Unboxing : FabFitFun – The Starter Box – Summer 2018 | TakiyahLouise

Unboxing : FabFitFun – The Starter Box – Summer 2018 | TakiyahLouise

Hi, I’m Takiyah Louise. Thanks for clicking through to view this video
of me unboxing the FabFitFun Starter box for Summer 2018. I wanted to let you know that I do have several
other unboxing videos coming up & a couple that I have already done. I’ve done the Target box for June of 2018,
I’ve done the Glossybox for both May & June of 2018. So go ahead & click the info cards along the
way to be taken to those videos after this one. Alright, lets get started. So, when I open up the FabFitFun Starter Box
this is what I see. It just has FabFitFun on the inside & this
is the little magazine that they have. Very cute. And, it just goes into detail of I guess,
the products that are in here. And, then there’s a couple different articles
like, 5 Ways To Boost Your Workout, Embrace the Seasons & other things like that. And, then there is inside the box a little
Note From Us, it says, “At FabFitFun, we’re all about bringing you the best of the best. That’s why we’re especially excited to
introduce The Starter Box. We hand-picked each item with you in mind,
filling this box with our top-rated brands and products most beloved by our editors and
members. It’s one of our favorites, so we hope you
love it as much as we do. FabFitFun” And the, on back – oh – on the back it tells
me what’s inside the box but I want to be surprised so I’m not going to take a peek
yet. And then, it just has FabFitFun tissue paper
& then a share to win fabfitfun hashtag. Oh, & there’s a cute little nail polish
bottle – that’s right up my alley. Okay, so, something in this box smells incredible
& I don’t know what it is. But, oh wow! I actually use this brand. This is the Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Hand
Cream. And, this is a special size limited edition. This is 5.1 fluid ounces. The one I get is usually smaller than this
& I already know what it smells like but I’m going to smell it again because I haven’t
had it in a while. It’s got like a nice, fresh…kinda powdery
type of scent to it & this moisturizer or this hand cream, it really lasts. You can like, wash your hands & still kinda
feel it on afterwards. So this is a, “luxuriously rich hand cream
that drenches your skin in velvety smoothness. It’s enriched with refreshing With Hazel,
it calms & softens environmentally-stressed hands. Apply liberally anytime & it’s approved
for sensitive skin. So, this is a really nice product. And, Ahava is a pricey brand & for this beauty
– for this starter box I only paid $20 because I had a code & I wanna let you know that I
do also have a FabFitFun code for you. Go ahead, if you’ve never subscribed to
FabFitFun – go ahead & click my referral link in the description box & that way you can
get $10 off & I believe I get $15, I’m not certain, I’ll go ahead & check on that. And then, next up from the brand Free People
& Understated Leather – it looks like a sleep mask. Ooh, this is really -oh, it has stars on it
& it’s really soft & cushion-y. It’s like a gray leather – let me see, what
does this say? Yeah, it’s like a gray leather & it has
silver & gold stars on it. And, stars are like my favorite shape & then
triangles so this is really nice. Oh, it – there’s something inside the mask. Let me see what this is. Oh, this is like a little gel insert I’m
assuming that you can put it in the freezer & freeze it up. Oh, that’s nice. Let me go ahead & put this back in here; see
how difficult that is. Nope, it’s sliding right in. Not difficult at all. I can see my boyfriend being like, “who
do you think you are wearing an eye mask?” And, I’ll be like,”I think I’m someone
fabulous cause I got this one with the stars on it” So, this is really cute. I’m going to get lots of use out of this
one. And then, next up, oh, this is what smells
so good. Oh, it’s a Spongelle Freesia Pear Beyond
Cleansing Body Wash Infused Buffer. And, it says it’s multi use. This smells so good. It’s like, kinda fruity – oh, this is huge! Wow, that’s incredible! And, I can feel kinda like the cleanser in
here. And it’s like a nice soft – it’s kind
of a dense sponge because of the cleanser is like, built into it. So, this is nice, I’m going to try this
out. I really, really like the scent. Okay. And – oh, this is cute. The last thing is a little bag from Summer
& Rose. Okay & it looks to be like, a canvas bag – gonna
open this up here & get right into it. A canvas bag with rope handles that is so
cute. Oh, & it’s nice & big too. And, look at that. That is nice. And, it has like, a little leather tassel
on the side. And, let me see. Oh, & it’s lined on the inside. That’s really a nice treat. And, on the inside it has Summer & Rose & a
couple of little pockets here; one here & then one here. That’s really nice. I’m really impressed with The Starter Box
from FabFitFun. I’ve also got here, the Fab Fit Fun Summer
Box so that’s going to be coming up next. So, if you want to see that make sure that
you like, share & subscribe to my channel. And, I hope that you do that. Anytime, you do, I really appreciate it. And when you make sure that you subscribe
go ahead & hit the notification bell so you know each & every time that I make a video. You can find me on Facebook & Instagram @TakiyahLouise. And, until the next video, take care.

8 thoughts on “Unboxing : FabFitFun – The Starter Box – Summer 2018 | TakiyahLouise

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  2. I love the ahava mineral hand cream I should subscribe for one of these boxes thanks for sharing ❤

  3. That sleep mask is super cute! Wish it wasn't leather but it's sooo cute! I love how huge the canvas bag is too, I love a big bag.

  4. This box has so many amazing products, i think i will try a month one and hopefully i get great ones like these..:D

  5. Okay I'm waiting on my box and this made me feel better. I saw a few other boxes with a bunch of crap I wasn't excited about 😂 hopefully mine is more like yours

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