Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka | Where to stay in Unawatuna | Cinematic Travel Vlog | Desi Tourist

Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka | Where to stay in Unawatuna | Cinematic Travel Vlog | Desi Tourist

This place seemed to be a little risky But after looking at those beautiful clouds and that cute little dog, I just couldn’t stop myself and started descending. Looks like an amazing place. Hey Buddy Buddy You found a beautiful place for me. Extreme. I just love places like this. Come and Sit with me. what an amazing place is this! What an amazing View! Whenever you hike to Little Adam’s Peak, try to find this small slope and step down to this small rock. This is so beautiful. I have my own privacy here (lol) I am the king of this rock. (O Yeah) I don’t have courage to look down from this height But I can send my camera to check the depth. Wooohhhhooooooo I am here since last one hour, and you can see why. Look at the view. Whenever you come to Sri Lanka, and you come to Ella, Please try to visit this place. Just worthy views. So Relaxing and so Peaceful. For past one Hour, I am here on this little rock and I had a cute company throughout this time, that cute little buddy. He is just enjoying the views. I wish all of us had a similar life as him. Like waking up every morning to such views. But instead what we do is just Going to Office, Running after money and then spending to show off, Thinking about allies and hostiles, Checking the Inflation rate, discussing the different political opinions. Instead, we should just come here, travel to such places, and look at such views. Why are we supposed to do such daily jobs? Let’s just not think so much let’s just try to earn a little money just enough for traveling and let’s start the journey of living the actual life. Right now it’s 10:45am. I was up there on the rock for more than 3 hours. Because the views were just worth it. Now I am ready to take a bus to Galle City, Which will be my last stop in Sri Lanka, and I will be staying for 3 days at this place. Right now I am in a local bus traveling from Ella to Galle, and not getting seats is a common scene in these buses, You can see many tourists standing just like me. Too much fun. But soon after everyone got the seats But I enjoyed more by standing next to the door and looking at these views Views like this………………just woooww Welcome to everyone to this beautiful beach city of Sri Lanka UNAWATUNA…… Reached Unawatuna Going to my hotel, seems like 5 minutes away as per maps Take this right turn This is our Hotel. Next Morning, Going Out for breakfast and after that we will head to the beach. But First I will change some currency with the owner of the Hotel. In Sri Lanka, It’s very common to exchange money directly with local people like hotel owners There is no need to go to money exchange points. I have done this already a few times, and there wasn’t any difference in Exchange rates. Today’s rate at Bank/Exchange coounters
1 USD – 180.20LKR And my Hotel owner gave me a rate of 180LKR The difference of just 0.20 which totals to a difference of less than 7 Indian rupees for 100USD So I prefer to exchange right in the hotel and get stress free from finding out the exchange counters. Breakfast is done. It was really tasty. I recommend this restaurant for Vegetarian Food – The Funky Cafe. Even being a Non-vegetarian, I have fallen in love with vegetarian foods in Sri Lanka. There is one dish called Stuffed Roti which comes with different options like with Banana or Mango is worth trying for. If you are vegetarian and want to try something local, stuffed roti is highly recommended. Within 50 meters from the restaurant is the famous Unawatuna beach. This is not an island and still the water is so clear. I can only guess the clarity of water deeper into the islands. Amazing View Unawatuna – Just 2.5 hours away from Colombo in South Sri Lanka lies this beautiful Beach City. which is famous for its crystal clear beaches delicious food, luxurious resorts and amazing hospitality. This place is also located right in the middle of two famous tourist spots of Sri Lanka – The Historic Galle City and the famous Mirissa Beach which makes this place an ideal spot to stay. So next time when you are in Sri Lanka, Choose Unawatuna for your stay.

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