Un altfel de Craciun. Camping in NSW, Australia part.1

Un altfel de Craciun. Camping in NSW, Australia part.1

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for 2019 because I think I lost my chance already by saying this in 2018 here on YouTube. I was super busy but we are going to catch up now. I will make you a brief introduction to what we did in those 7 days in which we have been camping for Christmas. Basically, we woke up on the day of 24th of December and realised that we are in Australia, we don’t have any friends or family close by, no Christmas dinner or shoppings, we don’t know anyone and we don’t have any plans. So that we have made a few last minute shoppings, threw them in the car and start driving with no plans toward the West and North coast of NSW, respectively Sydney. I think that it was one of the best decision I have ever taken and experienced a very different Christmas. I can’t wait to repeat this thing, not only for the holidays but every time I got the chance to have an extended weekend. It has happened many things, and because of this there’s going to be 3 parts of this episode. We had a lot of fun events, but everything within normal and safe limits. I don’t want to keep you very much so I’ll just let you watch the images for now. I will do an English subtitle for this first part from now on as I had complaints from my English speaking friends who want to follow me but
don’t understand anything. Do not forget to follow me and Bianca on Instagram, you have the link in the description, SUBSCRIBE and see you next time, enjoy! Ionut is taking a shower in the bushes So we decided to document the Christmas Evening, we had very big plans when we started home, to find a nice place and a camp. We have a 220v socket in the car so we took with us a sandwich maker, electric hob and ingredients to cook a Christmas dinner but it looks
like the car socket does not go for things that need high power, you can only charge phones or laptops. So we are pretty much fucked. Is 24th of December at 8:22 pm and we are looking for a place to sleep at least, forget about cooking. We have some cheesecake. I mean we’re going to sleep in the car, but we need a plug for electricity to cook. That’s how our Christmas Evening takes place, when everyone spends their time with the family around the table, we are here in the car… And the signal is weak on the phone and radio We are still glad that we spent the whole day at the beach and I did some bathing … I think I just saw a camping, maybe we’re still saved
and we’ll get some Christmas after all. We found a camping but because we are on December 24th at 8pm is fully booked, like most of the other. It’s a nice camping with a nice view near the beach… let’s see if we’re lucky. A few minutes later, and it seems that the camping was full, so we stopped at a market and bought a portable gas hose and a super
flashlight with a few beers. Is the Christmas still on ? We have Christmas ?
We’ll camp on the beach for free. This is our set up for the following days. Water, gas stove , dishes, bed linen and clothes and Bianca. In the back is the super close and red moon, it’s brilliant,
and the sea is behind us but nothing can be seen. Let’s cook what we cook? Salad with halloumi and meat. The most interesting Christmas day. It’s very windy so we had to invent something to keep the flame burning. The food looks good, let’s eat. Welcome to my crib SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE Netflix and chill. Good morning ! Such an amazing view to wake up with. Last night was more comfy then I expected to be. It’s 8 in the morning we woke up and the beach is already full of surfers and everyone comes to the beach you can only sit from 8 to 12 because the sun is very strong after that. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Bianca makes breakfast, with oranges and healthy shaorma with vegetables. Juice from the bottle, Bianca forgot the glasses. Grinch ruined the Christmas ! looks delicious ! Because she forgot the glasses, she’s not allowed in the car so will go into the trunk we’re moving, I’ll stay in the boot till next the beach
too easy !! I’ve came to this gas station but it’s closed. We want to eat a melon and we’re looking for the shade … It’s very hot out here. sun is burning very strong. sun burns you without protection. So hot you can’t breathe… Our Christmas present :)) Welcome, this is our kitchen for the day. We have become friends with this gentleman who has been traveling in his trailer for more than 6 years and now he awaits for his friend to spend the night fishing. Awesome ! I’m making new friends 😀 Thanks for watching !

7 thoughts on “Un altfel de Craciun. Camping in NSW, Australia part.1

  1. Even tho I don't understand 100% everything… the sub tittles are not 100% as well I enjoy watch it!

    Australia needs me there! ahah

  2. Mi-a placut mult filmuletul vostru. Sunt un pic nostalgic pentru vremurile cand faceam acelasi lucru dar in Canada. Sa stiti ca nu sunteti singuri si noi ne bucuram sa va vedem si sa avem vesti despre voi. Oricum va aveti unul pe celalat si asta inseamna totul. Va fi o incercare dar este frumos. Bafta multa!!!!

  3. Daca faceti vreo excurie spre Melbourne dati in semn. E cam 9 ore de condus, in fiecare sens, pe hume freeway si e un drum destul de lejer

  4. Felicitări pentru vlog,nota 10+ pentru curaj și inițiativă,umorul e la el acasă,Crăciunul in parcare,masa de Crăciun in familiecu purcel,cozonac,sărmăluțele 😛 ,intr-un cuvânt o ieșire minunata…

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