waiting to the Empress enjoyed my dogs company for a while before calling the Palace Household Agency. About fifteen minutes more and those big lacquered doors I looked under opened a beautiful lady dressed in the finest silk kimono came out followed two more guards dressed differently than the one's who had me on the ground. She came right up to me with Babe in her arms; with Babe looking very smug; the heffer, and handed me Babe. She said a few words to me; leaned over to kiss babe, bowed very low to me, turned and went back in the gates. than with a loud boom; the doors closed behind her. I was than escorted out by car top the entrance we came into, out of the palace and driven straight to my hotel. My Babe had be bathed, combed out beautifully, perfumed up and was wearing a gorgeous silk hand embroidered little over-coat. And when we checked out of our hotel; we had found out that the Palace had paid our bill. Now that is a Palace experience Although i would not like to repeat it. Thanks for reading, Joe.

  17. Hi, I am traveling to Japan this May 2017, Is the private tour worth visiting? I want to go on the private tour but its having a conflict with my schedule. Should i change my schedule to go on the private tour or just look around the imperial palace.

  18. I would love to do the tour but my husband and I are limited on time and want to see as much of Tokyo as possible. We'll be there for only 3 nights before heading to Kyoto and it's our first time in Japan. Do you know how long the tour is and is it worth doing? Or should we just take some pictures and move on?

  19. Hey, I love your videos, and they're really well shot – could you offer some insight as to how you shot up to and around the statue at 2:36 ? Get as technical as you want!

  20. We went there in Oct 18, cool place although as we got there later in the afternoon and it closed around 4.30pm or 5pm, going by your video it looks like we missed quite a bit. Oh well, maybe next time 😃

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